Denzel Washington Jr. @ the Stage Door after the Premiere of the revival of Lorraine Hansberry’s Raisin in the Sun ”

April 4, 2014


The Road to Sushi

February 27, 2014

imageThe Road to Sushi

Excellent ice racers wedge into a roll wrapped in salmons skeins sheathing the body ;

The road to Sushi is rocky For Rocky the musical. The path to
Broadway was a jungle
The road to sushi is rocky
The road to Sushi is smooth -
So smooth

Salmon giant salmon
Sliders on color burst fire
Orange and blue
Blue and orange
As if the hues wavering
In the heart of the flame

Russian Snowligarchs
Sensitive Skeins
Ski humping
After all we all wear sensitive skeins
Zipped up fish
Black tailed gold fish
Burl Ives freeze dried pink eye
Flying butt-tresses flying butts and tresses freeze dried sardine can suspended animation Logan’s run the luge run sushi sochi sanki Sanka

Not only is There a Pussy riot
People have always rioted for pussy
But today pussy is the riot
And if you don’t riot you are a bunch of pussies
well send everybody into the exhibition named pussy and sunsets at the Marion Boesky gallery- blue sky watch out now here come the Cossacks and
Don’t to be Adamant as he will be whipping Marguerite
Hot flesh as fighting lightning fish

A rose flew down out over the mountain
Lock , Stoch and moguls
Lithe humans who can fly
Morgenstern is very afraid to hit the ground the wrong way again
Devo did not whip the unknown Pussy Rioter
Which is not in anyway unlike Shia La Roast Beef seeking out horseradish, it is what comes up

Multiple koi pursuant to multiple koi
Pursue pursue pursue it…..
Are any Biathletes Bi athletes?
Thank you very much to Dutch who with ice and the house of orange are as if cream cheese and lox with black caviar a such

Got to be distinguished before the Olympic flame is extinguished
Get in the Komar and Melamood
i will be on seventh avenue watching the Kremlin hemline

We will be serving cultural soup

Sean White
Gracie Gold
Shirley Temple Black

All you can eat sushi
All you can see Sochi
The Blue Man loop

Concrete for chutes
Iced over
Objects matter people
Speedily course through systems
Bobsleds load like web pages
Buttery Swedes

uge can of soda
Given a villa in the Italian Alps
Coming posterior to seed skaters
The practiced musculature so well placed just behind
Now you seaweed

Potato Latvians
Sushi sliders
Putin got everybody together fed then a five course mea and then when the world was satiated excuse us for few moments while got out and kill a few people we will be back shortly

And the gold medal in dictatorship goes to Vladimir Putin
Will Thomas be Bach well Thomas will be Bach but he will not necessarily be back
Whipping the pussy riot in a sushi riot with eel was the Cossack the unarmed unknown weapon less pussy rioter sea snake flagellated which is altogether as unfathomable as a New York City police officer shooting dead an unarmed African American teenager in the street

Is this poem like Sushi Baron
Become anyone invade anything
I think not
Pay a price
Self sacrifice

The rude to SushI

remember to zip up your fish

whether you ingest a pound of whitefish

or flesh

I play table tenacity

Saprky Anderson has nothing on the Big Red Machine


We had a program  now how about a pogrom?

An Austrian birthday cake a winters wonderland supreme ode to a ski jumper Raw tuna raw tuna tartar Lilliputian appetizers round the oval Lilliputian hors d ‘ouerves While the Road Sochi may have been paved I am on the road to sushi Still And the way to PyeongChang The Road to Sashimi
Skin fish flubber rubber fat wrapping The mirrored athlete layers divides They pop into my mind And the plop into my mouth Pyeongchang sex predation press accreditation
Clean cuts of speed skater sashimi Clean cut doors skater sashimi Speed skating sashimi

The battle between wrapped sushi desserts


Daniel Craig

October 16, 2013

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig emerging from the revival of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal on Broadway on October 16,

Rupert Murdoch on Fifth Avenue across from his home at 834

July 3, 2013

Rupert Murdoch on Fifth Avenue across from his home at 834

With Salman Rushdie at his NAC gold medal dinner JUNE 25, 2013

June 25, 2013

With Salman Rushdie at his NAC gold medal dinner JUNE 25, 2013 (photo by Amanda Gordon)

Telling Salman Rushdie about doppelg√§nger happenstance — it was a night for no autographs man—Did the chef purposefully dedicate the salad to him? Perhaps

Brad Pitt June 17, 2013 in TSQ for the Premiere of World War Z

June 19, 2013

Brad Pitt June 17, 2013 in TSQ for the Premiere of World War Z


June 1, 2013

Elliot and Silda Separate

The SPLITZERS of Course



all add Splitzers of course

Ben Stiller and Lee Klein both born november 30, 1965 at the Jeff Koons opening at David Zwirner May 8, 2013

May 13, 2013

Ben Stiller and Lee Klein both born november 30, 1965 at the Jeff Koons opening at David Zwirner May 8, 2013

Ben Stiller and Lee klein at the opening of Jeff Koons “Gazing Ball” at David Zwirner May 8, 2013

Jackie Mason Being Shown the Dress Kim Kardashian wore while with the Baby Bump in the Window at Bergdof’s

March 27, 2013


Matthew Broderick at “Nice Work if You Can Get It” Stage Door

October 30, 2012

Matthew Broderick signing at Nice Work If You Can Get it Stage Door October, 2012


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