When Donkeys Fly Art Basel Miami Beach 2014- Skitzophrenogenesis, #artbaselnaps, Deitch mistakes Miley for Kelly

December 5, 2014

When Donkey’s Fly image ( Donut at the booth of GióMarconi,  Milan by  Nathalie Djurberg)

When Donkey’s fly through donkey donuts, giant rounds of faux icing it not surprising that the art-world and all of its attendant bling so attractive as well a distraction even to those who are supposed to be doing the summarizing will gather where the punch bowl blazes as it disappears over the horizon, So here we were a motley crew Urszula Abolik, Dr. Barnaby Ruhe and I at the big date the billionaires in track shoes running to collect watever they are going to collect and the famous names; Peter Brant 1, Owen Wilson, Leonardo DICaprio, Diddy (Sean Combs), Baz Luhrman, Tommy Hilfiger and many more. What was in store? …  And then in the words of Emily XYZ one might have replied with “I am going to the store I am going to the store”, even as Phoebe Legere says “art is not a combat sport”… What do I care?   i who am all washed up with wishes all wished out wish that my photographic memory would have brought it all together with art by doing my part. So of all of the art whats stands out for this coffee fountain is Stanton MacDonald’ Wright’s monumental sychromist canvas L’age d’or (1966-67)  for a Million two at Frances Nauman (which also sold a Man Ray of the late actress Ruth Ford red dotted and then shipped off before the events demise) and a couple of works by the amazing Canadian sculptor David Altmejd. Meanwhile when it was time to party while drinking Perrier at the Peter Marino opening as he took over not a piece of the Bass, but, almost the whole Bass.  And you were about to Bass out as the leather master interior designer who really just playing dress while having a wife and daughter stood Lordly in the most far away room of the building as the opening ensued and society types doted upon him. It was a scene from which I had shuttled from the BMW party which among other things offered ceviche and red snapper tacos. The whole place was filled with his art collection, his designs,pictures of his architectural commissions, leather trappings and even a wax figure of him in bondage bar gear. Baz Luhrman and his wife and design partner Catherine Martin meanwhile co-curated an exhibition with in the artbasel  fair itself with Nellie Hooper celebrating the fiftieth birthday of Gallery Gmurynska. I who had missed the Baz Barney’s holiday window opening (for having to stop and zap my I-phone at apple and if they moved that sculptural bovine to the park at the end of the island then the Battery would hold a charge which is something that their 5S cannot seem to do and a die in there they already have a die in thier batteries are always dying) suddenly found myself face to face with the sailor shirt wearing Aussie and told him how I doubled my tips on the double-decker with a little help from his fenetres, and he said he was really pleased to hear that,.  Then I did my imitation of him which I have been working on it is what he says in this video which follows here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?

After exiting the Marino opening while pushing through the large strip od car was like black shiny plastic fabric separated like Venetian blinds and made probably to effect the supreme fetishists love for leather this blogger entered the park where was happening the opening for “Public” an official art instillation sub-show of the ABMB spectacular.  Therein all of a sudden a large crowd under of the instruction of a pied piper type were led to a giant wood construct piece which it turns out had been created by the last assembled group the previous night.  It turns out it was Christian Falsnaes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygKKqusbTVs and yours truly got out in front of the forward marching crowd and as you cans see got his rocks off taking an active part.

A little later on I  recorded my truth at the truth booth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWbjTLffSys. Though private it was yes just to take on the moment and it was such a blast!

v=HttposHpZpU ] i drank so much espresso that I visited the bathroom more time then a bus full of retirees in Atlantic City as I was zipping back and forth on i-95 to the lovely seaside hamlet of Deefield Beach. So the landscape was set out including the work by the conceptual giantess Marin Abromovic set throughout the city, including the one at the  Miami Beach convention center which invited you to just take a load off honey at her #artbaselnaps.  .Not only did she speak at the salon conversations station at the fair but she an instillation at the Beyler foundation booth which consisted of lying down on a cot blanket  atop putting your bags in a locker headphones on close your eyes and nothing designer sensory deprivation.. I needed this time out and saw volcanoes of hot pink from belly buttons spouting out. On one of the shuttles I heard a woman remarking that she saw only one Jeff Koons and indeed there were all types of works mixed in including where Damian Hirst with the pharmaceutical went gigantaform with “Schizophrenogenesis” at the Paul Stolper Gallery, London, United Kingdom  booth it was a lit bit of Nauman whose birthday it was on December 6th while the fair was with the neonscript spelling the name and the honey I blew up the prescription drugs objects,  It was titillating to the passersby Meanwhile it was back to the exhibit Luhrman in tandem had curated to see what he had chosen.   A whole spectrum of modern masters had been deployed from the founding giants such as Picasso and Kandinsky to later greats like Francis Bacon and Cy Twombly.

Ali blah blah

September 25, 2014

Underwritten by the forty thieves
Open said a me
And the entrance closed

Chris Christie leaving Yankee stadium after the Boomer Esiason celEbrity benefit baseball game

June 30, 2014
Christie walking towards his car

Christie walking towards his car


June 17, 2014


If you can’t take a joke you can get the bleep out of this blog

it was an echo,
which was not originating with you
it was emanating from behind

Vacuous double entendres are a triple threat

Here comes Ichabod Cranium
Black ink ketchup allover the Marlboro Man who is now being dissected by Dr. Ruth as Jazz fusion with an Eastern European twist is played to cheap white wine drinkers at a converted IHOP

I know my poetry my rhyme
But I am an asshole
Grown strong through terrifying moments of interdependence

Happenstance, is not always a lap dance
Clans of Rymans rhyming with Luc Tymans
If we need one liners rewritten
We can just depend on the arrest of Paul Simon

This is the way this goes downtown
Now I am not going to catch my breath
to take a Cigarette, take a pan au chocolate at Paris baguette
One should never forget that before there was GAGA
There was the fashion and art orchid we like to call Colette

but if you cannot take a Joke you can get the Fuck out of this blog
I am not pulling the wool over anybody’s eyes
But by now one would surmise that aesthetic morticians
had franchised multiple alibis not limited to but including the sunrise
You cannot say certain names this is just a game
There is no one to blame
But if you can’t take a joke you can get the Fuck out of this blog

A run at the mill where released was a gleaming one hundred million dollar plus diamond encrusted skull
A thirst for Hirst and Hirst things first Hirst things comes first and Hirst thinks first
unitl something or someone or other goes bust or super yachts burst
Are you going to take the fizz out of my piece of shit
Was not the art of explanation re-mastered by some erstwhile corkscrew twisted Brit
I am all for it
But if you Cannot take a joke you can get the Fuck out this blog

BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! painted the painter
painted the painted on scrolls grates and canvas
Blah blah blah said the poet
blah blah blah collected the collector
bah bah bah said not the polyresinous sheep herded into the auction house
bah bah bah said the alcoholic lamb
grazing guzzling fat check nuzzling
Blah blah blah blogged the blogger

If you can’t take a joke you can get the fuck out of my house
and whose house is it anyway? And you can’t take it with you

You think that you are friends with Chris Christie
but you get the handcuffs
He is a ham and that is why he became a proscuittocuter to begin with

What’s your ping to that pong?
Was it just vacuous non vacuuming vacuum cleaners
All lit up and starring in the instillation
he is such a great guy you don’t want to say anything not nice about him
(or his work)
no not him yes he is a jerk
but if it all leaves you cold you are still going to grow old
so do what your told or for you there will be no gold
you cannot take it with you, giant balloon dogs wallpaper art virtual reality in the round amateur pornography a Titan’s iconography door to door debauchery vanity art on the selling floor sorcery

Play doh by Koons

Play doh by Koons

I want to punch back From inside of the punch-lines after reading the headlines while beating all deadlines

cannot be copied

Voluptuous Perignon
Phallic Gallic
Voluminous Perpignan

He did it on porpoise
She did it on a porpoise

He  did it on porpoise She did it on a porpoise

He did it on porpoise
She did it on a porpoise

After all chasing around with the shark in the shark cage is nothing compared to the sharks who are sharking out here after all we have to save the dolphins with porpoise and all the porpoises ostensibly otherwise tensabarriers, weighted overhang bars, diving armor, spear-guns and becoming a submerged trophy hunter will never be enough to fight off thin linen wearing money men trading commodity in the form of abstract conception baby!

inflatables are debatable
Sandwiched in with what is non-equitable
On the Road looking to find the next big bad art piece
to get all upset over

I say it is Schmutz!
Schmutz, Schmutz, Schmutzie goodbye!
Not since the advent of the first mixture of cream cheese with jelly!
Not since the invention of cream cheese and jealousy!

Its a tour speech in a garden which cannot be heard on the closed circuit microphone out amongst the surrounding flowers; tiger lilies or orange orchids but you go out to talk to Joan Rivers who is there all dressed up in black and white and that old comic killer Phyllis Diller and the artist Collette who would be emblematic of the blossom on many a night

Thats because engine roaring i was motorcycling through a ring of fire in a previous stanza which disappeared to come back blazing within burning cliche language appropriated by plastic artists to exclaim a new proclamation on a variation of the very same thing

Welcome to an art world or a world of art already filled with ready made victims
and some victimizers ready with ready-mades or ready to make ready-mades
Everybody ready, gentlemen start your search engines

Inside the proverbial Trojan Horse
A Chia
Don’t kick a gift mount in the mouth
Except that he is not my steed,
Fetish objects,
Are there any objections,
to a fetish for objects
insatiable for inflatables
Goo-goo for marbles
I will give you all the muster I can muster for luster
and then I will give you some bluster

Is there anything wrong
with some solace with a fetish
before committing a major crime?

Object lessons in objectification
Subject lessons in subjectification
Where the subjects are subjects
Subjectify my lust

It all started with a plump posterior
a round ass out in the suburbs
whose curvatures would have been as if a dangerous road
looking to handle turned around becomes an invitation to please

You blindsided me with schmutz, Toots!

Here comes the Rabbi, there came the Rabbi

Back when it was even better than the real thing

And years later he wanted to know

Why Koons had to be so self-effeminizing

But the congreagants purchased him a Pousette-Dart

I should not have blown the way I did at you

misdirecting rocket fire onto you from Gaza

But then you got me with your words

like we as if we had shared some long drunken evening

@ the Plaza—-

And now I am allover schmutz

heralding some false biennialist

Just because I got pissed

and you had to find some way to take advantage of it

Gem warfare

its a Baby Jane Holdup

I am happy to be offended

Out of shape bended

To make sure that the never ending

Has never really ended

Dead vacuum cleaners

play docents

Save your life raft

A slap from 100 percent pure crap

One hundred percent pure crip

one hundred percent pure blood

the inflatables, the incredibles

the never ending never endables

If I can buy a visual spoof

for 25 million and sell for 35

I am certainly game

but if I get stuck with the lark

there will certainly be someone else to blame

Jeff loony Koons
Claes Oldenburg and Coosie Von Bruggen’s looming spoon
Balloon scriptures
Another looming Koons

My eyes lost in a sea of objects laid upon the sparking golden lame mardi gras
tablecloth: lobster shell crackers, water glasses, antipasto platters, water
glasses and so on and so forth

Skull and balloons
The sacred heart of Jesus
The Sacred Heart which believes in us

They’ll tell someone else to ban you from the house but still take you for a
drink at the bar inside of it downstairs
The ever changing face of commodities and their transfers therein

In a pawn shop I have lots to offer for sale but gold coins turn to chocolate
and get eaten so the only thing the house wants is the the endoscopy video screen
and cam for which they are willing to pay $375
And in expecting this dreamer experienced subdued joy
But when the recompense arrives it is but a single hundred dollar bill and ten
ticked for a big bus lines double decker tour in London, England to which there
are mot plans for me to fly-Ali Blah blah blah!

It is the only problem I know of where the solution is ignorance


June 9, 2014

As Detroit gets Knocked down, NOMOTOWN

Ain’t no building high enough

Ain’t no excavation low enough

To keep me away from Mo



Steve Wynn at the Christies Auction Previews Monday May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

Steve Wynn at the Christies Auction Previews Monday May 5, 2014Image

Denzel Washington Jr. @ the Stage Door after the Premiere of the revival of Lorraine Hansberry’s Raisin in the Sun ”

April 4, 2014


The Road to Sushi – The Road to Sashimi

February 27, 2014

imageThe Road to Sushi Excellent ice racers wedge into a roll wrapped in salmons skeins sheathing the body ; The road to Sushi is rocky For Rocky the musical. The path to Broadway was a jungle The road to sushi is rocky The road to Sushi is smooth – So smooth Salmon giant salmon Sliders on color burst fire Orange and blue Blue and orange As if the hues wavering In the heart of the flame Russian Snowligarchs Sensitive Skeins Ski humping After all we all wear sensitive skeins Zipped up fish Black tailed gold fish Burl Ives freeze dried pink eye Flying butt-tresses flying butts and tresses freeze dried sardine can suspended animation Logan’s run the luge run sushi sochi sanki Sanka Not only is There a Pussy riot People have always rioted for pussy But today pussy is the riot And if you don’t riot you are a bunch of pussies well send everybody into the exhibition named pussy and sunsets at the Marion Boesky gallery- blue sky watch out now here come the Cossacks and Don’t to be Adamant as he will be whipping Marguerite Hot flesh as fighting lightning fish A rose flew down out over the mountain Lock , Stoch and moguls Lithe humans who can fly Morgenstern is very afraid to hit the ground the wrong way again Devo did not whip the unknown Pussy Rioter Which is not in anyway unlike Shia La Roast Beef seeking out horseradish, it is what comes up Multiple koi pursuant to multiple koi Pursue pursue pursue it….. Are any Biathletes Bi athletes? Thank you very much to Dutch who with ice and the house of orange are as if cream cheese and lox with black caviar a such Got to be distinguished before the Olympic flame is extinguished Get in the Komar and Melamood i will be on seventh avenue watching the Kremlin hemline We will be serving cultural soup Sean White Gracie Gold Shirley Temple Black All you can eat sushi All you can see Sochi The Blue Man loop Concrete for chutes Iced over Objects matter people Speedily course through systems Bobsleds load like web pages Buttery Swedes uge can of soda Given a villa in the Italian Alps Coming posterior to seed skaters The practiced musculature so well placed just behind Now you seaweed Potato Latvians Sushi sliders Putin got everybody together fed then a five course mea and then when the world was satiated excuse us for few moments while got out and kill a few people we will be back shortly And the gold medal in dictatorship goes to Vladimir Putin Will Thomas be Bach well Thomas will be Bach but he will not necessarily be back Whipping the pussy riot in a sushi riot with eel was the Cossack the unarmed unknown weapon less pussy rioter sea snake flagellated which is altogether as unfathomable as a New York City police officer shooting dead an unarmed African American teenager in the street Is this poem like Sushi Baron Cohen Become anyone invade anything I think not Pay a price Self sacrifice The rude to SushI remember to zip up your fish whether you ingest a pound of whitefish or flesh I play table tenacity Saprky Anderson has nothing on the Big Red Machine We had a program  now how about a pogrom? An Austrian birthday cake a winters wonderland supreme ode to a ski jumper Raw tuna raw tuna tartar Lilliputian appetizers round the oval Lilliputian hors d ‘ouerves While the Road to Sochi may have been paved I am on the road to sushi Still And the way to PyeongChang The Road to Sashimi Skin fish flubber rubber fat wrapping The mirrored athlete layers divides They pop into my mind And the plop into my mouth Pyeongchang sex predation press accreditation Clean cuts of speed skater sashimi Clean cut skater sashimi Speed skating sashimi The battle between wrapped sushi desserts Its a green teaser Once in the Union of Suhsi Sushi-list Republics are you on the sushi list or the sashimi agenda? White herring speedskater boy fish Boy sushi sex circus flavor in the extreme at the winter Olympics sex packaging handcuffed bound In lycra collared chastitied male athletes A peach neon zipped down skein unveiling a lithe God sweat glistening Nordic an Aryan sex God! What becomes of the man becoming sushi ? Wrapped and packed in around the middle or the whole skein and or embellished Zip down sushi for each other The road to smoochi kissing slider lips or tooshie A black ink twister in lycra, Emanuel Rieder Papaya mango boy like pieces of fruit slightly rough, brushing up against the tongue Sledded and bedded and embedded, You know where this is headed

Then Sushi of another sort http://www.ufunk.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Neon-Genesis-Evangelion-wetsuits-13.jpg The stainless steel blades From luge ice slicers are made Can again render sashimi When onto the cutting board The fresh raw fish is laid Its time to roll out of sushi Oysters jumping for joysters From New York harbor up to The Cloisters Rusty torque Trying to turn the fork around on plates of corroded Pastafarian ellipses The giant Shalom, the icy flume The State of Israel’s pennant’s field

Third Georgia Expo- Georgia Third Expo

Daniel Craig

October 16, 2013

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig emerging from the revival of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal on Broadway on October 16,

Rupert Murdoch on Fifth Avenue across from his home at 834

July 3, 2013

Rupert Murdoch on Fifth Avenue across from his home at 834


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