The Bagel of Infinite Meaninglessness

March 20, 2020

IMG_20191127_182508_849Sitting before a table and upon it a dish of interconnected triangles forming other shapes and altogether a whole

Thinking then of touring of having gone around in circles for what seemed to be infinity seeing circles you are seeing circles you are feeling very sleepy in the age of Infinite meaningless an inner circle within a larger one like a bagel.. The Bagel of Infinite. Meaninglessness 15847379103861520677346031307068


Down Back Over 2020

March 13, 2020

Serious yahoo mysteriously Yahoo some serious Yahoos including Yahoo mysterious
flipping phones flipping over double dipping into the xylophone the coronaphonic hypno-tonic…

Palm fronds outlined by clouds
Florida peninsulas surrounded by seas of billowing white mass

Jacaranda Jacinda all Russell Brands all Russell’s Brands shark diving in/off of South Africa was not suicidal but a tour of New Zealand during the coronavirus outbreak is

You have got to sit tight
in the muted light
then join the Coffee Club

Samoan masochists
Young Feinstein
In order to get your mojo back
you might have to go to mojo

The Leprechaun is lepregone
see what happens when you work for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
you cannot take a break, who is going to watch all that lucre ?
when you work for the precious metal at the end of the tutti frutti prism you work for the precious metal at the end of the tutti prism and you belong to colored-light, to the prismatic radiance
and let that be a lesson learned in time90013065_10158291982193578_7810400999893368832_o (1)

I’d become a leprechaun artist except for the fact of being too tall and to tell tall tales
My tongue travels across the Goji Dessert

Pork Belly don’t digest digestion
just a suggestion
and the leprechaun artist works at the Shamrock

Watch out for the filet-o-fish car while backing out of the parking slot marked Sushi Space received_195813578510448

Aeotoroa Land of the the long white blonde cloud fern leaf a meandeing swoop of fine golden sway

Nespresso Nospreso Mobil no Esso

A long time ago happened the Greg Norman invasion and then there were landsharks

From behind the disco ball rain of a car windshield comes a woman in yellow sneakers under an orange umbrella headed into an organics store who just misparked up against a very used lived in camper van taking up a space and a half going forward , though she has/had many other choices this was the first spot she spied and after thinking for a moment (if it can be termed that) she goi
es for it leaving half her small to mid size vehicle halfway back into the traffic lane behind with her young one on headphones in the passenger seat left in the vehicle inside meanwhile we in the camper van are waiting to back out and she never comes back … Backing up and out is undoable and she stops to chat returns to the vehicle and then returns to the store one more time until finally being told her action was unsafe especially to her tuned out passenger she offers to back us out but we tell the way she is parked is still dangerous and she finally moves her car

Coronasaurus Cove

Blonde Aryan Muscle GodsWorking out @ strip mall membership with guest pass gyms

Hell Pizza

Murder Burger

A circular pool fitted into a half of polygonal deck a round trampoline in a line up outfolding into a hexagonal picnic table

Many Maori Mustangs

Countdown to the Apocalypse


Many rooms in Aeotearoa are fernished

Crisis Church

Tell me Howick it all ends

“Look Sharp”

Many Sharks who were waiting in line to chomp on seals were upset when told that there
was a 2 Bite em Per predator maximum

Widespread Panic Shopping at the Disco

Never attended the party in the Polynesia you most want to avoid a Fluaua

Sheep, counting sleep and Little Bo Beep the super=agent for the Earth being inherited by the meek Sheep oh sheep who would be being counted by those cannot sleep who are now otherwise engaged in more urgent matters than counting sheep so the sheep which would be being counted are counting sleep and never ever counting other sheep who are also counting on sleep while the others are rolling in the hay while the insomniacs are rolling in the deep sheep oh sleep

Got to get going soon so Jim Carey find the MASK

Don’t want to run into Scott Disick at the Fluau

Where popular cannibals with influenza influenzas

party basting prime athlete from a repository  of musculatures

heavy equipment and armature cryogenics deep sea diving Himalayan mountain climbing no beef or mutton two timing lamb shearing land clearing sarcasm sneering crowds cheering hunters appearing






Speed Dates

March 12, 2020

Angry Kurds will not be racing speed dates during the mishorona

Christopher Walken at the Julian Schnabel Opening for “The Patch of Blue the Prisoner Calls the Sky” at Pace Gallery.. March 5, 2020

March 8, 2020

So as it is the Barbershop near this blogger’s abode in Manhattan, New York City has upon its blackboard stand-up sign outside a picture of Christopher the actor of “The Deerhunter” renown and it reads “Walkin s welcome”. So standing in the julian Schnabel Pace Chelsea gallery opening for “The Patch of Blue the Prisoner Calls the Sky” during Armory week and who should Walk in and very shortly thereafter walkout.


Harlem Loch Ness

February 28, 2020

In Nothern Scotland on a very foggy day deep loch divers were getting ready for the extrapolation of the last in a succession of giant eels collectively known as the Loch Ness monster and the specimen would then be traveling to its new home in the expanded Harlem Loch in New York City’s Central Park as the huge star of the Harlem Loch Ness experience.

Sometime later our narrator passed it as a passenger in a car while driving through the park and then looking back over his shoulder he saw a stone footbridge fashioned from monumental boulders placed together without mortar where there was a statue of the creature placed upon it; or, was it a topiary or a faux semblance of one rendered from high-tech plastics. Meanwhile he saw the river ride with the guided boat vessels as if a Rhine River excursion at a Busch Gardens theme park taking fleets of tourist down the huge newly constructed and artificially introduced winding river now flowing through the park…….

Portchester Poem

February 12, 2020

Portchester Another Tale Comes Around Another Corner
Book 1

The Wide winds of sky
The voices of shapes
A town, a village, on a curve

Where here at this corner
The Middle Atlantic
Becomes New England
And New England
The Middle Atlantic
And a new book spreads out before me
Like a long white paper broadcloth

Here is the story of thousands of commuter histories
And clockwork segments of commerce
men who maintain and service things turning corners
Pedestrians crossing the street leaning into the wind
Traffic lights seen settling after rocking,
Into the breeze

Here municipalities wrap themselves into each other
Like careful sections of clockwork

Trains cross overhead
Rail yards offer platters of equipment spread
Waterfowl descend into river or brookside parks
Depleted and polluted
Barrel chested copperfront of the counter of the bakery
Owned by the P.R woman
Married and come to the suburbs or the uburbs
Cheever’s land of bedroom communities
Suffused here by immigrants and blue collars

Port Chester
My support center
My resource center

What comes through to us
Is not neccesarily new to us

An appartment on a diaganol
Above a restaraunt

A restaraunt on a diaganol
Above a hardware store

An appartment. A hardware store,
and a restaraunt
a restaraunt, an appartment ,
and a hardware store

An unoccupied traffic gazebo
In the center of town
International calling card palaces
Showcase warehouses for social dabblers
Or caterers to dabblers
Trying to pass off Portchester as Greenwhich
Just the same as a criminal occupant might
Label Bushwick East Williamsburg

An appartment above a restaraunt
A restaraunt above a hardware store
A hardware store above a restaraunt

In nearby Byram
Just over the inlet bridge
An Interstate exit winds
Into turns blasted out of rock
A historical marker says
“In 1676, Byram Neck was granted to
Thomas Lyon, jr. By the Greenwhich town meeting
As compensation for the taking of his wife’s property-Greenwhich Point
No later than 1711, a grist mill was first built on the lower Byram river.
William and Thomas Ritch opened a granite quarry in 1840 on the shore,
It’s stone, “Byram Blue Point”, was used in many local and New York buildings
The first residential developments were proposed on Milo Mead’s farm in the 1850’s
Slovaks, Germans, Danes, and others settled her and established their own churches and associations.
In 1891 a volunteer fire company was first formed.
The Ritch family quarry was sold tot he town for a park (Byram Beach Park) in 1918.
The name “Byram” in 1949
Officially replaced the name “East Portchester”
The village was also known during earlier times
As Hawthorne, Meadville. New Lebanon, and Lyonville”

Seen on a clear day
Possibly the most beautiful day ever
A Great Gatsby vista
Of the glistening sound
And taut sails beyond verdant bulges of the mainland
This place seen as if a landscape , a seascape
Before infrastructural ruin……..

A saxaphonist plays on a grassy patch of land
On the grounds of a gas station
For their grand opening celebration

An appartment with a porch
In a blue house on a diaganol
Above a grocery

The backstrech of an appartment building
When you are weak you go off peak
When your peak you go peak
I’m stuck in the unattractive corner of the passenger car
If you purchase your ticket while on the train
There will be a two dollar over charge
if you purchase this book from the poet
the extra charge will be the same

The backstretches of appartment buildings
Painted different colors
Here yellow siding and green window frames
out of grey

A clapboard building frontage for
An interior complex within a hollow
For a driveway with roughage of exposed
Stone-work revealing history
Or ostensibly an eroding backdoor in shadows

A rock falls from the railroad trellis
Just as I walk to the train, which,
I catch on time
Splitting almost directly in half
It falls right before me

It is summer,
And I have come to take a cure
Not the one in Thomas Mann’s Magic Mountain
The International Sanitorium at Berghof
But an air conditioned sparkling spearmint respite
At my mother’s away-
The self-baking fumes of Manhattan
I have asthma! That cure!

The industrial-residential conversion
From Lifesavers corporate headquaters to condominiums
Trains pass upon the hour and upon the hour
Amtrak sporadically through the Northeast corridor
Pass hour upon hour- Metro North
As I open bottle upon bottle
Of my Mother’s Badoit…..

When some body throws you a Lifesaver
You take it and swim back to shore

Who saved my life ?
Was it my Mother?
And who saved her life
Was it her business partner
Or did he just want to lie down with her?
Or did he just want her liscence?
and when she needed my silence
If I gave it to her
Her confidences were surely someone else’s to give away

Here a cul-de-sac island
Of landscape
In the shape of a confection borne of negative space
The lifesaver motif as if it is forthcoming from Eucanathus
Out of the capitals of Corinthian colums
Is here to be found all over the place

When someone throws you a lifesaver
You take it and swim back to shore

And if somebody threw the poet Hart Crane
A lifesaver the sucking candy
Inspired as such
And invented by his father
Would the poet having just jumped over the side of a ship
Have grabbed ahold and climbed back aboard

It was Andy Warhol who it was said
During his lifetime was so inspired by this building
And the giant sculptures of packs of the different flavors of the brand
Which once stood on these grounds
In a waking dream passes again in a car
As if a standard issue black limousine
as does my doppelganger
by his own account
on a train bound for Boston
on one of the sporadic Amtraks
traveling through Portchester
and thus the Nortrheast corridor

and if somebody throws you a lifesaver
you take it and swim back to shore

The silver glint on green roofs
Amidst the summer canopy
In the still breeze of the late after dawn

The outer wall mirror
Inlaid with the painted outline
Of the heel of a shoe
Just beyond the train crossing
As seen from over you shoulder
Just overhead

Home to many magnificent
Holidays away from myself
Bastion of cool!
Enclave of oblique!
Passed over portal,
Offshoot exit to Marriot’s Courtyard
This poem extends it’s borders
And choose it’s subjects
But the subjects it chooses are just beyond it’s doors

Here hiding
If only temporarily
In my Mother’s shadow
At a booth in a lodge
Tudor style
Serving gorgonzola and seafood salads
And it’s own personal pizza pies
A flirtatious young waiter serves us
But one cannot respond with their mother along

This poem Portchester
Convienent to or nearby
Cos Cob, Greenwhich, Rye,
Harrison, Mamaroneck, Larchmont
And Purchase,

Here hiding
If only temporarily
In my Mother’s shadow
At a booth in a lodge
Exterior stylings of faux Tudor
Serving Gorgonzola or seafood salad
And it’s own trademark pizzas
Served by a flirtatious young waiter
One cannot respond with their mother along

Driving by General Foods headquarters
With it’s own lake
And glowing like the city of Oz
Initally she did so for a manic-depressive reconstructionist agnostic
Rabbai who also checked loonies into the looney bin
Where he’d also been
He was a highly decorated five star lunatic
With physcotic crazy guy eyes

He worked at General Foods
which was at the time White Plains
In a building so much more plain
This food company was then bought by the bigger food company Kraft
And eventually moved over
To this area just before Portchester
And off the cross Westchester
And that is the Rye Town Hilton
Just over there

there is a great tradition of air conditioning in this paradidium

Now Siobahn who was Eurydice
In this poets retelling of Orpheus
Hand upturned like an Egyptian dancer
Balancing the flashes of strobe in he dance floor isolation
Beyond the velvet ropes but in sight of the just landed hero
Attended S.U.N.Y Purchase nearby
One of shopping favorite words and thus one of this poets ‘
Favorite burbs

Bedsheets linens hang in the window spaces
Of three appartment on the floors just above
And facing the train tracks
Today one is purple one is cream colored and another is checkered
Check again and the sheets may have been changed,

The infantrys and calvarys of every Nothern state
in every vicinity somewhere
a statue in a plaza
a commeration is in place

In my next life
I would like to be
A car dealership in a Westchester suburb
Sandwhiched between mamaroneck and Rye
Then I would be Harrison Ford

Now Elvis who became a vampire
And moved under the dragon coaster at Rye playland
After dying
And bit me on the neck in my youth
causing many baseball stadiums
in Japan to implode
with a simultaneous home run by the transpalnted Yankee slugger
Roy White
Awakes now to collaborate

Uopn hearing of this new poem!

Book 2



The Middle Atlantic
Becomes New England
And New England the Middle Atlantic
A new books spreads out before me
Like a scroll of long white paper broad cloth

The lifesavers building magic as it once was
Is for this vicinity an abberation
The innards of a port hidden
Crevices disclosing
Mexicans, Gautemalans, Peruvians
Latin American immigrants
Laborers poverty stricken
Out off the fold
Out off the harbor
Sewage brewing
Back towards downtown
The flow neatened
the flavor sweetens

A line of Gentlemen in summer suits
Striped for the flavors of lifesavers
Butterscotch and wild cherry
Parade into the lobby
Of the former candy headquarters converted to condominium enclave
Splits into two
Upon reaching the circular command desk at the end of the foyer

I-95 over the polluted harbor
Above the entrance runs it’s course
The rotting hulks
Of trees in full shadow are lain
One as if an arm
Bent as if for an elbow
Vines clenched into the soil
Climbing the train stations hill
The hill’s train station
Deep your knees bend to
Climb the steep staircase to the commuter station
Ascending the stairs

In pursuit of a haircut
I enter New England
And settle for the second such shop there
Sleepy by day
For at the first there it is longer to wait

On the walls
Baseball memrobilia
Including a Rockwell painting reproduced as a poster then framed
Where three umpires look upward
In threatning skies as to see if to call for a rain delay

If F.Scott Fitgerald
“There are no second acts to american lives”
and it was then written into american truth
we have been converted
as the lifesavers building has been turned into condominiums
as people as if computer discs read by one computer are then rescripted
to be read by another
people and information are in flux
now it is entirely possible to fly out of static reality morphed into something entirely other
than one ever expected to be

Down here under
In Greenwhich
Lives the guy the Performing Arts Journal
In a cottage
Out by grandmother, goldilocks, and the three bears
Here where we wound up on this rural lane
After backing out of a covered Portchester parking lot
With those who turned out to be Greenies
(after all the whole of the State of Conneticut is Green-blue)
so that there must be greenies and blueies
and maybe even the blue greenies
he reprimands me and says
“now Lee”
it might be exclaimed in exasperation
but he does not know what to say
so it just comes through as bemusement

A slow house going nowhere
A resident of Greenwhich
Whose house being canvassed
This poet having canvassed his house
For the international enviromental group Greenpeace
Sometime in the early nineteen nineties
Is caught off gaurd taking out a shotgun
Which he uses for pheasant hunting
As provided for or so he says by greenwhich zoning
Returning to his grounds to partake of this sport
Having just taken intermission
He is dressed to the hilt
In khakis and camaflogue
He speaks with me briefly and he back to his backyard
Otherwise known as the field

A slow house going nowhere
On the incremental winds of the main street
Of Byram
Boxed flower beds to the sides
One lonely room lit leading to another
A slow house going nowhere
A highway,
An exit just beyond………….
This slow house going nowhere on a rock hill
It’s taking up nearly all of the land on it’s plot
A strange container a captive of it’s own lunatic construction here

The truth comes all of a sudden
When it is least expected
Portchester Greenwhich and vicinity
This poem-this newfound poem
Extends it’s borders here and now
Now and here
Pale yellow french vanilla nouvelle cuisine california architecture
For fascimille cafe’s in converted motels turn into hyatt regencys
On sunset boulevard
So holographic if it is that tangible presentations of solidity computer generated
dumb-founded as if the plastic is actual you walk headlong into a pattern neither simulated
And the concierge not water-colored standing there
So goes the new Greenwhich library under construction the all frozen ice and ice milk french vanilla sandy ciculatolrium with computer work station busy bee there

Egg matter takes a hairpin turn
At breakneck fluff
To become scrambled cement
In the prearranged Conneticut day
Just waiting for Martha Stewart to come out
And exclaim

Eggs benedict frieze
Eggs bendict tableaux
Deviled eggs in a hard boiled world

Paprika rust dust dusting
a train stations
electrical concrete implant

And the paprika rust dusting is horseradish
Over mortar sprinkling a special salad sauce of infrastruture
Or you know that I would have no problem
Looking you in the egg

The fiber optic wheel of landmark buildings
Which otherwise might be the design
For a Suzanne Bartsch Kenny Scharf invitation

This reality
Sometimes seemingly peopled
Characters retracted from
A set of colorforms
Placematting pesonas into a concrete pavillion
They could be anybody
Thy could be anywhere
They are just cast
And then action begins

And sheathed in heavy plastic encasement
Boats slumber
Then in spring to return to the sound

The sound which runs up and down and into rivers
And out to the ocean
As the rivers in it’s mouth run down
Into the ocean in another fount

Here at the lifesavers compound
Hallways run furlongs
And shift only slightly
Towards the spirited breaths of a heated whirlpool
As opposed to outside coldness
And up to the tiled rise for seating
Across from and above the propelled waters churning
a Hopper street scene a poster of anyway
Of stores on a main-street closed
The hallway light blue and spearmint
The light blue and spearmint hallway

The harbor here half dredged
And moored in it a sunken riverboat rests in part submerged
The crown missing from one if it’s two usually topped stacks
No tourist fares
Just in for repairs
A drowning river queen
Lucky to gain a sound outing

Hoists on the Byram side of the river

In the dark light
Of a just about to close forever barber shop

Vines crash over barrels
In the lifesavers building center courtyard
And where they have left
Leave streaks straight runs of chlorofil
As gouaches over panels

Rusty belts of chain link
Emerge from the ebbing waters
Like a barely disguised snout of a lounging crocodile
Peering above the rivers lip

Driving past the great lawns of mansions
And the sculpture parks on the great lawns of corporations
In Purchase the Neuberger Museum where Lee Gatch’s painting
“The Path of the Sun”
is housed

“The Path of the Sun”
a canvas where through
a rectangular
penetrated by light
a town is seen awash in the sun’s warmth
the carress of it’s full shine
across shapes and onto the ledge
the interior reached after breaching the window

colliding with sunlight
The path of the sun
passing through objects and over buildings

The shadows of trains cross the ceiling of
my mothers trackside apartment
the light comes in across her broad windows
cut by crystal picture frames set aflame
in dancing sunbeam reflections
an elaborate turnaround of shadows
within the interiors of reflected
translucent flowers-
dragging the motion
trough fenestration
four square –rectangular-
cut by crossbars made eight

and then blocks of pure white straight waves across
object placements
and someone’s intimate histories laid there

Fenestration four square rectangular
Block drifts of shadows
With insets of space
As with a canvas
Where the color field as the back drop is inserted into
The color it is serving as the framing for
Orange white- white orange
orange white orange- white orange orange

Bobbing caballeros
Helmeted caballeros
Like puppets hanging from hooks
Twin Don Quioxtes ?
Leftover chatkas
From some Spanish style hotel or appartment house painted faces
In the showcase window
Of a decorator friendly antique store
Serving both the Greenwhich and village of Portchester/Town of Rye markets
There and then suddenly gone
Only to later resurface in another part of the store

Down on the main street
A paint store where
On the second level of it’s storefront
Are painted parallel strips in enamel
Such as brown, yellow, biege ,strawberry and sky blue
Perhaps a stay tuned pattern’s pallete bleak
Town of Rye/Village of Portchester
Then the name of the store spelled out in letters taking on
The colors of once popular varities of paint as well

A liquor store in town neon like cake icing
Cake icing blue spelling out liquor
The lights in LI out
But all lit up is QUOR

A racoon lives in a grotto
Under the trainbridge of the station

I meet some people at the station
Who are friends of a performer
Who is performing in
A cabaret revue
In Greenwhich Village
An act based on his life
growing up in an Italian family
featuring characters from his past
all of whom he plays in this a one man show
in a month of Sundays
I want to go
But for various reasons
Take a miss
Plus the ten dollar cover
And two drink minimum
An engagement I miss in a
whole month of Sundays

Portchester, Rye, Portchester, Rye
The severed mandibles of steel insects
Directing the course
Of trains
Around the tracks answering
‘to the continents curves

As I go up to the third floor
And then open the front door
Unbreaking the seal
To all that is my mother
Here On the eve of the new millenium
We watched
as world monumets
In fireworks
Went off the Eiffel tower
Firing sideways from it’s vaulted arches
in champagne streamers
and celebrations
like Scandanavian Ice drum ceremonies
high up in Lapland whose pristine whiteness
equals my mothers penchant for the pristine
flavor of god
then on the new years eve of the new century
or the first new years eve for the second year
there is a prix fix menu offered at an Asian fusion
restaurant on main street
which was formerly a South African cuisine outpost
and is owned by a physically robust chef who
also lives in the lifesaver manse
and at this place Tamarind which they call a ‘Martini Bar”
they serve said cocktail in stately glasses
maybe we will dine there
on the second new years eve
to the third new year
of the still brand new millenium

The two boys from two doors down coming around the corner on skateboards
The physcologist from next door (where this building turns the corner(
Knocking on the wall where our tv and where on the other side is his bed
Because the volume is too loud)

The electric blue neon window framing from the tanning salon
Reflected in the rain pelted pavement
The stone warehouse along the eastside of the train tracks
Climbing the gradiations of the hill to its’ aforementioned location
From its’ descent at the inlet and its’ meeting with the street

Legions of tai kwan doers in the open face storefront
A yellow truck does
the backwards backout bulldog boogie woogie
From the equipment lot
In the day grey all the houses the color of the shallow end of a wedding cake

In rye ridge where in a strip mall
Has a supermarket and a video store
Reports of the great blizzard of the century
Though to latter prove somewhat unfounded
Cause suburbanites in a tizzy
To circle for the few available parking spots
In the rather small parking lot in SUV’s and cars most of which are luxury
To get bad weather rations for their crew

In the slosh
Canopied trucks carry cargo north
From West Virginia
The bed of the trailer like bomb shelter housing
Hermes- on the pediment of one of the old bank buildings
The Bank of New York building
Here in town

The yellow truck now does
The back in- into the lot back end first boogie woogie

One town over
at the strip mall
inside the super market
there is a cooking school

the woodsy young man
working in the health food store
constantly returns to grocery aisle
to devour free nibbles

A warehouse whose color runs
from arsenic to boysenberry

There used to be a poetry scene here
Reading in a place called the beat cafe
So I find from a photographer named Gail
Who tells of a gambling joint which was destroyed in a fire
And which supposedly the comedian Jerry Lewis used to visit

Byram on the Sound
You’ve found the sea

A duo of Portchester avenues
Descend like the legs of showgirls
Around the plot of a fairytale church
With windows in the shape of crosses
Running around a the cylinder
The plot of the fairy tale church
Crossed by descending avenues as
If between a showgirls shapely legs
Shapely showgirl legs

Some of the architecture here meanwhile
Is as if teeth were set upon chewing upon themselves
Pants legs tucked under belt strap
Holding fabric to coat racks
In the window of the dry cleaner describe it while it lasts

In the train station
A blind man runs the news stand
Waterfront alley overgrown
The Four Beatles like babushkas
As Russian peasant puzzle dolls
In physchedelic seargent peppers garb
In the window of a Byram camera store

The beehive turret of a downtown Portchester building
Like a hornets nest from desiret
just at the main downtown intersection overlooking the
Unmanned police traffic gazebo

There go tractors clearing the earth
For the new mall another shoppers Paradise
Harborside so that the industrial hill overlooking
The port in what the painter Ken Noland once called
“Little Detroit’ will be gone

Looking for a gift for baby
The antiques dealer
Offers a Tiffany baby spoon
A skewed cubist utensil
Of silver overlaid upon silver
With a burgundy slip cover
At $125
A keepsake beyond specialities years

A suite of tiny reproductions of Korean musical instruments
In the antique store geared towards decorators offered at $125

The sea foam colored cubi shaped
Bank branch at the forefront of a land tract
Which becomes the curving arc of traffic
End point for a road split
In the the traffic islands in the middle of which
Are STOP signs for two directions
With the actual order therein only calling
For drivers to halt at one
Until finally after much neglect
The confusion is figured out by the invisible authorities
And the distracting multipally sided shape
Housing a phrase ;
a traffic instruction presently known as “STOP”
is moved to the right with motorists reoriented
by a double arrowed yellow sign reiterating for which those in which
direction this traffic direction is for

A Spanish man in a sangria colored long sleeve shirt
Stands on the porch of a carnation yellow house
A pick up truck done up like a hot rod
In red yellow black and purple
Like grilled cheese breathing fire
Upward towards Portchester’s stately homes of yesteryear
Well kept wedding cake architecture set against
An Ante Bellum house heading towards ruin while in use
What this poet likes about portchester is that you can feel
The continent itself shifting gears
Brutal still life
In a brown box
Window overhang
Is just a gas meter against
The wall proteced by plexiglass
Wedgewood blue fire escape
Pea green metal emergency whistle
In Atlantic city
The disheveled drunk unable to speak clearly
Neverthelass manages
New York is a great place:
Miami ,
You want to know a place not to go
Where there is nothing

Tree cuttings
The blonde god stops into the equipment spread
Tiny sandstone slabs of the railroad siding banks
Then see whole portions laid to rest in the outdoor warehouse
known as the service yard

Paradise spells lavender
The word paradise spelled out as such
Fronting a wedding dress store on a
Evening where the season is pleasuring
Pleasuring as if present
As if at present the whole thing was pleasant
In and of and about itself

Fresh bud blossom to full splendor
Balmy and equipped to full fathoms fawning

Wide winds of sky
The voices of shapes
The wraparound descent from the train station
The verdigris steeple of a stone church
Red blossoms in the glint of the sun
Off silvery fencing
Petals a deep shade like poinsettas
Framed in the overhang from the distance of this appartment’s
Broad windows as if for a postcard from a tropical island port
The Brooklyn Bridge detailed in silver
At the antiqures store owned by the eastern european dealer

A stewed tomato colored building downtown
With a royal blue overhang awning
a stationary downstairs

Custard colored boredom

Caramel trimming on a white house
Tapas restaurant named after the Arizonan desert Sonora

The path of the sun as it crosses the sky
Dropping down onto a lull on the hill rise

Summer is over
The drooping fronds of palms
Like a bushel of bananas decaying

The side facaded of a school being retouched
As evinced by the scaffolding the escarpment attached

Here at the lifeasvers compound wedgewood blue wall and cream cheese colored doors
Cottage cheese supports

Side stalks of palms rise out of trunks
Go up like screwdrivers in mid september
If not too late for this verse

A tin can makes a left turn into gleam
An Airliner makes a left off of over the water
Returning the skies now taking a straight shot into the
Westchester county airport

In light of recent catastrophies
In the light of recent tragedies
A bus bulges red to the eyeballs at sunset
A salsa graffitti paint job

A thrift store rampant with new clothing arriving
A down vest blue and green
If resigned to track into a colder clime
Nostalgic for an older time

Through the window seen the antiques store’s new merchandise
A canvas colored like Monet’s lily pond at Giverny
Blue green purple with the red moon over the seine
In the color field
As the sky outside is vermillion
Come twilight by the dumpsite garbage mart
The harbor blue mint houses in orange
Barriers of the re-rooted boulevard
Quaint squares created by
The crisscrossed and torn apart
The Peruvian seafood restaurant
Through the day the colored chrome autos
The cadillac convertible baby blue
American flags waving everywhere now that congress has introduced
A resolution calling for a declaration of a- state- of- war

False fire alarm in the savers building
Brought about by those working on the electrcity
Xylophone of grids
In the equipment yard
Torso in the clouds

Again a false fire alarm
Real to those not forewarned
Out comes the department
Wrong time for this so meaured No
outdside huddles a rouge gallery of residents

Weather beaten tailoring

Should I go to Turkey ?
Only if you eat it first
Sandwhich ; Greenwhich

Tightly bound slabs
Of stone like modernist sculpture
In wrapping as though
Sir Anthony Caro
Atop piles of wood rails

In the virgin white loft appartment
my mother interviews nannies
as per my upkeep
As I spill the ketchup condiment
on the carpeted floor

Portchester; Greenwhich Portchester rye
Rye Larchmont Harrison Ford

A pop out of satellite dishes
A restaurant facade of burnt tangerine
Gauva a box of open and abandoned donuts

At the window of the Ecuadorian eateria
The Ecuadorian flag blue and white with a golden sash
Come hell or highwater national crisis
And see it replace by old glory red white and blue in a flash

She meets the morning in cinnamon
Now she wants to leave this place
Why can’t you just leave a good thing you have going alone

Portchester rye greenwhich stamford
Purchase rybrook larchmont Mamoreneck
Harrison Ford

Upside down spiderman
A lawn mower army
An Old King cole Figurine
Florist of stone anamilia grown out with flora
Ivy draping ice cream brickface

A chrome and yellow matte replica
Of Jaques Cousteau’s flagship the Calypso
In the window of the Ecuadorian eateria
A potrait of a soccer team the goalie
Supple thick gloves on hand teamates to his sides
Capacity crowd in the stadium behind

This tiny poem
Leaves imagination’s port
Fragrant wind curtails not
An engine outboard
The watery crease
The path on
To a tender night
Passing docks in
this negligible wharf
before down to the sound
beneath the interstate overpass
going east; west, south, north
Here thru both Conneticut and New York
And who would think to spy a crew
In a fenced in enclosure
Tending to the days catch
The captain an immigrant and a salty dog
Naked unborn mall
It is in moments such as these
That history stands still
And then takes us where it will
Yellow uric black area
Where an edifice once was
Creeping green lines
turning into autumn’s fire vines

Another painting at the antiques store
This time naif
A coach bearing a coat of arms arrives at an inn
As if on Boston Post Road
Red waistcoated driver pulling the carriage
Towards the open gate for coach park
A small dog chases the man opening the entry
To the enclosure the canine making tracks
As previous routings of other animals or vehicles have as well
The wheels of the coach in swift rotation
the innkeeper Greeting with a wave the arriving passengers
From his posistion at the door of the long stone house
The window at the top of the bisected come apart door

Tractor Tarailers straight edge
Flanked back attached at the loading dock;
The loading dock of the paper goods distributor

At the first and then the second
Office in Elmsford, New York
Which my mother with
her business partner Don Has shared;
she has sat around a conference table
with teachers; assistant principals, and principals proper
readying for retirement
selling them tax deffered annuities;
T.D.A ‘S
Or putting the monies into growth funds

A whole conversation once centerd upon
“False prophets” ; cheifly Nostadamus
in an establishment mostly catering to decorators
an antiques store
a whole conversation once centered upon
color field rings in a canvas
which turned out to obscure their underpainting
and the potrait; the bas relief of George Washington found
on a quarter
and a whole conversation ensued upon the fact that talk show host
Gary Null has a ghost writer who I know compose each of his books
at least this ghost writer I know has worked on some of his books

Even as a man reaches his limits………..
He hungers for words

The new mall more towards finished
Cranes sweep around like giraffe necks without bodies
The hill retains gradient minus content
The bicylce riding policeman in a yellow and black jacket
Lounges harborside taking coffee in a corner of this poem
Canadian geese take flight like an archers arrows churning waters in
Their departures wake

A new paint job for the car maitenance garage
Edifice white- trimming and steeple cherry red

Advertising placard change at the train station
Trash bag ravine
Creeping green vines
Turning into autumn’s fire lines

A double car tractor trailer
Slamming into the train bridge so
The white crumbling metal as the cam into the support post goes
Black night and police siren lights
Smack em ups while on the phone
Oh no what’s up phone call we do not interupt

Once on breaking the stoneware rinse cup
For the bathroom I went to the megamall
To the bed, bath, and Beyond
To find the same item to replace it in kind

The childrens furniture store closes
So does the Asian Fusion restaurant
At the train station a new set of stairs
Once wet newly hardened cement

I try to make this cold corporate impersonal place
My home
I try to make this cold corporate impersonal place
to make this cold corporate impersonal place
my poem

At the art museum with their staff in a coma
Walk up and into the unoccupied space
There one guard hunkered against the staircase
Walking from one end of room to the other
Suddenly this behemoth will ambush you
As if in you spare time you were or are planning on staging an art hiest
Like cubist statuary he and his wardrobe come apart
In backlash and asymetry -as if the Tasmanian Devil that wasn’t was
In his trying to cover all square footage in following a single viewers path
The gargantuan suddenly materializes like an uneeded swat team gone solo
Unaccustomed in abandon
Accustomed to abandon
Rapidly disheveling the Tasmanian devil that wasn’t was
putting back together what has come apart
inward twisting with back spasm
coming going charging hunkering
the tasmanian devil that wasn’t was
gargantuan materialazation like an uneeded swat team gone solo
whiplash backlash cubist statuary comes apart
coming and going back and forth

Ripe orange berries on the fan vines of fall
A starfish moonshine sun shines out from a
Sandbar in a physcic’s window
A sailboat on the publisher’s window ledge

Local high school wrestlers in the 25 cent weekly paper-the Item
In wrestling bodysuits like shiny new red bikes
Or candy apples
, they take down they grapple
but mostly by opponents they get taken down
In brute headgear and with applied force
A young man pivoting sideways his body like a leaning tower
Arms in a lock just above his rival’s waist
Pulling the other boy trying to bring the other boy down
Teenage boy Wrestlers are out for the “takedown”

Neon orange berries in fall
Neon orange berries in winter

Hockey shin gaurds my armor
A lacrosse helmet with a face brace
A new ski bib to protect my sheath

The salvation army new arrivals bin loaded up
The cuttings; the stumps of cleared away wild growth
On the hilled side of the train tracks
Shot through the town cross cut
An artery a pulmonary
The corner childrens’ furniture store
After thirty five years cleared out- cleared out after thirty five years
“Thanks Portchester”
The ski bib I have
Is Austrian with knees padded
Leggings ribbed
So now that I know there is a cheap new one waiting for me
So I can pull tight the suspenders and rub up against down
And come again and again like a fountain
So I go to the bank machine to pull out money
Given to me by my mother as economic relief
The Bank of New York
With the carved pendant of Mercury on its portico
Like Lily Hatchett’s Ceasar atop
The Atlantic City version of the Las Veagas Palace
And its’ parking lot

Here I think that I drop my lisence
After the card of Dennis Oppenheim’s girlfreind
Think of filing a police report
go to the salvation army which is closed
then there is this buff african American gentleman
in a leather blazer and pants
driving a green S.U.V
who was on line behind me
and when I return to the A.T.M
He returns and directs me to the precinct
Whose location was in the back of my mind
Here I get to see a showcase of some of their recent arrests
Tell the officer at the desk the about the epic poem about Portchester
“Boy” he says “A lot to write about”
he says “A lot to write about”

Are the front end of cars
That is outside the auto body repair shop
They are

High tide and this poem collide

A full Mexican saddle on sale
Wood seat rough hide poncho for the rider
Upon the horse


Low tide and this poem collide

360ing in mud splatters
the epoxy resin epic
the cleaning solvent ready the bakery gone from window seating
to a service counter in the round

In a bad economy gourmet Belgian chocolates
On sale at the florist with the ceramic elephant
The ceramic rooster
One into another in kind

Behind plate glass
At the car rental box
Enterprising represenatives-
In long wool coats
Of the $200 kind

Sometimes seen
hosing down sedans

One guys says that “he remembers everything”
In reference to my mother renting the auto for me

Now back to the Salvation army thrift store
To purchase a riding helmet (Lexington safety goods brand)
Then back to the metal box
25 cents for The Item
the weekly newspaper covering Harrison Purchase Portchester and Rye

The backend of a building
Burrows into the tubular rolling hill
The artery the pulmonary running through the town
In the center through which runs the train

At the place strictly for “lunch”
Boys slurp soup
And Norman Rockwell prints hang
A boys down jacket behind him
I have come to have iced coffee
For at the bakery across the way
The owner has says it is ‘a seasonal item”

The island of Long Island
Stuck like a lobster
Into a wedge
Of the north American continent
Seen from the window of the seafood house
At their weekly seafood buffet
While widows not at the window
Wrap leftovers-salmon steak swordfish
Or sole stuffed with crabmeat

Warehouse behind warehouses
On top of the former factory ? warehouse?
Now mini storage with a rifle range
Birds gather
While further up into to the town
Outside the awning store
On a swipe of green land beside the bank
A canopy lettuce green with a white stripe
I once saw unfurled

A tropical toucan awning arises
Expensive picture frames in the antiques store window
Town meeting at the lifesavers
In the gym for residents only
Email in your comments or questions ahead of time
A very brief open discussion will ensue
Better then- no open discussion at all after all

Coneyz fast food
And once gleaming autos of the fifties were parked diaganolly
For a nostalgia day here in town

The left quarter of the sun

Spearmint perimeters
A childs toy ball -a throw ball of sorts
Lodged in the trellis the wood and cement colonade
Tiered- three level staggerd
in the courtyard of the life savers condominum enclave

trainstation staircase repairs
taking staircases out of their previous state of disrepair
some go straight down
some go down and around though

Mini-storage bell tower
The glassine teardrops of lights on the highway
Overpass- above the harbor runs I-95

The detached castle wall turning like a rook
As a single house or several appartments
A bronze Mother Mary with the holy infant and sometimes flowers
Placed in her lap

The pruned hedges of trees lined
along the walkway
at the corporate headquarters where is the sculpture park
Wired branches wrangled severed
In precision as if for in the open air
A streamlined grid
The frontpiece the frontspieces for hallucinations into the surrounding atmosphere
For information transfer the placid place
Headquaters blocks of knowledge to flash
As time converge surround and subside
And Across the road-
pregnant stone eggshell beehive

Shalom is in the poem
In a corner
the corner backwards up against the corporate offices
where the deft landscape design
place twin Giacomettis
above the subtle waves within grassy hills
hills in slight gradiations undulate and then rise
these twin bronzes of foot first anguish
these twin bonzes of spitfired metal applied
not quite to disturb

The post nuclear wafer
Metal Towers fissures ripped into open grids
inside cracked metal and stone
from out beyond here the sculpture garden unwinds
A sculptor’s sculptures imitate the totems of the Inuits or the Eskimos

In the salvation army thrift shop spacious storefront windows-windows storefront
Bull horns fashioned into tropical birds- the curves of the extremeties removed form the beasts
Painted cotton candy maybe champage pink the ends giving eyes the forms internal bob the way a bird does its front forward stay in place walk
Horns fashioned into tropical birds
Birds in the extremeties curves given eyes
Then horn placed upon before altogether being mounted on a platform

Shofar horseradish longhorn
Short horn long-long horn short
The long and the short of it
Longhorns on platforms

Birds beaks peak around to feed
Birds beaks protrude for grass or seed
Riding helmet to mount a steed

Glass bottle jug filled up with colored mints
Light green light blue light violet
A Charlie Chaplin “Little Tramp” figurine lamp sold
Stone bus shelter outside besides the hospital
The days of eminent domain needed to reposess
Land to build the harborside mall
(where the wait for Costco to open lingers on)
now are done are gone
the just about to close forever barber
is on vaccation
So I go to the unsex stylist ‘Ziggy”

The marange vessel the marange vase
Brown white cream like hardened candy pastry
Atop a super pie
Thin plastic branches intertwined with bulbs inside
A neat policeman cycles by
Carboard cut out castlery in the medical good and prosthetics store

Shofar horseradish
The fluted longhorn
Dyed pink in places and converted
Into birds upon another suite of horns as platforms

Slate grey
Slate blue grey
White refreshment truck
With a painting on it
Shades of tamarind of its
Owner’s Central American homeland

Still lifes to acquire a still life
So people invited guests some not so invited
Can sit around the dinner table and match the backdrop
The vases and the flowers there
Wear orange-pear orange
Or do not come

Collectors of African art
Ventured to that far continent
And meet Dr. Schwietzer
While doing philanthropical work
And bringing back art

Slate blue grey
Slate blue grey
Shades of tamarind

Slate slate slate slate
Blue blue blue grey

Blue and orange
Orange and blue
Until we are blasted off the face of the earth
In a nuclear blow from an atomic sub
Looking back through converging planes
As white unfolds backwards
Onto grass green and tamarind

Red the house holds a dark bar
Dimly lit a commercial space
In the spring summer night light- light outside
High tide and this poem collide

The willow the large weeping willow
Behind this poems early trackside appartments not my mothers
But where they left the different colored bedshees hanging out the window out
The large weeping willow in the initial blossoming fit of spring
Gushes forth in a downward shoots of innocent yellow forming a screen with many spaces between
The innoncence of yellow of course soon goes green
The willow shot yellow then the shower becomes green
Back of a building cement edged merge
Adobe taos don’t be absurd

How did we get
Did we get
How did we get
Where we are now?

with my mother aging
with a business partner
no husband alone
a sister in Stamford
then in milan then in Manhattan
and an originally unknown sister
given up many years earlier for adoption
now in New Canaan
married with children-incommunicado
a father shttling between florida and Puerto Rico
in hotels; motels, and inns
but mostly motels and inns
a father who does drop in once in a while
to upset the fragile peace of all things before returning south

How did we get
Did we get
How did we get
Did we get
Where we are now

A future gleam sketched
Into the metal trace of a glistening glimpse

Columns pillars cylinders with interior reliefs
Cut out of as if into by a surgeons knife
Knifeworks into gridworks of fracture and shape

Totems at the back of this expanse
a Nevelson unraveling
a round bear upon a rock garden slab
basking in the sun

The recesses in the walls
In the far reaches of the corporate headquarters
Offices stocked with sales charts

Recesses in the
And in the recesses of the mind

Back at the office
The one in Elmsford
With the second one being in Elmsford as well
My mother and her business partner
Axing secretary after secretary
And assistant after assistant
Each carrying with them before they are discarded
A different job description

Back at the first office

My mothers business partner
Had a painting of rolled money
Like a visage in the skies
Opening into a lion’s roar

Fredrick Remington statues reiussued
And faux Ming dynasty horses
Posters of minor symphonies

Back at the office
The first one in Elmsford
The second one in Elmsford as well
My mother and her business partner sacking sercretary after secretary
And assistant after assistant
Job description differing for convienent job description
Sacking all help
Back at the office
The first one in Elmsford
The second one in Elmsford as well

A sweep of white pink -pink white rose blosssoms
At a house on hill on a street
Overlooking the train tracks just as they come into town

A sweep of white pink-pink white rose blossoms
At a house on a hill on a street
Overlooking the train tracks just as they come into Portchester

A conquistidor and a Venus
On top of of a “Mexican-American” grocery , its’ zenith
She angles to bathe
He steps forth in half armored self assurance
Carrying his cape and in pivoting the helmeted caballero strides

The uncleansed Venus washes

Thomas J. Evans esq.
Reads the diamond shaped gold plate minature plaque
Atop the wood box
As does the engraving upon the level inside
Thomas J. Evans esq.
A level is that a prerequisite for a man titled esq?
Since when does an esquire a level require
I wish to inquire
Here in an antiques store near a trench
New puddles and fields here as the construction of the mall
And low and high tide
Low and high
And this poem collide

A heringbone cross hatch stiches ingrained in the brick
Circles within a wall field the circles recede into sinkholes
And in whirpools remerge
By potted palms with fronds dropping like decaying bananas
Circles of Herringbone cross hatch stiches ingrained in the brick
In relief a depth taken back

Now as everyting recedes
Evrything continues
My mother invites me into her place of work
My mother now having found her way to Westchester county
Her business partner the last in
A parade of unexpected paramours
He this time only possibly so
Evrything and everybody sold down the river
Put up for hock for what
Everything continues
Everything recedes
The seasons the reason
Go out as if we could remember the summer breezes
Evrything contiues
Evrybody put up for hock- and for what?

Legions of tai kwan doers
Suits of soft armor

A raw hide car seat

The large burgundy brick building
The asian fusionist restaurant now another Hispanic establisment
B.J Colorado’s
The dry cleaners space for rent
Weather beaten tailoring
Large burgundy brick building
Weather beatren tailoring

Steel gate backing
For an arched doorrway

B.J Colorado’s opens
but retains decorative elements
left over from the Asian fusionists

torsion and tension
tension and torsion
within glass vases vortexing
the tire business
with a within a double shaped box
rectangles into an l shape on a corner
across fromn the youth furniture business gone out now
become an H&R Block

A vase of colored moments
In the display window of the salvation army store
The still life against the exposed wall
Where The rubble strewn throughout the trench
The painting in layers paper folding in an attempt at trompe l’oeil
the ramparts by the fire house
The classic Mercedes roadster in the parking lot
Of the trackside company in the semi cylindrical shed/work-house
Triangular shapes emptying out

Red Mercedes roadster
Early morning gangsta-
Driving to a driving disco beat
Early morning gangsta man who could be a gangsta
Rockin to a retro disco beat
In the heavy
Soon to be super humid air
Passing walking by the red classic mercedes roadster
With tommasso a rossellini who once drank marilyn a merlot

A field of robin’s breasts
Like cantaloupe
A half crescent
Lined with buildings taller
Then in actual portchester
Portchester real
“Yes Portchester is a nice town”
says the male voice
as the scenes is now of a hillside trees felled
a field of robin’s breasts

Late summer blossoms
Ice cream container metal gleam
The small company which makes ice cream in the shadow
Of the car park
Mercedes roadster
Past on foot by Tommasso and I
Tommasso cannot drive
But I imagine him in racing leathers nevertheless
And His grandmother was the first female race car driver for Ferrari

We passed an early morning gangsta type
Driving through a disco ball of vaporous nostalgia
We passed an early morning gangsta
Driving to the driving disco beat
Past an early morning gangsta
Past he was by Tommasso and I

Glass box at the corner
White and glass
The ramparts beside the firehouse
And then across the corporate office building
White and glass
Across from the ramparts by the fire house
Red and the turrets of its tower verdigris across
From the corporate office building
Glass box and white

Slacks gone
Long lost in the added onto dimension
Of the out of business dry cleaner
Lost slacks
It slipped the mind of the antiques store owner even

The coordinated colors
The coordinated colors
Of the paint store
in enamel
fire vines
fi fi fiery vines
creepy green lines
turning into autumns’s fiery vines
the palette extended metal chrome and chroma
the many many colrs painted by richter
the many many colors there are
some of which have been painted playing themselves by
gerhard richter
the chrome and the chroma
having a hard time playing yourself
the chrome and the chroma


Classic autos line the main street
On a day reserved for the event
A convertable
Sky blue white
Blue chrome with white stripes
Teaspoon coke spoon
Square made up of the color white
Brick candy paste
Cream skin cream
Chickpea cream

late night junk food snack house
fencing jacket I am wearing now
large rubber padding at the elbows
Leather top breast area
Elbow in your face during sex
New wizard in porcelin with a wife
The wizard is seated in a lotus posistion
What appears at first to be from the rennaissance maybe victorian
Ask her the antiques dealer
Tell her to see the Victorian nude show
Crystal candle holders
She wanted to move out to vermont
Which is where the chromatically explosuive painter from the nouveau riche woods’
Wife is nowadays
Where sometimes the chromatically explosive painter from the nouveau riche woods is with his wife nowadays

I am a soldier
Give them a cold shoulder
Write it and sit still
Still sit and bullshit
And kill it before it kills you
And stand still
And don’t kill
But still thrill and the thrill
Is not so imbecile
Fencing jacket and lacrosse face mask
And ski bib with knee ribbing
And riding helmet and shin gaurds and vaurnet jacket and hunting jacket and armor and more armor
And sit still thank god you have your blonde boyfreind
And sit still and write

Fresh raw
People and their shopping carts
Big pies
Double escalators of the anonymous rise
The super pies
The single escalator on the anonymous rise

The wigged out rocky crag
The plush roadside kill
The independent optometrist
“Product best consumed same day it is tapped”
a red canoe atop a sports utility vehicle outside
the diaganol people movers on the incline
Christmas on display again
volumetric golf clubs

Forest of truncated rust beams
Gas sation detailing erasure

Out here the bitches run this operation

In the loft space where I write this poem
A Corner crevice of a family defunct
A corner crevice this poet? So loves
I imagine it opens up to another level
Which opens up to another level
Which opens up to another level
And so on and so on and so on
Glass and and another level and on and on
An infinite terrarium for and of this work which will never conclude

The tower fronting the mini storage
Squares within a column that which is basically a column
Of interior removes of open air well space
The poster being for the operation being a smiling dog
White on a blue field
The perfect lap poochie

A silver birch arms its way into the ground
A cupid on steps in the darkness
The boy arrow not in hand
But at his side
The bend of the bow
Goes with the curve of the frame
walking into an antique store in the glare
The dealer eating lunch whom I cannot see
As if in a movie about recently being blinded
The rise of some brickwork
Like a centurion’s helmet
A new spanish resatraunt in a colonial style building of carnation yellow siding
A green creased leaf chair
A chairs backing green creased leaf
At gretchen’s loft
Gretchen is fetchin about the failing economy
And all the sales lost

Kingdom come in the atrium the royal well of the mini storage
Paint on metal weathered cracking shedding
A metal ball fixtures repainted age again

Complaints on cable television
Or that is in a cable televison broadcast of a town meeting
‘where a man complains about litter around newspaper boxes
the council members look like now c’mon

across from me he sat
out-bound to grand central station
wearing a grey wool sweater vest and wedgewood blue shirt
he jostled several times
avoiding my look
eventually he was headlong into his palm pilot
the seats cordovan blue cordovan squared
later putting on his green jacket
he got off the metro north
train at 125th street
and I only at the final stop still chaired

Brookside trench overlook
Unexpected in an unusual traffic
shopping plaza
of conveinence and missed accidents
traffic island in spring
“welcome to Conneticut”
‘Village of Byram Shopping District”
vehicles tarry
new neon clearance road signs blinking’
like the motorcyclists’ on jacket
the rider and his turn arrow
who were right there before us
drivng ahead of us
in Rockefeller center
before making a right turn onto sixth avenue last year

carnation yellow pollo alla brisa
the innards of the fire house burnt burgundy
green roof tiered sloping

A flurry of pink petals
Floods the sidewalk
Befor the “liquor pantry”
Seecond truck show room vehicle display
Yellow and blue solid block auto glass
Fire escape corner nook
Of a fire escape with the grand descent of a birthday cake
vibrant colored houses climb the hill

Noise collision dental traffic jam
Elliptical window paint pealing
Neon coffee sign under the train trellis
Straight ahead train honk fire siren
Neon collision dental traffic jam
Elliptical window paint pealing
Neon coffee sign under the train trellis
Mental dental straight ahead around the curb
Fire siren straight ahead elliptical window pop paint pealing neon coffee sign
Fire siren train horn

On the phone with Deborah
Holding the hand held cordless one by the thick wall
Second tier of the loft overlook
She says “you have incalculable Plath”
“Why ?” I ask
I would think you would get off the phone now she says
Why? I ask
when someone feels another state coming on
They usually go to sleep she says
It is probably that they know that you are going to die

By pinkish rust brown metal partitions fencing of
The Portchester train station for the trip back to New York waiting
Pay phones newspaper boxes
The new ticket machines
Use or pay a new penalty for buying your ticket on the train
Except on days and at hours that the office is closed

The new blue awning atm overhang
With an overhead light
Still on as a summer’s day dawns
A new barbershop

Streetlight shadow
A crossbeam traveling backwards in a shadow cast by the sun
North to south
Leaning back
It is a streelight tube
Concurrent to the court jesters’ quartet of bulbs
Lights in a fixture
Here where the middle atlantic turns
Into New England
A diner scans the morning paper
On a diaganol from this pen
Behind the back of this poet
A decal flips flap jacks
Sizzles an egg sunny side up
On a grill
The blinds close

As street signs have leaned into the wind
In just the place here New York winds into Conneticut
And the Middle Atlantic into New England
Where the clockwork of the continent
Before coming back over south’
Then perhaps going east
After a momentary pause
Here behind the head of this poet
Over his shoulder by way of the strawberry and banana upholstered backboard
Of the seating for the bakery slash café he is now in
The glass windows of the corner turning operation
Run by the former music industry publicist
Whom with her husband lives in the lifesavers building

Maybe the last place on earth or at least the east coast without a starbucks

When arriving here behind thick white walls here
Such as stone cottage cheese
The ear so well gaurded off time from manhattan
For three days straight once of silence of refrain from further noise
The pain absorbed by padding by sheathing by the bulwark
Of a strong building a sturdy place of to compose
And recuperate
These days end
The circle moves on
The broken perplexagon
The corner study
The place of will and will be done
Will be done

Portchester for the first three day there
I would turn on the classic music radio station write on the computer
Stare at the cottage cheese walls
And thank god for the cessation in noise
Until finally a tractor trailer would hit railroad trellis
Slam in and crunch

The railroad trellis red brown- brown -brown
In the rain patches go dark brown with moss
Growing out
The beautiful blonde boy love in the blue trenchcoat
Gets his loan and departs from the point
Where the street signs blew in gale winds
Where New England arrives like clockwork out of the middle atlantic
The railroad treliss red brown brown
In the rain gone dark brown in patches
With moss growing out

Courtyard by Marriot
Motel enclave
Sealed off from family
A square of the highway
Snow clad gazebo
Indoor swimming pool structure accessed by hallway

A Food giant’s headquaters moved and moved
and removed and moved and removed from
again and again
the original structure revamped fronted by color coded entries
bright muted and blending
rust tan brick against yellow and green
entries cut into sculptural architectural towers
the green like a sectioned out celery stalk

Master Card’s palace
A figure in grey recedes further into the deep parking lot
Wrong way on the loop
Teneder melancholia an art duo’s instillation and film about moths
(but so much more than moths)
so many other months besides Jume
bu this is June
Vast pastorals for the eye to behold

The black and chrome rock club Radillac
Goes mustard yellow and hispac
“La Hacienda’
crowds file into fantasy world
white ladders scaling the ice cream cake

Rust colored diamond window frames
On the white façade of the cerveza establishment
Patrons mostly latin American men Lingering or loitering
On sometimes humid summer evenings

the poet returns to gear up
Snowmobile suit crotch riding
Padded fabric insulation release
Release on the two day order form
From whatever is deathly
Except death itself

Padded fabric insulation release clam chowder

Gone is the polish woman’s cavernous antique store
Here comes a design store in its place with long sculpted portraits of African tribesman
Described as being Giacometti like one would immediatley you think maybe giacomeeti was africanesque before this himself but maybe not and maybe the comparison here to Giacometti is just patently absurd

Strorefront window area space occupied by piled up chairs sometimes upside down and backwards

The L shaped auto glass or was it car insurance store becomes a branch of the rent-a-car service
With the one one for some two way for others mirrored glass in and out and in and out
Green the trim of the window framing is now before there was red and yellow
All this is not to be confused with the lawn mower and other outdoor appliances and machines next door
Clearances clearances after year of tractor trailers colliding with the trellis containers can minus air pressure flattened bashed in then rendered immovable until road service surgery ensues clearance signs put up blinking arrows bright yellow markers clearance signs put up

A neon sign of a bundle of balloons arrives in this poem
The tan Spanish style almost a mini mansion a large home cleared out by tractor
To leave a later tract of to be improved upon land
The drive around eatery and convience plaza created on a turnaround turn onto has cars pull up into slots in the almost late night early morning on summer eves people fetch beer for each other enjoy or try to bum a cigarette jangle change get quarters talk inside parked cars
Buildings are lower from a point on the the train though they start out almost equal
Part two and three of the category killer shopping area goes up
One hulk yellow in material siding not yet covered by the architectural finish its final facades not yet in place “One more barbershop” goes in not the one just about to close forever which closed forever already

Silk smoking jacket
Chinese silk smoking jacket
Perfect for watching a film about moths
But so much more than moths
If this summer never got that far
That would be absurd
What would be absurd?
In center summer Purposely producing a film about a Chinese silk smoking jacket
And moths
Customers like moths entering the fantasy loungue
Drawn by entertainment
The brutesque made gentle by summertime
By summertime made
Moths drawn to the loungue
Or patrons to the fantasy like moths to the zapper
Patrons to the flame
Moths to the zapper

The man with the red apron
Centerpiece in the thrift store of the red shield save a soul save a life agency
Carts and bins come in with items
To be priced or ticketed
The elevator only works by down button
Gilbert the black man with in the brown khakis the white shirt and of course the red apron
Works in tandem with the white grey haired white woman
Who worked for this concern the salvation army for many years and in her retirement has returned

Shadows under the train bridge
The learn to drive agency
The block to the lifesavers factory courtesy of the train bridge further down
Drive by through portchester to byram nighttime braintime and here the audiotrack go
Just like central park and prospect park in brooklyn and rock creek park in Washington dc
Designed by calvert vaux and frederick law olmstead the byram expanse just imagine sledding the drive down to the sound
Here is this park driveby it in the dark
And just off to the left is the turn off right back onto interstate I-95
Follow the road round continue and it takes you to the bread factory with the outlet store
Why didn’t I think to go there to investigate bread hold on hold on now

Within the yellow surround of the house- the white cube
The yellow surround of the house- – at the back the white cube
The yellow surround of the house- at the back the white cube with windows

Just another barbershop
Just another laundry
And is just another barbershop or just another laundry

Brickwork exposed
A circle around masonry work revealed
Patchy surface erasure
Brickwork exposed
A particle blast of wind-swept snow
green and white checked gingham curtains
Brought towards a close
So as to view
A particle blast of wind-swept snow
Going fast past
This early to rise well done fairly new Spanish eatery
Where day laborers and contractors lounge
At table seating and a counter circle around a column

A small suit of armor
A small statue of a pig as a chef

When first she lived in the building the train came down around and right by
Now that she has moved up and around the train can only been seen and heard from
An angle afar

Gilbert maroon is your color
Nettie gets by one day at a time
I buy a racing suit and now am a contortionist
Green topped Mustard colored hydrant
Emerges from the snows

The rock climbing wall is not parallel its down
Its not only down it as if its half tubular
Who said there were no forms of amusements
Who said taxidermy was the only form of fun going on around here
What about family day at the salvation army
Where for just about eighteen dollars you can have a stuffed shrek and Fiona
The rock climbing wall is not parallel its down
And not only is it down its what I have been waiting with glee to say its on the flat-bed of a truck

Sometimes I find myself waking
‘and the world changes before that time
diver bomber fighter plane
a new store opens
shrek and Fiona sit across from each other on opposing couches
a woman stands around in a charteuse green coat and golden bronze eye shadow
some parking meters just like in new york city are found not to work
all and all to tread through information politely its all you can do
back up and out of it from portchester to purchase
on the long walk of the wind tunnel towards the museum passing by is the cold unhappy blonde
died blonde that is or maybe natural in the the skirt with the blue and white stripes
looking strung out in the cold and into a building she goes
the museum is closed
the attendant was out of the collection kiosk in the parking lot
diver bomber jet fighter in the toy model in the new store in the old buildings two in the front windows
next day a glider coming into the airport or just a small plane white against evergreens and porcelin blue
winter’s sky in green now more awake the same blonde girl walks by
Phillip Johnson only designed one synagogue to atone it is saide for his support of nazism at one point
To atone for that to US Jews
It is on King street a docent tells me on the left side
So I get back in the car and drive
After all they are taking pre bar mitzvah pictures and I am inside
Just to say that they will probably get a lot of press
Are you press the lady says
There will be no press at our bar mitzvah then somebody tells her why does she not close the doors from

Now I see colonial structures playgrounds verandahs barns

The Synagogue off King street by the late Phillip Johnson
The buildings of the state university of new york at purchase by the late Edward Larabee Barnes

A many mirrored hair salon
In a wood frame house along the boulevard

Stand still road kill
The easy to speak to personel at auto body repair shop
The memorial to an accident vicitim spanning the highway divider fence

An improperly long weight to write about a weigh station

On a bright February day I walk alone in PORTCHESTER
Past the buildings which eat up the businesses which go out ot businesses
And then the buildings give birth to more businesses which go out of business too

A small container of ketchup carried off
In the beak of a scavenger bird beak nip to the lid like dogs bite to a Frisbee
Up and over to the landing pad atop a street light in a parking lot forest of just such fixtures

I walk along on a sunny day
Past buildings which eat up businesses and then there open more businesses
Which often times go out of business too

That stretch of condos could have been a Marriot
You say as you pass it on I-95 (in your late model chariot)

Mangled dangles of wire overflower
Like a strange monster stilled
All this while waiting for
The late model chariot to be fixed up
At the easy to talk auto repair body shop

Sitting next to the lawyer for the Portchester policed department at a party
He is married to the sister of the priceless princess
and they celebrate the ninety fifth birthday of the father of the siblings
here in this brownstone ampetheather per se she spotlights the boyfried with a speech by a rabbai
she wants to get under that chupah before its to late but it never too late but better sooner than later
the father as violinist and gets from the suitor who may begrudiginly are only by local at the moment fit that title a tie with said musical instrument motif he the father wears a hermes tie with a horse pattern given to him by our hostess on the occasion of her fortieth year passing welcome to forty one welcome to ninety six and to note his having ben a chevalier in the French calvary the husband of the sister the lawyer for the police department was issued an identification card by them the younger daughter checks upon daddy’s eyes after his cataract surgery supposedly the first time he has anything wrong with him in these nine and a half decades physically that is the room is filled with people from classical music cellists musical instrument conservators widows of louthiers and so on and so forth

In through a pocket in a tunnel a walkway through


The other side Greenwhich
These turns crossed in and out of like the proverbial swiss cheese

A bench in the middle of a bush
A bush in the middle of a bench
Land of the side salad
Great place to start a final argument to last forever
Place to have lunch with people who stay on their cell phones
All the way through in a tunnel a walkway through
To the other side and Greenwhich
Where money when it goes in it travels in the other direction
Evidently elsewhere

A Food giant’s headquarters moved and moved
and removed and moved and removed from
again and again
the original structure revamped fronted by color coded entries
bright muted and blending
rust tan brick against yellow and green
entries cut into sculptural architectural towers
the greenlike a sectioned out celery stalk
post modern additions color coding has its pleasant side
here is where once worked the rabbai with the crazy guy eyes
and now is my mothers become my accountant
who once lent me his talking car for a summer
which this poet drove under the swirling
under suburban saffron skies
sterling silver milkiness the tears of chilled stars
and one time venturing to Washington by canals deep into a hot summer
drinking gin with lemon seeping and in the morning a return
and waking while envisioning talking terrazzo his Porsche headed for the guardrail
in the awake of my awake he awoke
now he has pictures or his firm has pictures of grand central station rather than paintings
I visit twice a year once for ten minutes to do my
Taxes and another to at a very late date deliver a check

But again thinking of this building a cocktail party of my mind from my novel ensues
On the terrace one of two terraces or decks at my mothers condo moved from her apartment around
And to the back of the building at its highest perch black and white figures from a group of paintetrs whom
So brightly color use
in dreamtime black and white in eighties paitning story time chromatics
Except for cocktail adornments vegetasble centerpieces celery in a bloody mary you cannot see is red
A carot in a green juice these people wander in make decisions without all the information and wait and wait for it and finally think they have it this cocktail party never happens but it could have if things had gone differently easily could have but that’s neither here and definitely not there
Full shadow under a train bridge not the only train bridge
But a train bridge comes this spring which is here
Still buying ski suits full legnth in a full length work about who fully knows what

Traveling beyond the borders of this poem which have been extended but not that far
Which is not to say one may not be self-exiled from its center core while nibbling at the parameters
In a traffic island overpass through the tunnel visit to a hotel sometime convetion container
Serendiptous cell phone circuitous William Shatner telling the trekkies to go home fantasy sci-fi sort of fest festive dress up gathering take over the premises put the niche genres in select rooms
Sing a song about everything praise the starship warrior denounce the current president
‘filk’’ they call it they are shakesperean self-referential they have favorites on cue they come calling with songs about past come together back to the parameters the perimeters the Hilton rye town past they blasted rock right around from general foods oz and Westchester avenue in the Westchester woods with marked perimeters and the fantasy novelist sings a “filk” about a tranverse within the sprawling playboy era hotel where floors come together bypassing sequence as the conventioneers once trapsed through the corridors “four above and six below” so once to where once I parked during a viscious rain storm again I go up by elevator around and mirrored sometimes outside by another around and around and turning right there it is a three way hallway one flight up to the overly ornate banquet rooms but for a well to do counties political or family functions and then straight on into the seventh floor with a wheel chair ramp at one point and several slight diaganols

Grey awning new restaurant barbeque in the former asain fusion place
Homes with boat sheds on the sound perfect for me wetsuit boys and the star of
”Crimemaster” the barn or remnants of seen from the far back window of the college art museum
Further up the larabee barnes continous compound a window or series of tall window panes which come forth straight and the wind around like the geographical clockwork of vicinities we spoke of early in this work

A red garbage truck opens up
Like a rose bud

Hospital to close
Is the hospital now closed?
The hospital closes
Has the hospital yet closed?

The back of a red garbage truck opens
As if a rose bud

Dunkin Donuts scrunched in
Who design their parking lots
A diners glass slant
And in it reflected a later model Mercedes sedan

Here were once the beautiful blonde boy ate a well deserved full meal
After swimming late night in a beautiful hole on a suburban lawn
A swimming pool at artist who was desperate for his attention’s home
He wore above his swimming suit tennis linens
He saw a motorcycle and a side car
He saw a rushing river where it might be opportunity to copulate
He ate a well deserved full meal
After swimming late night in a beautiful hole on a suburban lawn

Now I walk the perimeters survey the parameters
Of where once I sought refuge and comfort
I go size scale forward forth in shadow and converge into concrete train station infrastructure cottage cheese

Early morning mania break a computer loose an id an idea an id an idea
And its back to basics or twice around more force more speed
Get your haircut buy white shirts for work
Purchase your airline ticket to see white horses in Vienna online
In the small Danish modern library branch in Byram
Loose your phone
Don’t know where it is form one moment to the next
There are loud kids at the terminals
Could have lost it here could have lost
It there

Go to get your haircut
Go to a new place Angela’s and Jorges’
There is one effeminate hair stylist who comes out
And he has the outlines of sideburns just little markings shapes the suggestions of
Then out comes a cuter version with long hair and a pretty butt
Which one is Jorge of course the one who deserves the name
He has the makings of sideburns as well

A male angel with large feathery black wings
On angela and Jorge’s business card
on Jorge and Angela’s business card
two hairdressers with the smatterings the purposeful outlines of side burns
back to the salvation army for a new masturbation costume
The hairdressers examine and or mold a new chest moldings with bulges for breasts
The good looking dude in the parking lot control box
A single orange blossom by the big tree
Where the egg dome the humpty dumpty pregnant in brick wall rests

The silver shining platinum creamy
office complex
single box
sided by cherry plum blossoms
in springtime’s off again on again spectacle of driveby tableaux

A malted pink barn structure
We have talked of as it was another color before

In the Protean dream of the laundry mat it had brick wall
Which it turned out belong to the hardware store
And instead the change repository had vinyl siding inside
And across was the herringbone cross hatch
In cream of wheat brick
Meanwhile in the lobby of the good old lifesavers landmark
Facing backward towards full circle reception
And forwards towards the candy disc cul-de-sac
A new seating area replaced the old
Lie a trend in the bend mirror couched seatin
It was once mint green right through now here is this little
Bit of a boutique hotel and now the bbq place opened up
And the tribal handle are still on the door from the tme it was a South African steakhouse
After which it was asian fusion now a plae to have a bloody mary and an onion loaf skipping the ribs
The south African steak house and the asian fusion restaurant which it was before

Wedgewood blue building housing the lockstore
A key logo

You have got to hand it to the hand the cellphone display at hand is a hand

So where do all the south Africans in the area hang out now?

Of course you need the two cents
If you lost two cents on every item you would go out of business
You are a 99 cents store

Everybody is moving a few blocks down in a few cases because of poison

Santeria storefront
Leopard skin
In place of the lion which you did not buy?-
Not exactly, the exotic has shrinked
Dali’s version of St. Anthony meets the flea market
Menagerie style candles over taxidermy
Could go over to “The Great American Stitch”
Which around the corner and is no in the same building where was its former self

Just down the stairs
From the great train platform walkway
The white neon coffee cup in the window waits
Going down into its volume
Speaks volumes
Up and around

Just down the stairs
From the great train platform walkway
The white neon coffee cup in the window awaits

Come summer and like a moth drawn back to the fantasy bar
Two sombreros some sequined clothes
A couple of guitars and a donkey
Drawn like a moth in summer back to the fantasy bar

A series of window panels come around
Like a film loop going towards a polygonal
On the long walk of the state university campus
Which according to all accounts the architect based on a prison

Shrubs go off like symphonies of bloom on the lawns of Portchester homes
Homes lining the avenue into town lined in colorful siding
Shrubs go off in symphonies of color
Scoring fireworks as they blossom

Blue and pink- pink and blue townhouse condominiums
White and black appartment rows
A yellow and green Victorian

Down by the long parking lot
Sandwhiched between the train platform fortress and the businesses on main street
Is a mint green structure sided by white blossoms
Lawn shrubs go off in stages of blossom
As the weeks of spring and summer go on
On the lawns of Portchester homes

A blue house with red trim
A red with white trim
A white house with red trim

On a spring day a drive off into nowhere leads nowhere
From this once coastal port to that leads nowhere disappears recedes

I’m no sponge
I take the playland plunge
Around the snaking flume
above overgrowth
Sound-side around to lakeside
Down the chute into a wall of water- vroom!

Mold comes from inside of the mechanical room
into the walls of the loft appartment with two terraces
good looking people leave the lobby

Out at Rye straw boaters and the derby ride
Cruisning out into nowhere
Launches like in xomlicho

Gilbert at the salvation army store keeps repeating the same scenario
Like he’s in perpetual rehab
Nettie goes by on a razor scooter
As assuredly did an inebriated Raul Zmudio

Automobile inspection day came by and went
Darting as I did between the bagel caterers where on line have been innumerable marcis
To the indoor piazza at the d’agostino
By the sushi bar where dining patrons one sort of scruffy
Said they did not want to be around the cellphone because it causes cancer while really they wanted supermarket peace and quiet which is not quite not gauranteed at every surburban a la carte bazaar

Supermarket peace and quiet was what they really wanted
Decals of vegetables on the front façade
Brightly colored like “fruit of the loom”

The Oprah choice for her newly reopened book club is flying off the shelves
At the bookstore- it s about rehab and the sequel is about what happens to the characters after they get out of rehab

The black bear
A rusting metal fish

George Bush was from Greenwhich
Barbara Bush was from Rye
But they didn’t honeymoon in Portchester
How in all this time you didn’t
come to write about someplace more favorable
a whole lot of Porsches in the Numme autobody shop garage
a whole lot of Porsches in the Numme autobody shop’s garages

Salad island
traffic island
traffic salad island
traffic at the salad island
no traffic at the new shoe warehouse
no traffic at the new discount shoe warehouse

A whole new vantage
and while trying to switch cities
going a town over to Greenwhich
to go to a restaurant/patisserie
named after a palace
it behooved you to go back and close the door
and go back to where it was you were from again
behooved you to turnaround and go back to Starbucks’
after buying a single stamp at a vainly named newsstand
and write out a check for your rent
then walking over to the local post office
the main post office in town
a curved structure imitative of another palace Le Petit Trianon
hohnkkkkk came the honk as you didn’t wait for the directive of the crossing guard
as to be allowed to cross the street
beeped down by an aged driver
who shouted out “illegal”…. “illegal”
so you walked over and placed your envelope in the wrong box
the one marked express
traffic island
traffic salad island
traffic at the salad island

A new vantage
a new vantage
what do you do when your main character is an elvated parkingstructure
gaze over at the nineteenth century firehouse
which seemed gallant but which is but dilapidated
some gaelic configuration and 1880 in fired red brick
new geometries are inevitable
one gothic building you had not noticed before
new wall run their course
new walls outlining old houses
a new vantage
a new vantage
a new vantage of course

A straight drive through the illusion of turned around nowhere

Here the telling of the Icarian tale of a young man begins
A boy who flew a plane from conneticut south
on an unapproved over Westchester route
as off of 287 the shape of the building with the turn of the steering wheel curves
for the young man who stole the Cessna on a drunken joy ride life behind bars began
when he was arrested
and continues now
as he has been indicted by no less than Pirro
Jeanne Pirro
this as no some kids who stole
a car these boys thi skid and his passengers broke into an airport
and took off inebriated in a plane as if to paraphrase the district attorney
from Danbury, Conneticut to the Westchester county airport jst outside of white plains
and after beingapprehended he was rrigned in Rye Brook in Rye Brook he was arrainged

Per Voi “Pasta for you”
Pasta for you “Per Voi”
here long into a building
where much of the art pertains to Frank Sinatra
Pasta Fagioli
lunch in an Italian market place setting
the invite spelled out in deep green per voi for you
Per Voi “Pasta for You”

Back through the window at the movieplex
red, blue, brown gold
inside at the filmplex
the spotlight searchlights the bright lights
frozen into time and everywhere
back through the window and through to the movieplex
from the small French theme mansions
In the hills as the town rises out nicely
and where in the surround are little pieces
of old town or small city Germany and Spain
which have previously played a role in dreams this poet has had
which announced themselves to be about New Jersey

back here trying not to notice blonde boys from Rye
as if others from a prep academy
no perp academy
or just a cop
at the top of the escalator is a large snack bar
one in aseries of snack bars a lot of which curve a lot
here at the movieplex here to see Shopgirl
at this new waterside mall
this new place to shop
this new place to shop with a supermarket built in
called stop and shop

Back in Greenwhich The Bruce,
a museum which carved itself a space out of a hill
dime a dozen docents some call it out from cue cards formerly know as wall text
the American Impressionists some of them were form or painted someplace around here
they call this show — ——- ———– and work
whose what work
who’s working
what’s working
the museum certainly labored itself to carve itself free from the hill
the quarrymen certainly labored in Carrara to make the marble available to the likes of Micheangelo
though Singer Seargent may have painted his canvas of the place easily
we are note so seduced anymore though we can be
forgetting presumption and presumption beyond presumption
we were already here
we were always here
we will be here again
if only to see Childe Hassam’s Val de grace
I want to know where I am – at all times
you are there are here where the museum made itself part of a hill

Turning the steering wheel into a buidings corporate title logo announcement
electric blue
the markersfor bus stops for drivers ahead electric blue
in some places electric eel blue too

here as the town changes
as the villages around
and as the weather stays warmer
longer into the season
the areas older entrenched families come out

three stores had to be evacuated
“poison” skull and bone posters
are now posted there
are posted twice, are sometimes posted thrice
two establishments moved down the street
and one across

A corner nook
which before was just a parking lot
behind an office complex which gleamed in white with windows of black
is made newly a parcel by this new waterside mall
with the turnaround parking lots
light hits the backs of cars
on a golden fall day
in this fall of 2005 which is forever warm

counting backwards in final savasna
down from four five or six hundred
six five four hundred without the third digit put
until hitting the zero- the numbers
go down like the numbers go up on the old clockworks meter gas pumps
at the traffic island Exxon the Exxon on a traffic island
on the stateline which has not upgraded their technology to meet the times

Choosing a new café
and staring ito the morning refracted the table
a grand opening banner
birds flying off and across
like mica chips I see it in the faux finish
all of that which is refracted in the table from outside and the sky

brambles in the branches
power lines drooping down into the trees
a turned around Thanksgiving
a homeless man? homeless
on a bench at the forefront
of a closed super-store super market
next to the firewood? selling Christmas trees?
no “just waiting for a free meal at Don Bosco”

S. John Bosco (1815-1888) founded the Salesian society

St. John Bosco
sometimes known as Don Bosco
a statue of he before the church of the holy rosary
st John bosco patron saint of boys and editors
editors and boys you are here
and from here the Don Bosco facility
is just down the street

A golden warmth comes over me
a golden warmth comes on over one
in the bank building in the center of town , “The Town Center”
now a Peruvian restaurant
driving forty five minutes for fish soup
how unlike me?
Pariula (crab scallops, mussels,and shrimp in a spicy broth)- a corn tamale- and a rum and coke with lime
in the golden light of the interior of the fromer bank
some employees live in an apartment behind the shutters in the loft space fronted by a mural about colonization
of which we will here about later a maybe some tales about a kindly maitre d who waddles

An all you can eat buffet
where there is noting to eat
the nothing to eat buffet
a nothing to eat buffet

A crooked garage door moves like a wobbling clock
A brick building with a raised brick perimeter
and within the perimeter a dirt moat
staring at things for a long time
as one changes ones view of things
the view changes as well
the life of an impostor
an impostor within a life
pollo all brisa
in the carnation yellow colored building
when your looking at the bottoms of buildings differently
successive right angles forefront
in a darker green then turtle green than grey
the motorcyclist all geared up a radio shack offered toy
Chinese ornaments in a Peruvian eating establishment

the movie theater atop
the parking lot turnaround
the t-cell count down turnabout
the t-mobile authorized service representative
paradise spelled out in lavendar
the movie theater atop
the turnrounded parking lot

Driving in the pass through
the pass through the structure of the malls on either side parking lots
the stores forwards to the backwards
a new chapter for an old subject
“Bread and Surfaces”
closed windows concrete
Abrasive; yet, plush
a town center with no fenestration
suggesting an airy past
a voice comes on through the simulation
“you cannot redo the same subject again
there is nothing new here’
but down the split in the middle
the day dream remains
a giant spider through its angualar appendages rises
and becomes a sports facility
tarantula stadium
where the original ideas still play

a highway goes through the voice in the simulations mouth
then the tongue emerging goes forth with the walkway from the movie theater
where the head hangs like a hologram over the building
which are turnarounded backwards towards the parking lots
which crosscut the low skyline right where run power lines
bisecting views
the head of this man of about fifty eight black silvery peppery haired is in the split down at another
time –than at the front entrance to the movie palace where the red neon signs and insiginia of spotlights play

bread and coffee places are set to open
new plazas arise by architectural accident
staircases are trodded without incident
escalators as always provide a thrilling ride

turned around from that which hs already been placed backwards
the walkway away from the overwalk center of operations of the Cineplex
is as if a driveway to and from the theaters
and from the access rod bellows appears like an elevated toungue

“Where Portchester stands today the Indian Traded with the white man”
reads the arc of text over the half mon mural lunette right ny the white shutter which lead into theapartment occupied by some workers in the interior of the bank
in the town center here in town portchester become the Peruvian restaurant
with the waddling host slash maitre d’ who is always very happy to see me
though I have finally grown tired of pihuela

Now this poem chooses a tree
sort of as a reminder
of a long haired French sister who wore a fur jacket
over her leather and over her fur jacket and her leather also a stole
here the vines thread the trunk like a wrapping so lightly
though green against bark in winter
the season growing so trenchant and thawing
but not memory seeping

What attracted me to this restaurant
to begin with was that it could fit
itself into such a small space-
Where here sitting next to me
is one of those guys of whm
you might ask
are you really a longhorn?
or did you just buy that hat after they won
so that you could say th t you were behind them all along

A high tension moment
and a sweater is gone
after go to pollo alla brisa fter missing yoga
a rum and coke follows
in the house of pihuela
then with the movie “Hostel’
as a chaser

Here comes the tough
( with the insignia for the fire department
of neighboring Harrison
on his hat)
during the preview for the movie
where two people who took the seats of two other people
or technically actually one of the people whom I was supposed
refuse to give tem up
It was a guy and his girlfriend
but h egirlfreind left earlier but never returned
then the guy left and asked me if I could save his seat
so it was gu and his girlfriend
supplanted by
a guy and his girlfeind
I told the oncoming couple that not only was the guy was definitely coming back
(he had also left something there to indicate that this was his seat as per my request)
but his girlfriend might return with him as well
so while the original duo moved the new one stayed put
sayinghtey only swathe jacket on one seat
I was not about to admit defeat
fighting with the replacement jertk
and the guy in insignia gear
and then satyed for the picture
which was the reason in the beginning that we were all there

Curio cabinet of Peruvian cultural artifiacts and replicas
white nd gold government seals
large Rambling office buildings some triangular elements built
into its architecture interior and exterior
a newbread paradise with free soda refills
to come the the ‘Waterfront Grill”
still to come ‘Waterfront Grill”

Anonymous dental clinic though the practicioner is not an anonyme
the parking enforcer working for parking enforcement
the billboard for the bread palace/s
the billboard for Verizon DSL
which you walk towards
going away form the cinema palace
in yellow and read

The cross from the church
the glass cross inlaid into the outer wall of the church
at the far end of the parking lot
which also serves as the roof of close to the train station
block of businesses
a hair salon
a furniture store
a bodega
an immigration lawyer (abagado)
and so on and so forth

All the way over here in Torino
At the Huntsman and all night drink through night english style pub
here popular with the after the opening ceremonies crowd here in Turin
in the coteries of snowboarders form the winter games of today and games not very far in the past
from Greenwhich it is one Tricia Byrnes
and this is good for this poem for it agglomerates
the movement and actions whose lives border on the work
she had done yoga -Bikram yoga
did it in Southern Conneticut
In nearby Norwalk

A black woman
in a green coat
with gold lipstick on
all lit up like Beyonce

A black woman
in a green coat
with gold as if script gold lipstick on
all lit up like beyonce

A marble bust
In the office of a law firm
now the space is for rent?

A stage set supermarket
prune, strawberry, and vanilla yougurt samples
dispensed by a woman with white hair
she says thar the fruit famous for being a staple of the elderly
was proving especially popular witih the forty to fifty age range

A marble bust mustachioed once on a placing
now on the floor
in the office of a law firm with the
golden scales of justice articulated in the front
the space now for rent

Ski sweaters often too small for this poet
the armor loving fetishist
and the parameters of the college campus
based by the architect upon a prison compound

Bed, bath, and Beyonce
seen from the beyond
beyond the beyond
a turn off of I-95
Just the “Beyond”
The “Beyond” from beyond
bed, bath, and beyond
beyond the Beyonce
abogado avocado
bed,bath, and beyonce

tuns out this poem made a mistake
where the parking lot is where the roof is
where is the cross laid into the all the inlaid glass cross
the vehicle area is further over beyond the divide
and underneath is a gift shop, a Chinese restaurant, and a hair salon
the latter of which comes right off the corner in just such an angle
to be a straight drive through

Stop & Shop
green & Red
reads the signs
the stoplights
the supermarker
into the hours
of the early overnight
down on the ground floor
of the waterfront shopping complex
with the turnarounded elevated lots
and a parking facility affiliated with metro-north

Here comes the new buffalo wings
here come the waterfront grill
here comes spring
lets celebrate it with some skill

broken streetlines
latex glove in the mouth
not a blow job
Pantera the bread specialists
Alba the Italian restaurant
with an exterior of yellow and blue

Tio the eatery in the shiny chrome box
the soccer center

A storefront drama in the window
Another storefront drama in the windows here
Nettie selling a bed which kooks like sledding, maybe
and a furniture store tryptch which for a moment looks like a David Hockney
like a work by Mr. David Hockney

Discount chew yourself out warehouse
Green and white in simulacrum
“Ice and Vending”
Hallways never ending
“Courthouse” , “By Marriot”
four square off the highway it stands
out the window a world of offshors and turnarounds
school buses and work vehicles
into onwards signs

The “Courtyard” by “Marriot”
has a large lobby are
where business people and other guests
meet and or carouse
sit around
by the fireplace
a group
whose head is an older man in a blue suit
and includes middle aged women and young guns with close shaves
spend much of the late morning and early afternoon
in an ever changing circle in the lounge one step down
from the dining area

Red shreads ripped lips
outside the library
out past the in-between
of lesser houses and car dealers
the sculpture like a front bumper
of corkscrew pasta against
the side form of the library
like pre-form in a placement
not for a replacement
where the old stone-work
greets the suburban corner
all in order like the graduates cap topping the head of Charlotte Simmons
in Tom Wolfe’s I am
a stong presence four square to the sidewalk to navigate
sat a strawberry blonde young man reading than snoozing
in a pink oxford and blue trousers

On the south west slope of a traffic go around
sits Pasquale’s the next target for dining attendance
wit darth mother
dining and entertainment
with the mogul in black licorice
dining and entertainment and attendance
on the south west slope of the traffic circle
across from a convienence store
a name brand in soft ice cream
and a farm store which also a place for sushi
on the south west slop of a circle
just above the Nissan dealership

A sculpture of a soft ice cream cone illuminate
placed on the roof of the frozen dairy outlet
on metal upturnings bracketings as if for a crowning
with the loop it is as if ready to spindle
a whee zoom fresh blast spin
of layered ripplings

Stop and Talk
at the Stop & Shop
down on the ground floor
of the waterside shopping complex
inside and out of a turned around parking lot
stop into talk
at the stop and shop
to the the young adults
manning th cash registers
after getting cash back
after getting a turkey sandwhich
stop into talk
at the stop and shop
down on the ground floor
of the waterside shopping complex
inside and out of a turned around parking lot

Another faux Tudor structure
just east of the main library in Greenwhich
Spring again the curve of the street will be flooded
again with cherry blossoms
the silver office box will be set off aginst pink
in the light of night everything is more luminous
the inside of the aqua cubi bank
the hallway of the birthday cake appartment building with escarpments
the rubiks toy type lobby overhang in the enrrgy company entryway
the bar are of the yellow house Italian eatey seemingly oak paneled
everything is more luminous more luminous as into the spring and summer
the lead into and the dream of life resumes

a silver van hugs the brick wall of another building
as it sit in the far end of the gas stations parking lot
this was supposed to a work of Richterian blur
of the sides of things such as shingles
a Victorian house yellow and green
a virgin mary lawn statue in vestaments of white inside blue
a sign for the Knights of Columbus
an aforemention stone egg shaped sculpture seemingly impregnated
was that a single orang bloosom by split wood nearby

was it a blur or a whir the ice cream cone nearby
a summer sperm swimming pool white capped swimmers
never happened auto glass bright yellow red ;
yellow and blue the car parts store
dissproportianate shelving as you passby
in the pharmacy which is named the same name
as another probably family enterprise further downtown
three planks vertical
two horizozntal
here come toots and the maytals
to the capitol
was it a blur or a whir of the ice cream cone nearby

red, and blue
in simulacrum
the restaurant inca and Gaucho’
Saddles and rope

This is a way of memory recall
memories to recall
blu pyamid atop one structure in the atm
drive-thru plaza
a toy windmill ornament
on the balcony of an apartment in a building
bypassed this time
to mae a left turn
to get further into downtown quicker for a stop at an bank machine
for the one which you went to which you never go to
was not working
and this was ntot he drive hru with the structure topped by the ribbed blue pyramid
in this stanza which earlier ws mentioned but a bank of new york one
andnow you are trying to rember if you brought a check ther to deposit
wichh you think you did not
but you had two others one which had to be returned to its issuer
because by the time that you received it was no longer valid
and so you type up a letter at a nearby library the one in Greenwhich
with the ripped lip red shread bumper outside
and there is the check whicj has to be sent off and the remnants of another
but none which is altogether

Avocados, Abogados, Cammaratos
Weather beaten pediment -brick
lopsided shelving
straight through street with another elevated train over pass within
look over and there is triangular building only
as high as the tracks
don’t ask?

Carnation Blue Carnation Green
Carnation aqua blue-green
uNduLaTINg PuMpErNickeL
brick side-wing of the church

Cement piping
hat by Breitling
a four square turn
of shapes in the come around
as the hill goes down
into the heart of the backstreets
of this in between town
Pewter cream green and white
corporate insignia makrer sign alight
shadowed by a grove of blossoms white and green
green and white
silken in the open night

A grey heron
rips across the picture plane
in flight
an egret
a grey egret
in flight tears across the picture plane
the picture plane cut in hlf
it weems by a routund tubular bronze brown bear
a brown bronze bear

a bronze bears shapes into two the picture plane

a bronze statue of a boy
is a good companion
while talking on the cell phone to Verizon
in New york
from Conneticut
A black sided office building
with a red line car pull in overhang
three silver banisters
for stairs outside
the very thin traffic island fro the bank branch car turnaround

The escaltorium
stop and plop
at the stop & shop emporium
Red dance studo
faded pstachio dry cleaners
the long office building with the glass facades
the glass building with the brick facades
with the motif of the motif
in the punch bowl of twilight both raspberry and blue rasberryt
he mind remains hungry
the behind grow hungry as well
whether in Portchester or not within the vicinity of Portchester
but in Portpchester proper
groups came out intot he streets
afert a concert at the capitol by Toots&the Maytals
people who it would seem conglomerated
would not be in evidence
they inevitably disappear
a yellow and brown dry cleaners
a snap-on-tools truck
from a company hopefully run by nearby kinky lesbians
parked at the corner hugging mobil station

the steak house you cannot into directly see
was waiting for me
the Japnese hibachi steak house into which
one cannotdirectly see was wating for me
new world samurai
techno samurai
primary colored samurai
large birthday gatherings with chanting chefs
gilbert who wore maroon gets transferred to Peekskill
the waterfront grill entered underneath the canopy just off the lobby
at the baser of the escalatorium
at the base of the Cineplex
turnarounded by cement tongue towards
the multistacked parking lots
its walls in one part of cinderblocks
the buffalo wings emporium opens
if buffalos could fly
they might land in portchesterf?
they land in portchester
with a video game based on huntingracing cars occupy the numme auto body shop
and finally I have to have my trunk work done elsewhere
never should have gone for lunch at the they grey and orange outsie
cafeteria style place for chicken and ribs inside joint
and missed the auto body guy between exits and entrances
could always go to DSW to buy more shoes
like an upper middle class well dressed afriacan American womn
in town town being manhattan
to catch the color purple

Window light on by the fence overlooking the gas station crease
long side of an apartment building
observatory dome erected atop new condo complex
Pizza place changes hands

Waiting on line to visit the mini-storage

Athena does Tuladandasana
balancing stick pose
a statue of athen does Tuladandasana
balancing stickpose
while serving as a world war two memorial in the park
tulips around Tuladandasana

rough cement patches
climb an otherwise dark brown brick
undertoned with red chimney
a formerly blue house goes grey
as does the sky on this intermittently rainy day

“Bikram Yoga is a cell phone free zone”
reads the computer print out placed on the wall
inte stuidio foyer, the elevator, and at least the men’s dressing room
of the studio
so when some one uses one in the aforementioned changining roo
a man asks the person not to and exclaims that he is a managing director of Morgan Stanley
which hs nothing to with anything anyway
but allows me later on another day to segue into soliciting investment advice
then one day I look over nd see on a name tag attached to one of his belongings
that he is from Ry e Book
and this poem covers
Portchester- Rye- Rye Brook- Greenwhich,Connetucut and beyond

now to be stepping around the campus
in the cold air punctuted by wisps of cigarette smoke
winding around stundents
now tracing light boxes in the air with components of magic
opening placements
as if out a light box admist this gloom
of colored glass panel and shaped contortion of brick within the same plan
opening placements
as if out a light box admist this gloom

“undo it”
or just “undo it”
whatever the signreads
wherever the poems ends
a white field with green letters and a red punctuation
long ago’s advertising open to the wind
just do do do do do it
undo what?
this poem?
the rain?
this place of lost love opportunities you could not make your home
“undo it”
long ago advertising to the rain
eaten up with the rough hewn bricks
rough hewn

Full metal jacket
come back after the movie and buy
the full metal jacket
from the salvation army
where the sales bunker in the middle of the store
has been moved to the side

being that I am somebody
who cannot seem to hold onto things
I often buy the same item or a variation of it twice
sometimes first at the salvation army and then online
in the case of the gold and black breitling hat thrice

auto body repair despair the trunk on your coupe comes open the lock broken
and it is time to fix the device
to go to the palace of fancy car dent respite
the guy is in he is out he is back in he is out
the sister upstairs on the phone says
and she used to be nice
so I go through the days with the tail flap tied back by rope
though could have paid through the nose at the dealer
which was not my hope
my closest belonging those in immediacy I need have to give or receive
I kept in a fancy leather mail carriers bag which was a gift from the
woman who chairs this poem in her vicinity of lost love opportunity
which I refuse to turn into grief

the young man in the fleur-de-lis gold on blue
zip front cotton fleece fabric jacket
takes advantage of the wi-fi hotspot laptop airport
at the bread palace
while the family with the nyc firefighter as the head of the house
eat and drinks nearby

drive in garage
in the long row of drive in garages
and the long row of rooms known as a motel
but from your built in garage it is back to a staircase
right in the vicinity of Miami international airport
and up the flight and into the room
once back in Portchester
before the mother of this poem
within the same complex moved
the loft where she lived
the off ice which I occupied
was up through a bunker a lifted\up living area
up a back staircase the straight through and around

Sections of houses
outlines of lights
church entrance like a mushroom
paintings of llamas
rows of gas meters
at a stack of new condos
gingerbread dwellings in the
pistachio lobby
of the landmark of candy
sections of homes
outlined in lights

the lady after the haircut
the lady after the styling
the lady having put on her cape
hands two dollars to the hair rinser
and two dollars to the stylist
she walks back and forth so much
that if she did it again she migh tbe comsidered
as a float for next years rose bowl parade
thinking of which this year there was a salute to star wars

descending the cement stairs
sided by oval hedges not quite fancy topiaries
and to go to the baythroom at the Chinese restaurant
which goes back from the street inside at an angle
one must walk past the ingredients
at the gas station a picnic table
on the moat sidewalk separating the building
from the asphalt

So involved is he
in the making and ordering and delivery of
so ivolved
is he Scott
So involved in the making and ordering and the ordering of delivery
of bread
that averts my frequent gazes

a port
of bread and surfaces
bread and surfaces
and Scott
and flying umbrellas
front and high stepping trees
by the old yellow house with the large glassed in wraparound porch
the “Portchester Margarita”
made with a green tea liqueur
made with a liquer made with green tea

I sit down at pollo brasa
and read the bilingual
soon a newly merged bank conglomerate
tkes oer the branches
heralded by a new atm
and a new blue backdrop
which becomes a tableaux behind the main glass enclosed counter
outside it’s a chill
running for mayor of portchester as a democrat is one Dennis Pilla

I take an offshoot
not a bamboo offshoot
(or a gay friendly sushi bar)
I take an offshoot
a highway exit service road slash avenue
down to an intersection
and with a turn
wind up back to where I would be anyway

One of the reasons for the undertaking of this poem
was to see how hard this poet could make it for himself to write an epic poem
which he now remembers well after reading a catalogue on an artist who does drawings in steel
to accompany paintings in the same work to see how difficult he can make it for himself
steel line drawings he calls them
to make drawing Justin Kelly he calls himself
Matthew Barney did something within the same frame of refrence called “Drawing Restraint”
with the same frame of time
One of the reasons for the undertaking of this poem
was to see how hard this poet could make it for himself to write an epic poem
Matthew Barney did something within the same frame of refrence called “Drawing Restraint”
with the same frame of time

orange Yankees hats in the grab a prize with the metal claw like a crane
prizes include yankess tickets one cutomer a boy of one of two drunk women
at the bar gets both pairs- all of the dandies the chorus line dandies in the early era of this poem
wore sports jackets of butterscotch and cinnamon
wikipedia beckons and I assume the inlaid into the sidewalk advisory steamship tickets is still ther
Hubba hubbas I’ve walked by street to street carry through one long corridor of chilli dogs
which due to my diet di not thrill me
but here I am listening to post grads talk about their degrees and from failures to summa cum something
cumm magna cum laude
I have chicken parmigan oignong rings a pepsi and hubaa hubba water of course

The hologram has landed
the holo holo holgrams
the bank of new york has become chase manhattan
new bank cards extended

“they always take the best corner in town”
says the tourist about Walgreens on the bus
well where they knocked down those buildings in the center of this vicinity
come the pharmacy store
we will watch as they build it

Greenwhich Honda
Portchester Honkers
Greenwhich Honda
and Greenwhich Honkers

Calling card palaces of Portchester
give themselves over ot other uses
though phone booth cubicles remain
the bank branch has gone blue for cfhase
amost aspervasive as the red for target and at that
-that scheme is mediated by white
the hologram has landed
previously having had cherry peppers
soak in our mouths as summer seeped in
the muscular waiter the blonde boys’ grin

The Burning Toaster
the Dragon Coaster
quick witted fantasies
not to be de-circuited
the waffle grid red hot
on toast release bazam
you say no slice
thousands of slices
formerly road kill rejuvinated
the qualities my personality previously posessed
go back do a deep back backbend
go back to do a deep backbend
come forward again put your hands under your feet
for Padangustasana
the burning toaster
the dragon coaster
get up and ride the dragon coaster once again

The Burning Toaster
The Dragon Coaster
quick witted fantasies
bread popping out of two slots in the head
not to be de-crucified
the waffle grid wiring interlocking
ideas on launch liftoff
the awning reads no slice
a whole wholesale operation offering discount loaves
skeletal animals like Dechirico’s thinly painted horses
some missing lip and gum
one must manifest regrowth from within
go back to do a deep backbend
and come back and put your hands under your feet
for the second part of pada hatasana
the burning toaster
the dragon coaster
get up and ride the dragon coaster at Rye Playland Once again

Seahorse squigglies of brick
in brick- the apartment buildings name or owner spelled out in raised
letters on a verdigris plaque “Marino”
plaque is put on teeth has to be cleaned off
and the dentist sticks a latex gloved hand and you mouth and a drill
of the rock with a you got it on the front of the firehouse a toy cannon
a canon a toy rocket a pocket rocket a pocket cannon
a crown of roses pink and white cherry vanilla all over again the bronze Madonna
it is summer when you don’t have to watch it come slowly
even the center sphere of the bread palace
purple, yellow, and green spins around
as if it were a las vegas stage
oe a private Hollywood hills sound stage
in a small intimate setting
a venue with a fireplace
a small gas station tent collapsed
the new york times now a dollar twenty five
and their out of it

Two heavyweights sit at a table at Johnny Cakes
pimentos des piquillo renellos del salmon
had at midpoint on the Portchester’s mainstreet
tapas lately people are speaking in fast done English
and sometimes raising their voice
this part of the poem extends a green arm
as if for a digital highway sign overhang
and it extends it again and again and again and again
among others blonde boys leave the movie theater
whats it like to be a head on a square in the circle
in the middle of a traffic roundabout
got to go to the new lobster house

Peeling cracked erasure
paint stripping thinner
back towards splintering wood
an awning vibrato – virbrating as if op art
pink candy pink brown beige muted peach
and interwoven into it the word “Tandoori”
“A Taste of India”
peeling cracked erasure
back towards splintering wood

I like the chase blue logo better than all that target red

A heaping plate of fried seafood
is served to the Spanish stallion
in blue jeans with the turquoise studded and buckled belt

formal Japanese gardens and free cars

Pizzeria aquarium

At the bread palace the owner appears to take control
and employees disappear from the employment roll
in the large strip mall in the large duplex strip mall
making a large L many walking to and from their cars
sometimes watch and sometimes do not where they go
at the bagel store it says on the drink locker
to come to the counter and pay for your beverages first
because you are being watched by a closed circuit security camera
and if you take them away without pay you will be prosecuted
and steal ham from the butcher and you will proscuitttocuted

The man whose luggage tag on his bag read Rye Ridge
has done bikram hatha yoga at the same location in midtown nyc
for at least as many years as I
He is a big-wig at JP Morgan as he once announced so himself
in asking someone not to talk on it in a cell-phone free zone
he who put his hand down a hole on his suburban lawn
and got bitten by hare
managing partner down?
or so he informs the teacher before yoga class
when they ask if anybody is working through anything any injuries
managing director down?

The footbridge in an outlying section of Beijing
with illuminated calligraphed lanterns astride it passage
takes the place of the small overpass from Portchester into Byram
over the inlet river from the sound
where on the bank the vacant store which is available
but wose proprietors no one can reach no one
and would be a perfect lace for a n art gallery
and a new blossoming out for this poem

Home On break
the college athlete
in the long thick brown sports overcoat
for varsity swimmers at Brown
wheres it to the movies
afte which he can be identified by proximity to the cinema
and the team roster from the internet
and his signature
head of hair which was not covered at the time by the garments; god
the long overcoat sportif
for warming almost naked swimmers poolside on the way back ot the lockeroom
and worn for bragging rights when they choose it also as their casual gear

Cops in heavy winter gear including full leather jackets coats
take the corner table by the door in the two room pizzeria Italian restaurant
the first room for informal pieces of pies calzones and such and the second for sit down

behind me, across from me, in front of me
at pollo alla briasa
a couple of couples, a foursome
two French and two probably who are jewish
male and female, and male and female
they discuss one duos the French one’s recent
trip to mainland china, Taiwan, Thailand, and hong kong
among other places
with three of the four mentioned
to which I this poet have recently been
they discuss business
and the reason for going
and than pleasure after working
and the other couple offers
that they ave some friends
who have just returned home from Argentina

Kronos Quartet Purchase College, Sold out?
the town astronomer was to set up a telescope by the main post office
to watch the lunar eclipse the last full lunar eclipse until 2010
it was too cold I missed this one in portchester got a glimpse of it with the naked eye
high up there in the sky on a large incline
in upper Manhattan
of the last full lunar eclipse until 2010
missed it in portcchester
the last lunar eclipse until 2010
hopefully I won’t miss it again there then

A Chinese back massage (qi gong)
I would not have
as it is past the hour of such enterprise
here in Portchester once my support center
and now the whole Martial arts herbal remedy acupressure
center is totally gone but wrong then it is still there

The service behind the crevice
the for sales sign on the blue-grey house
also available to a commercial tenant
and in front of the b-b-q theme joint
are plastic orange benches

In white a white sweater he walks across the street
in full spring and comes into the library to use the internet
I sit across from him , he walks from across the street in Greenwhich, Conneticut
with the window white building as a backdrop a winding white building with glass windows
which are not tinted white it is full spring and many trees are in full bloom blossom furious blossoming furiously
he has high cheekbones and full head of he who walked across the street in Greenwhich to use the internet in the library
designed by Ceasar Pelli

All the people going into the cinemas
are Loews Common denominator
this poem travels north to Cos Cob
where you should no go looking like a slob
the outlets here give off a spark
which encourages my expensive cell-phone to recharge
at the starbucks off of route one
here with there slip in area sometimes you forget to pull into park
later pulling out you cannot make a left turn out form the half-arc
but once inside sometime my eyes find a mark
one time a tutorial was being given
to a beautiful young blonde man who was both clean and smart
by a hefty unkempt man who drives a white buick
which like he might one day come apart
he decided to make small talk and engage in gossip with
the student as well as teaching
though the latter forthemostpart
he told of one girl who he said would treat
the young guy differently then she would himself
as he was a father figure type and the boy was a datable male
they studied physics
the boy talked about racing under sail
at a local yacht club
and wore a white sweatshirts with silkcreened or airbrushed skulls
this starbucks is right off a fine place to start

the satanic mechanic is was the most convenient place
to leave my car while venturing off on another foreign jaunt
does he say you need more parts than you actually need
throw away things you still need when asked by a third party to clean your car?

A blue white and red tear drop shielding congealing
nesting trucks resting
highway meridian grass

Green tea and sympathy
a green symphony
green was the symphony which was the vegetarian eatery
whose inside I would never see
but arriving as I do
to buy bicycle shorts up the escalator to the under armour temple
oh the new smell of sporting goods and the stores fitting and packagings
I miss miss it in rememberance of what could have been

Streches of downtown Greenwhich resemble
an upscale shopping arcade on a cruise ship
a long chopper is out at the front of the non-descript dealership
atop a crest by a turn in Portchester
pulling off of I-95 and out of a traffic jam
and back towards the Greenwhich library
passing a green motorcycle
equipped with a side-car
piloted by a man as if out of Road Warrior
and sitting next to my portal here at the Greenwhich library
is an Asian man in motorcycle gear
rifling through printed out internet text

Halloween Lamborghinis
A Batality check
a coat check but no valet parking at the reborn Tarry Lodge
glowing lemon yellow walls
lobster in writhing winds of flat noodles of squid ink pasta
raw tuna salad octopus with baby potatos
grapefruit sorbet wit pannacotta
dinner with Tom Orzo the tour guide the tomzo and my mother the momzo

We specialize in eating at Mexican restaurants in big house with large porches
move your big Porsche
he we are in portchester
did you purchase your Porsche in portchester
or did you purchase your Porsche in purchase
the spiritual healer made the golden sky come down from the ceiling in the loft building
on the third floor and now a forrest of champagne goblets gilded silver
are before us

what if HarrisonFord really owned a car dealership?
What if there really was a Harison Ford maybe in Harrison
New York
are maybe a Harrison Ford owned by Harrison Ford
which could invariably be located anywhere else

Book three (She has a Space in Prtchester)

she has “a space in Portchester”
Champagne rubber diving suits
in a champagne wetsuit I swim in the sea of love before me here
The Golden vortex comes down again
from the sky above
and with the light of Thailand
which this poet did not soak in enough
gold and white- white and gold
caramel flan pineapple cake filling
all the delicacies in the array of international restaurants which abound
in the surround
inca and gauchos
tamales and tacos
guacamole mo money
coconut water lottery tickets
did we win the lottery?
should not have asked to meet the puppy?

Went all the way to China
and did not see the Jade circle come around
then at the soul of Shaolin on broadway
at the marquis theater at the marriot marquis)
the worlds largest hotel until las vegas got started
the two part puzzle was put back together
in the performance when the mother reunited with the son
and the sun then battled all comers and was allowed to leave the temple
then at the greenwhich library at an opening for the artist Norman hoberman
kind of rhymes with Doberman
to go to the wine pouring staion by the customary blue cheese
and I look for the bottle to but the glasses have to be acquired and the woman so well dressed
I have to say excuse me
yes she is the wo,am who has been put in charge of pouring
and the one glass of white I will have
she is wearing after all a circular green jade necklace
or was it earings
and then I am off back to the space in Portchester
though that this was a few sessions ago now
before they took the paintings off the wall in the third floor halls
near the sacred path gold Byzantine influence layerings
portraits and impasto proto impressionist pastorals

The smiling boy liked by the waitress
sips coconut water and plays the lootery
the building speaks

Criss cross
cross hatch
mother amd son were a miss match
many immigrants camw through new york city area
even some through byram and portchester
ir so it says in a dream Italians Slovaks
but this is a tour you might not want to say Mexicans
look ahead there is a dwoned tree
watch out there is a puddle oh it is a flood it wil rise up through he car and soil your pants
where are such wood outside of Portchester
perhaps in Rye
criss cross
cross hatch
mother and son were a miss match

Now as once he man had come around the corner in Arlantic Cityand
and said you want to know a place that is really nowhere Portchester
and my friend Neil now said the Portchester didfor him what Atlantic city
does for this poet which is allows him to focus becase there are no major distractions
in the abound
his voice takes over here

Book Four Neil and others in Westchester

Mamoranck is Mamoroneck
we can call it mammary gland
we can call it the last place I saw my father alive
and to return here now for acupressure
when the stanzas grow shorter
and the work leaps from book to book and back again
as if into the future with Gary Shapiro and lunacycon
the Rye Town Hilton wouldn’t this be a good place
to have breakfast next time- though he said that it would be a great place
to have dinner
but breakfast perhaps in advance of lunacycon to prepare the plan of attack
just as mamoroneck was presaged by the america’s cup crewman from austrailia
who rode the double decker bus and said once he lived in mamoroneck
so as his watch was inscribed
his wife was also of the tribe
now you have the yachting coat
and now whats next to float our boat

The wind around wheel at the front of the facilities truck
loaded with broadband or hosing
as the sphere by Dame Barbara Hepworth has a globe within a globe
as atop a restaurant Los Remolinos right at place where the steet endand one must make a turn
as if a ferris were to be placed in the
broken pediment of an upside down chippendale highboy
and a street lamp a four pronged fixture before it towards the avenue
the car contines on course the awning store if now closed
and an old house across
and then a store for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day paints Benjamin Moore
and then looking four square at the break before we go over the bridge to service brakes
where once this poem said and again says
A new paint job for the car maitenance garage
Edifice white- trimming and steeple cherry red
and then the bar Sams
who knew such a person was coming in the form of a brother-in-law

The beautiful boy face down on the massage table
in the belly of the hive
a double staircase either side round
up to the third floor or down to the ground
toucan chatkas at the window of the 99 cent store
holding soap or cheese rounds in their open beaks
a fancy up winding lacy pattern of white upon a goblet
and behind it bride and groom figurines
then at the back of the paint store a Benjamin Moore tractor trailer
whose art upon the siding
is a long picture a blown up most probably doctored photo
of open cans of very colorful paint
a dark smoky bar the den
fuschia the color for Gabriella
the satanic mechanic plants flowers in beds
a pharmacy called “Finchs’ “
a bagel called “Spencer”
spicy river shrimp

the slanted beds of detached directional trucks
pointing sideways either ways as their weight shifts down
Portchester encircled by highways
which run a course all around it

At Nuage in Riverside French –Japanese fusion Monkfish pate is no longer on the menu
get high in the sky with double Geminiwhat do you get for the woman who triangulates
who looks good in pomegranate? who looks great in plum?
after you have had a couple of chiantis at the northern Italian restaurant named Alba
in the bar section as if at a country house on a parking lot

spin the rotary sign
hang from the birhouses
ascend with the brushstrokes on the outer surface
of the chimney
walk along the crooked way to change parking spaces
between segments of engagements

The crooked way
the crooked path
“The Sacred Path”
the polished gas station
the growing Ivy up one of the east faces of the hive
where the fire escapes are where my sunglasses died
the bright bright yellow suv sometimes parked in the tucked in driveway behind the black gate
at the light yellow hill house
uncharacteristic but makes for fantastic use of space
and downtown a whole side of rock exposed almost a small cliff where at the summit homes are backed up almost to the fence

Now I will find out what life is like along the avenue
won’t “oneness” still exist when we get back to Portchester?
an octagonal fire memorial with seating
attached onto the perimeter of the monument’s rise
but all as a whole plaues for those who have served
on the faces of the stone as it comes to an apex
and atop the summit is a flagpole
a cement area which extends from the structure’s placing
corresponds outwards in shape from the spot
where the firehouse remeberance stands

Archangel Michael has been here
but makes his first down in the poem
“Portchester” now……

A water bottle shopping cart motorcycle
hockey armor goalie pads bird houses, cats, a shitzu
boxes of organic Brazillian cosmetics and a pick up truck
at a house on a private sidesteet with a mid rue exit
from this where the Brazillian woud be temptress emrges to vaunt

She sublets the home of a medical doctor
who serves in the armed forces abroad
and plays hockey while home
as does his son
and they both have full sets of gear left together at the frontof the house
armored to the max
and also they hunt so that there are guns
so you could dress p in the pads fuck her
drive his car and get shot
or come over and over again onto yourself
at the mere thought

Archangel Michael who has been here all along
arrives onto the altar of the sacred path
on a Russian icon bought on ebay
but had already been there on a votive candle
cylinder he painted onto it as it were as it was…

Sometimes now I am writing about Portchester
and sometimes about Rye
and sometimes neither as sometimes I am Greenwhich Conneticut
or Mamoreneck New York as well

Triangles one smaller, one larger
two boys and a girl
or two boys and a woman
out for trouble or out for healing
meanwhile there is a sign for’no tresspassing’
out in the lawn behind the fence
by the memorial on the avenue
at the firehouse
and there is yet another polygonal flagpole
plaue sided memorial for war dead in Rye
placed upon a traffic turnaround

Steel jackets for fencing
steel sling along trap doors
the ovial bald motorcycle riding owner of the hive
who where a blue shirt with the weather vane insignia of the building he is overlord of
a rise which actually sits atop the tower
this building where in the private parking lot
the Brazillian temptress go the army doctor’s pickup booted

En guard- Lunge—Dueling on Thursdays
a second of three classes conducted by blade tip
battling by foil- foiled- the tip of the blade of the weapon
into the nipple of the student who must perform

Th polished gas station where I the sanwhiches
that’s where I was upon finding out that the gloved one was gone
upside down fire exstingishers
new porch frontage
the bandalero picked up by the black livery vehicle
guitar in hand on the third of July
dinner at Toyo sushi
then off for dessert at café Mozart
where a jazz band played by a pretty blone boy in a purple shirt on the slide tromobone
new Porchegese porch frontage
hot and cold running healers
don’t pick up that phone line off the wall
then they will find you out
new gardens where bamboo will grow
off the Chicago
back from McCartney
what was the whole point of that
back at the studio
the dog is afraid of fireworks
oh mighty Isis
is she back
why do you need to take care of the dog
when her son is here
he is unreliable

The polished gas station
that’s where I was when finding out
that the gloved one was gone dead
across from the roller coaster
where neil walked the dog
that’s where I was upon finding out
that Cronkite had died

The mummified driving school
goblets partially covered up in gold with fhinestone
turnining like a wrist n glove leather
a xylophone radiator rainbow neon sign in the window of a printing shop
the circle perimeter of the traffic circle painted red above which the traffic officer’s gazebo
sits atop

On a sunny day
drinking my aloe in the hive
brick walls painted varying shades of green
lime cactus deep
where has gone the silver haired man missing teeth
and wearing muptiple gold chans
who dispensed my trio
of aloe jice water, herbalife tea, and a herbal life shake (which was usually fruitas tropicalis)

With your back against the wall in the mirrored rooms of summer
and then the road from sorbet leads you back into the deep blue field of highway signs
for the Rye Town Hilton

And to think only weeks before you were wearing a neoprene masque
during a novocaine high
which you couldn’t even pay for in the Chzech republic
your face frozen unable to chew and forever
and forever your head has been covered by the rolling thickness
of the Ice Diver’s hood

I am still waiting for that painting to talk to me
the one iwht green and blue skies swirling
as if it grows more frigid in fall here in Greenwhich, Conneticut
but the work is of Manhattan and Brooklyn
where I work but this is where sometimes I write
and with the beautiful computers and scenery and people
I promise to forever

But as tempatures now frow more cold
I am here in Portchester again grooving to the Mooji
though life goes not always that smoothly
foot armor, action painted chairs by a deceased artist who had a national museum in Caracas
snapped up by a father for a daughter’s dorm room
consignment shopping a whole cast of character moving between ther and the good old salvation army
ladies appear they have upteen houses
disciples appear everywhere and are asked to stay still
the msicof the immigrants goes on how about a Charleston?
how about some Herbalife?
I dream of Jeanie
do you dreamof Johnnie?
(Walker Red that is)
he said studies show it leads to stomach cancer
but it did away with my gut
take a break from fixing the brakes
go down to the Brazillian buffet and get yourself some steak
and sit down with the woman who bought the lycra wetsuit
for fall kayaking at her houseboat in Hampton Bays on Long Island

The systematic replication of all of the colors
of existence…………
The walkway down past the inlet where
the men in blue (not the police)
fish while drinking from Green bottles of Heineken
in the early morning sun
one saying to the other one
“If you catcha fish I’ll piss’
there are the mint window sills on brown buildings
like colored eye brows
brown waterfowl calls

Back porch chinati- back porch/ front porch
the outside pavilion of the Brazillian super club
erected for river front partying orange and green
the interior orange walls of the restaurant called ‘Mirage’
purple and orange starring te waves of decals
inside store murals at Pantera bread
the yellow house goes blue
another backside of a Brazillian establishment is Yellow and green

The verdant bulge
of land
as the view meets and the passes
the red brick tower
the glass spherical face within it gleaming
in the late day sun

Another apparition
another apparition joins the scrap heap
there goes the herbal life revival from
the second floor loft in the hive
sit down and have a shake and commiserate
there goes another apparition
there goes another apparition
where to look at the suspended cross across
eyes navigating the the fully realized geometry
now you got to get in and see it from behind
and what sort of life action would that necessitate?

and Herbalife is soon open again at the bottom of the hive
just off the private parking lot where the brazilian temptress got booted
behind what would seemingly be fortress doors

or fencing
auto bodies
perhaps the grilled octopus tasted like chicken
perhaps the bags of flour in the window have been alluded to before
but there is a dime store Indian
in broad daylight there is a pocketbook display
scratchoffs and accidental millionaires

I am going to be very Giambortant
Nessa locks aurburn
soft veils hang from the ceiling in ambient lighting
the cherry Colombian wears serious silver
black vested and offers a duo of free bruschettas
amonst a duo of artichokes and gorgonzola and honey
the chicken was cooked on a brick
the boy went diving this week
and came up for air several times
the lodge was too crowded
the woman blew a kiss into the webcam and was joined by a stop in
on more than a stopover
for sea salt-salt from the sea raised up impurities
Zumba got started
Persian carpets were cleaned
parts come to the mechanic n the middle of the day
when everbody in town is dreaming

The African American could be dominatrix clad head tot toe in black leather
was off with the horse whips
which had been in the window display
in the thrift in Greenwhich
came in at buzzer and left with all that had struck her pleasure
the riding crop, the horse tail, a sculpture, and the stuffed pheasant
placed in rear of her mini cooper
which she opened it by remote key chain as if a new present

The archangel Michael
having risen stands victorious atop the devil


This is the Dolomites

January 3, 2020

The Dolomites are their name

Baby Shark ate DaTuna

December 9, 2019

Baby Shark ate Datuna … DaTuna ate DaBanana

Name that DaTuna

December 9, 2019

DaFishernan ate Datuna … Datuna ate DaBanana

Datuna Beach, Florida

December 9, 2019

Datuna Beach, Florida
The Datuna 500