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From Wiki/answers a Variation on a Sino Shopping Mall Theme in The Form of a Question????????

May 1, 2008

I am living in gujarat state in india and my city is ahemdabad. can you give the list of shops or names of shopping malls whwre i can get the jeans or formals of calvin klein.please reply?

what country

hello hi where do you want this shops in what country??

There is a Calvin Klein “Steel’ store in the Elements shopping mall

above the Kowloon mtr station on Kowloon Island in Hong Kong all within the Union

Square megaverse

this answer is concrete

though the underwear is “Steel”

and the ads for it could feature Seal

this answer is concrete

lock your standing leg

says the yoga teacher who bent his during the yoga olympics

my allies let me be your alloy

Celebrities Seen

May 1, 2008

i am among many other things a bus tour guide so I am always seeing a whole lot of celebrities from throughout the infotainment world. This week I saw Laura Linney (here is a cut and pasted description of the event from an email to a receipient) {I thought of you today actually because I accidentally exchanged  a few words with Laura Linney of all people some paparazzi flew up in front of some plainly dressed woman as she walked by me taking pictures and getting out in front of her and I said “who are you anyway?” and she said
“oh thats nice” more like only half sarcastic at not being recognized and when the paparazzi returned from jumping in front of her I asked who she was and they said “Laura Linney”– I saw Kevin Kline filming a movie in front of the Cooper Hewitt museum all made up to look like his face were supposed to be a rose as painted as when he played Cole Porter in “Delovely” he refused to turn around and wave at the tourists the Production assistants escorting the personage laughed more heartily than in a subdued manner.  Bill Macy ; William h. Macy, in Starbucks at the corner of 47th and Broadway our local dvd salesman said Bill Macy was in starbucks (one of three outposts of said chain right within three blocs on the same crosstreet 47th and bwy, 47th and 8th, and 47th and ninth) indeed it was he but he was not clean shaven as he usually is but with a big bushy moustache like he was filming “Where in the world is Carmen San Diego”; the opera-luckily when summoned I already had a venti green iced tea in hand which needed to be refilled( venti green iced tea from Starbucks supresses my appetite while giving me the super boost I need to give double decker bus tours to the international masses taking advantage of our weak dollar ( but it also causes me to need to go to the loooooooo! often and causes drivers like the super passive agressive Compton to suggest I might have another disorder) and so I was right there in the wait for your prepared dring are at the end of the oblong ovoid get your beverage deposit slab and he looked like he did not want to be talked to

well here I am

May 1, 2008

Well here I am ready to blog

I do not know if my prodigious

memory facility which adjoins my production studios

is still functioning at hyperspeed

but lets blog!