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Up @ Art Oh My!

June 27, 2008

Went to ART OMI in Ghent , New York the brainchild of Francis Greenburger the inheritor of a large literary agency and hugely successful real estate mogul known for being a big Hillary Clinton backer.  It was the opening for the artists in residence for the summer of 2008 as well as the new Charles B. Beneson visitors’ center desgined by Peter Franck and Kathleen Triem of  F:T Architecture and Interiors.


 it was a beautiful day. Among the more memorable sculptures was one by michael Sommoroff (who has not taken the summer off)—-The work had moments which could be compared to among other Barbara Chase Chase Ribuad for it sinousity- Roxy paine for its faux naturality and Takashi Murikami for its swipe at animation.  It was driftingly curvaceous, wonderfully aerodynamic, and immediatly attractive,

 Among those in attendance the art critic with the riding crop Karen Wilkin, poet Michael Carter , Peggy and Darwin Cyphers (they are headed to Beijing)and the newly engaged in more than one manner architect Johannes knoops(recently featured in New York Magazine for his hypothetical redesign of the marriage bureau located in Mead, McKim, and White’s New York CIty Municipal Building) with whom I traveled up for my first visit to this pastoral landscape where conversation ensued with a montreal real estate developer in pink and green who is also set to publish a travel journal and evoked former Conneticut politico Lowell Weicker.

A little poem I wrote on the skyscraper condo which looms above the tour terminal which I work out of

June 21, 2008

No visible means of support

Like Brittany Spears sons the skyscraper looms

Over lower structures

While held up vertically

Without flanks to its’ upper hides

A wafer made of concrete

A wafer made up from concrete and glass

A wafer can come apart

A wafer often cracks

more sightings

June 21, 2008

had a late nite snack at French Roast on the Upper West Side last night. A bearded Sam Waterson was sittting across at a large round table with about eight people listening to him talk.  Then behind us was Laurence Fishburne dining with another African American male who he later left with.

Jerry! Jerry!

June 10, 2008

Well I saw Jerry Springer again with the bus.  There was a mob scene outside the Ritz-Carlton on Central park South waiting for a celebrity exit.   And who should it be but an old face form earlier in the week (I composed this post later) a well put together and seemingly eternally refreshed Hon. Jerry Springer making his way towards the chauffered automobile waiting for his arrival.  Again I shouted out into the microphone…” Jerry Springer… Jerry Springer wave at the bus”… He did…. SIMON SAYS JERRY SPRINGER WAVE AT THE BUS

back to the East and Central Park South

June 2, 2008

So it has been a while since this for the most part uncommented upon name self-enhancer  blogger  has posted.  Good, way to go!- good way to loose the flow.

So I Went to Hong Kong Kong again (though for the first time since actively composing this blog) as well as to Guangzhou for the day in the PRC and Thailand.  I am writing the Shopping Mall Poem of the East over there but much of my poetic ouflow goes to the Chocolate Mao blog on threadless ( a comment page on a design by the artist Robsoul) whose work I found (as I did the site) while googling the verbal foundations of an idea.

But some of the highlights:

1.  Gettiing stuck in an Guangzhou Ikea and not be able to find my way out

2.  buffet lunch at the the Plaza Athenee in Bangkok

3.  Having two Singha beers after the van going to the Bridge on the River Kwai hit a dog

4.Bhuddist ceremonies at the royal palace in the Thai capitol

Just a few some more later—-

the back in nyc

lots of celebreties

Woody Allen and Larry David ran into while they were filming the former’s new movie at Grant’s tomb.  We were in the tomb with David becuase as a national park property it cannot be closed off to visitors.  Allen does not particularly strike me as somebody you wish to speak with if you have no business with him.

Jerry Springer- I walked downstairs while giving a tour by the USS Maine memorial on Columbus Circle to let people on and  off and Jerry Springer walked by.  I yelled out “Jerry Springer” and he turned arond. Still holding the tourgude microphone I announced Jerry Springer to the upstairs audience on the double-decker and  excited they stood up .  I said quick come up with a controversy and we’re Jerry’s kids then I Yelled over to Jerry to turn around and wave and he did (something  Conan O”Brien and the Reverand Al Sharpton in my opinion would not do).

Then in quick succession one morning American Idol winner David Cook going into the CBS this morning studios after performing outside, numerous blonde flunkies (peroxided and not) dressed up as the Legally Blonde chick out on a promo event {being chaperoned by onetime CBS producer Hal Glicksman who was also catching a ride  on the Jerry Springer bus), Candace Bergen (filming a scene from the in production Bride Wars {with Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson} at the Plaza, and Nobel laureate Elie Weisel and Christine Amanpour filming along Central Park South.