Up @ Art Oh My!

Went to ART OMI in Ghent , New York the brainchild of Francis Greenburger the inheritor of a large literary agency and hugely successful real estate mogul known for being a big Hillary Clinton backer.  It was the opening for the artists in residence for the summer of 2008 as well as the new Charles B. Beneson visitors’ center desgined by Peter Franck and Kathleen Triem of  F:T Architecture and Interiors.


 it was a beautiful day. Among the more memorable sculptures was one by michael Sommoroff (who has not taken the summer off)—-The work had moments which could be compared to among other Barbara Chase Chase Ribuad for it sinousity- Roxy paine for its faux naturality and Takashi Murikami for its swipe at animation.  It was driftingly curvaceous, wonderfully aerodynamic, and immediatly attractive,

 Among those in attendance the art critic with the riding crop Karen Wilkin, poet Michael Carter , Peggy and Darwin Cyphers (they are headed to Beijing)and the newly engaged in more than one manner architect Johannes knoops(recently featured in New York Magazine for his hypothetical redesign of the marriage bureau located in Mead, McKim, and White’s New York CIty Municipal Building) with whom I traveled up for my first visit to this pastoral landscape where conversation ensued with a montreal real estate developer in pink and green who is also set to publish a travel journal and evoked former Conneticut politico Lowell Weicker.


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