Blackout in Sports Celebrity Strip Mall Heaven

So here I am again in the Florida Strip mall where my father lived for sometime in a very comfortable Spanish Mission style Holday Inn.  They used to have a Bikram Yoga studio a few arcades down by a back alcove with a fountain but now there is weird hybrid of a slot parlor.


Here they present you with a card at a minimum of five dollars (but you need to make it to twenty five to be redeemed and I was told that you did not need to make it to fifty from twenty five and so-forth to be similarly let off the hook).  One day they were serving pizza in there and then later the next day  when while watching a History channel program on The Dark Knight (Batman)’s Physche in my hotel room there was a blackout.


 I decided to go over and check it out. It is as hard to loose as it is to win!  There was even a religious themed machine called redemption (a first).  This all while headed over to the super maxed out Shaquile (can anybody say surreal) O’Neal sponsored and themed twenty four hour workout palace (I mean running machines, step machines, aerobics, an olympic sized lap pool, a whirpool, a sauna, a steam room, a sit up crunch machine where you simultaneously shoot baskets, full legnth basketball courts-  etecetras!ecetras!..)

Meanwhile,  I had briefly thought of getting the bases loaded french fries (waffle fries, scallions, sour cream, melted cheese, and bacon bits) at the Pete Rose Ballpark restaurant (where once I was threatened with arrest for almost accidentally crashing his birthday gala- and who does he think he is anyway the Queen mother?) one more time before I blow town tommorow and contemplate the astronomical admission fee for Universal Studios Orlando.


  P.S right after this I am going to O’Neals to workout



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