Laurence Fishburne Again and the Spitzers

Saw Laurence Fishburne again at  French Roast this time sitting at the bar at with the same African -American male companion and another guy telling stories (he is not shy)  Later they all went out for a cigarette and he stabbed at some balloons which were attached to a metal utility box with a butter knife.

Told my Elliot Spitizer nonsensical rhyme going past the condo building ( built by his father) where he lives on fifth avenue “and his wife is Silda Wall and he is sleeping down the hall” and the woman in the couplet or what looked like her when I looked over was below the bus in earshot of the aforementioned auditory– then just later the driver an ex professional wrestler and titular head of a tribe in Nigeria said he had just seen “Spitzer” walking down Fifth avenue ( he said “don’t you respond when somebody talks to you”) .  i had not heard him I missed the ex-govenor ( and he said that he had said something to the ex-politico him and that he was ignored).


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