Balloons , Bono, The Beredsford, The SanRemo and the Couple I No Longer Refer to by Their Proper Name

Went up today on the hot air balloon in Central Park put there for the hundred fiftieth anniversary of the greensward plan.  I was scared shitless it brought back memories of my sky-diving accident when I was twenty three.  It was alright I held on for dear life.

The wait was about an hour and-a-half.  Three people  customers went up at a time (this blogger and another tour guide who I will no longer refer to by his proper name and his wife) plus a handler.  Our handler was a young woman who when I said Bono lived at the visible San Remo she said he lived at the Beredsford (she said I know I live at the Beredsford like I talk to him at the mailbox) …


I said he lives at the SanRemo maybe he is sleeping with someone at the Beredsford.


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