In London on the way to Dubai I went to see the Cy Twombly exhibition at the Tate Modern,

In London today on a stopover on the way to Dubai and so I took the underground to the Southwark station and ventured to the Tate Modern (previously there had been a small chance that I would make an earlier flight and miss the oppurtunity to travel the now almost car-free tranquil precincts of the center city but that luckily was upeneded by three similarly dressed indian boys dressed in plum suits with some kind of rhinestones attached which had to be taken off and run through security check as well as their mother’s many bangles).

First I stopped for lunch which was a God awful plate of Shepard’s pie with chips (thought the cider was outstanding).  Once at the Tate I went to the press desk and was told about their crack down on press passes (though today they would let me in for future refrence in the future I must contact the press desk).  So off it was to see …Cycles and Seasons… a retrospective of the American artist Cy Twombly who lives and has lived for the better part of five decades in Italy.

I was quite suprised much of his work was very painterly; thoughtful, and earnest (though I do not care much for his minimalist period his work is like RIchter’s put together as a whole it begins to make sense).

On the way back an Indian woman with the world’s biggest butt smushed me into my seat and I saw a big-time Amy WInehouse imitator (with the whole hairdo the whole nine yards).. Then again maybe it was Amy Winehouse taking the tube into the city from Heathrow who knows whats in store?



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