Dubai Day One Part Two

Back at the Mall of the Emirates I forgot to say there was a black leather and rubber sort of inmate fetish coat @ Dolce & Gabanna I admired it was 21,000 dihram or midway between seven and eight thousand dollars. 

 After leaving the mall I cabbed in over to Jumeirah and the Burj al Arab the famous Dubai icon in the shape of a sail with a restaruant vaulted high above the water -and you cannot go in the worlds’  most expensive hotel unless you are staying there or have prior clearance as part of some high priced tour which stops there for high tea.

Next door is Wild Wadi Water Park the lauded aqua slide destination but I did not have a bathing suit with me so I walked over to the Jumeirah Beach hotel next door and did a lobby scan.  I concentrated on watching an overly dramatic well coiffed small of stature Frenchman flirt with the conceirges and leave them a big tip.  I flitrted with the thought of having the dinner buffet. 

I had the dinner buffet including labneh (the sour yogurt concotion) and then it was back for internet and  sleep.

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