Since Coming Back

Since coming back from the Persian Gulf where I did not play golf (ala Tiger Woods) not that much has happened but some things.  I passed Ben Stiller ( with whom I share the exact same birthday November thirtieth 1965) who was filming “Night at the Museum 2” in front of the Museum of Natural History (though the sequel is mostly set in the Smithsonian). Finally told my  one hyper over the top hot yoga teacher to lay off and agreed to take other instructor’s classes instead.


  Did a backyard reading at “A Gathering of the Tribes” with the poet Ra (who is the indian Casino director in my original Worlds’ Biggest Shopping Mall Poem”) and his band.  At this gig where there was a very small audience I read  from”Circumnavigating the Topiary” (which you can read in part on (just google the title) about transversal simulacra and such.


There was writer there named Leslie who is working on a novel set in the time of Louis Quatroze about  diabolical wives and others who poisoned male lovers or just relations. I relayed to he and Dr. Steve Cannon how this writer decided to give up on the Chinese angle for his next mall book because Sino malls just aren’t exciting and they agreed that I had not done enough reconnaissance [as in I should interview the entire billion and half people available to take my questions].


Earlier in the week I had gone to see the “Joseph Wright of Derby in Liverpool” exhibition at the Yale Center for British Art.  The one painting which struck this writer like the tradesman’s instrument was “Blacksmyth” which was represented in both versions (1771) where the darkened surround was rendered illumined by the red hot glow of the rod being molded(s’) heat.  The work itself charged up the quietude of the institution it was placed in.  In one version the blacksmith’s face was more flush the scorch embering it plum.  And lets not forget the representation of the blacksmith’s leather apron to the side.


Then on the last day (labor day b4 going to Venezia for a wedding which I shall bog on next) when I was doing the all day tour (Manhattan Comprehensive) we pulled along 1040 Fifth avenue where Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s residence when she was alive and current home of Candace Bergen.  There was a blonde woman geting out of an suv and I said that’s not Candace Bergen is it and some tourists yelled out “yes it is”.  I motioned to her from inside the closed bus and either she didn’t she us or she chose to ignore us.

Next it was off to Milan

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2 Responses to “Since Coming Back”

  1. chris phillips Says:

    Was on your Labor Day tour and enjoyed it immensely (even tho lunch was crap). You’re definitely a one-off as a tour guide – my head’s still reeling from so much info. Sorry to hear about your bad shepherd’s pie experience in London. Next time you’re over, try the fish and chip cafe in Endel St, Covent Garden.

    Best regards

    Chris Phillips

  2. lee klein Says:

    thank you Chris next time in London I shall go to the fish and chip cafe on Endel St, Covent Garden but I might skip the shepards pie and just have the fish and chips, ok?

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