The Next Day Friday Still in Florida

Again the next day Friday I had the day free and started it as has become my tradition by drinking three venti green ice teas unsweetened at Starbucks.  With a a whole day I thought I would definitley make it to South Beach before having to turn around to watch the debate in my hotel room in the Holiday Inn (and the hotel p.c was finally working by now).

I decided this time to visit the four for one combination outdoor world/ BASS Pro shop. Divers Direct/International Fishing Hall of Fame in Hollywood which I had wound up bypassing on my Seminole Hard Rock cafe hotel casino complex (all built on the proceeds of decades of bingo) trajectory the day before.  First however I had to cover my tracks and visit the gardens and greenhouse of the American Orchid Society (where I discovered the Bottle Nose Palm from Madagascar and the Chenille plant from Malaysia with a hot dark pink fuzzy streamer of a blossom among other varieties of flora too numerous to mention ).

When i got to the everything about the great outdoors complex tucked behind a Tri-rail station and adjacent to a Marriot Courtyard Hotel I chose to go to the International Fishing Hall of Fame where I caught the feature legnth documentary ‘Sharkwater” by the young Canadian Diver, photographer, adventurer, and shark savior Rob Stewart (who is in tip top no body fat shape and does a mean athletic free dive into the depths to swim with great predators).

Here I saw what seemed funny in Hong Kong (shark fin soup everywhere) unmasked as tragic (ninety percent of the worlds’ sharks have been killed in the last few years to provide this delicacy which the Chinese believe has curative properties).  Only two real havens for sharks remain (the Cocos Islands off of Costa Rica and the Galagapos) and even these are threatened.  This movie presents the evidence and the information and has begun to help to turn things around.

Afterwards this itinerant blogger had dinner at the Islamorada fish company restaurant (fried tuna in wasabi sauce), tried on a couple of thick wetsuits, saw a magnificent sunset, and turned around to watch the presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain.

Made it back in time to watch the debate saw the opening slavos and fell asleep.  Then stayed up for Dancing with the Stars night three and then was off (as I have failed to mention) as I had at every morning and evening oppurtunity to loosen up my back muscles and thus breathing with the pulsating jets of the the hot tub and starlight as I did yoga moves in the aquatic atmosophere of the  swimming pool gazing up at the heavenly bodies.

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