Traffic School Saturday

The next day, Saturday, was the day of reckoning with Traffic School (Florida style).

Suffice to say it was a bizare unequal experience but one about which it is not necessarily judicious to go on and on about right here.  Though I will now mention the ninety two year old man who when we were asked to describe the incident or accident which brought us there spoke of his girlfreind with alzheimers who was a back seat driver and barked out orders causing him to travel through a stop sign without stopping and thus smashing the front end of his lexus(he has a five hundred dollar deductible).

Another guy who had gotten into a traffic accident was later ticketed for driving under the influence of influenza (it is against the law to knowingly drive with a tempature in Florida non?- however it is still legal to use a hand held cellphone while operating a motor vehicle).

Later that day I made tracks north towards NYC stopping for the night in Brunswick, Georgia.

It was my plan the enext morning to get to the Hard Rock Amusement park in Myrtle Beach ,South Carolina and then make it to one of several Ralph Lauren factory outlets off 1-95 (in those strip mall clusters of specialty outlet stores) to purchase a blue hunting jacket.  However stopping at the Palmetto state’s welcome center I learned that the first major new Theme park to have built in the United States in some years had filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and closed (thought it hoped to open again in the spring).

So hearing an advertisement for Beaufort, South Carolina (Savannah or Charleston without the traffic) I decided to exit for there but then seeing the sides for Hilton Head I headed there instead9 though first stopping for a walk and some bird watching at the national wildlife perserve on Pickney Island on which the patriot from South Carolina Charles Pickney lived for some years). The bird which appeared in the most abundance was the White Egret.

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