On the Way Back from Florida

The trip to Florida was mostly family business and for that matter aftewards the highlight was the stop at a cousins multi million dollar condo spread on the seventh floor of a Singer Island condo highrise.  In the Palm Beach International airport with the flight delayed because of inclement weather I sat and had fish and chips outside the gate area and finished up but not quite Marco Polo by Lawrence Bergreen.

In the gate area I met a Central Forida family of about six (the whole family was not present ) who were headed to ahotel in TimeS Square.  They were flying to LaGaurdia and the father was thinking of catching an earlier plane to Wwhite Plains and training it in.  I cautioned himagainst this because he would have to get from the airport to the White Palins train station and take Metro North in and at that time of night there might not be anymore trains.  They were planning on dining at Virgils and I suggested other culinary venues.


Then a lady who needed a cellphone charge showed up.  I lent her mine and  she turned out to be a French Equestrienne living in Westport Conneticut.. She complained about much including the ability to get a reasonably priced appartment in Palm Beach five thousand for two bedrooms “c’mon people get with it this is a depression she exclaimed”.  She had well developed forearms like a seasoned horse rider would.

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