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Another Dream this one of Tour Guiding

December 31, 2008

I had a dream last night which dealt all least on the surface with my role as a tour guide.  In the dream a woman who wished to tip me first needed me to break a bill so she could tip me half the denomination.  The bill which was change  then hung in the air like so much monetarial limp ectoplasm and another woman an Austrailian woman another tourist off from the tour just finished pulled it out of the thin air.

I followed her to the near vicinity and first asked and then screamed for her to give back the money she refused and as the altercation became worse I thought oh no I will have to file a report on this and definitley after the woman slapped me on both sides of the face successively like a French person would kiss both cheeks in greeting.

Today the next day I recounted part of this dream to my audience and by way of catharsis exocrcizing it out into a living memory.  Than because of this action taken this itinerant blogger was able to realize that the quest for the money to be returned was spurred at least in part by a minor incident which occured when I went to pickup a package at a branch of the United States Post Office.

I had gone to the post office to pick up a package whch had been misplaced and when the manager came out to give it me she needed my identiication (in this case I provided my drivers liscence ) which was in my walllet and in pullling the vital accessory from within I dropped a dime on the floor.

I was not fast enough while engaged in talking to the postal official and the lady next to me who was there for similar reasons picked it up.  I said thats my dime she said I thought it was mine she said do you want it back I said no thats ok you can keep it its’ only a dime.

Dreamt That:

December 24, 2008

Dreamt that I was living in a room or rooms  rented to me by Lucianne Goldberg.  Dominick Dunne opened the front  door to the chamber and was  dressed casually in black. He  asked more than once whether I could be trusted. Admonshingly I returned “what do you mean can I be trusted?  ….. of course I can be trusted” . Then upon  his acceptance of my answer walked in an an African American man, but, not before a supposedly deceased Baird Jones.

Year Ending Soon, A Party, Some Healing, and a Photographic Shoot

December 19, 2008

I went to Patrick McMullan’s Christmas party at the nightclub Plumm in the old Nell’s space with my freind Neil  on fourteenth street.

Closing the year I have been attending a series of Healing sessions at the Sacred Pathways space in Portchester led by the healer Gabriella.

Finally the fantastic photographer  Danilela Sessa took some fabulous photos of me along with the other partners of the new Sterling City Tours (upscale tours of Manhattan in a panoramic roof equipped Mercedes Sprint  tourVehicle with special luxurious seating and onboard dining specifications and applications)at the western perimeter of Central Park.

A Man for All Season(ings)

December 10, 2008

Much has been restless at my place of work as a double decker tour guide and one night I sought refuge and went to see “A Man For All Seasons” the play about Sir Thomas More which was made famous as a movie starring Paul Scofield (in an Oscar winning performance)as Henry the Eigth of Angleterre’s Tower of London bound Chancellor and now starring Frank Langella in the title role.

My guest for the evening {tour guide par excellance Stepehen Irolla} didn’t get there until the second act because he was at a Scotch tasting(which I had left earlier) and as he is “A Man For All Seasonings” he was staying put there to listen to the Scotch Maker’s rap and perhaps to taste a little more.

The tasting for Macallan offered a sampling of a very decent twelve year old blend and conversation with people like off duty rehab functionaries and freelance art curators as goodlooking hor d’oeurve dispensers in black fed the hungry liquor swillers.

“A Man For All Seasons’ is a great drama and the stage suggestion of the barges and boats taking Henry and More (no not Henry Moore -and for More Moors google Scotch Whiskey’s birthplace of Scotland) back and forth on the Thames was excellent.  Moreover, this itinerant blogger finaly got his Cardinal Wosley, Thomas More, Thomas Cromwell Lord Chancellor succession down succinctly.

Frank Langella who I saw in “Dracula” on Broadway as a teenager was incomprable many years later now{ Especially watching the candid and robust official wither in suggested captivity}. Bravo!