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South of the Border Again!

February 24, 2009

Dreamt that driving by a state border demarcated by a yellow swatch of paint in the the street (though nobody had ruled whether it was legal to have it there or not) a business owner had an suv dealership just a few feet over the line into the the more southern state where he sold the vehicles at just a few dollars above cost.  And his volume of business was huge!


February 15, 2009


Went to Williamsburg in Brooklyn to see Gregory De la Haba’s “Equus Maximus” at “Jack the Pelican Presents” (drawn to the opening by the suggestion of spectacle in the emailed press release to an art scene I would otherwise cower from).  Despite having to pay two dollars for a low end beer the voyage was well , well worth it even if the casino chips on the craps table below the three taxidermied horses were fake (not unlike some I myself had previously encountered).

The three equines were two white filles lying at opposite ends of the table their privates exposed and seemingly in wait for the chocolate colored stallion who stood in the middle his schlong which was so long like three feet could not have been real.  So I asked the artist who was standing around in Colt riding boots and jods and he said “at least the first twelve inches of it”.

There were pictures behind which help to develop the story (which seemed a bit as if to bring in some bacon (wrong animal) if the instillation did not sell (to say the museum of anmal sexuality). Meanwhile some people thought I worked at the home of the stuffed sea bird (there really is one in storage the namesake and mascot that is) and so I briefly met a woman who was writing a novel on a transgendered woman to man character and then ran into the poet Michael Carter who was seemingly not talking to his in with a dog walking on and off again girlfreind painter Peggy Cyphers (who I meant to ask about her stint in Beijing but it was off the scene mint sealed in my mind).

A week later I ran into Michael and Peggy and the dog again and got some feed back on Beijing from her.  She attended one event and it was not very full; as she said,she thought the Chinese were not sending their people to the events so great seats were available to others.  The event this night was Dr. Barnaby Ruhe’s portrait painting marathon after the birthday party for the deceased nightclub promoter and gossip column add-on Baird Jones hosted by his sole heir the artist now and forevor known as Hoop.

Another tour guide dream

February 12, 2009

Writing a slogan for a community t-shirt website in hopes of getting my words out “Ancient Grease: starring Olivia Newton John Travolta” which this itinerant blogger penned (partially based on a famous purposeful Johnny Carson slip of the tongue).

Then, later I dreamt Olivia Newton- John had become a double decker tour guide and in discussing her with fellow bus mc {the wacky Wanda} the W woman said that she had seen the fallen pop idol picking through the trash.