So Back to Zwack

Artists Michael McClard, Marcia Resnick, Anton Perich, and Michael Zwack at Bobby Grossman opening

Artists Michael McClard, Marcia Resnick, Anton Perich, and Michael Zwack at Bobby Grossman opening

So Zwack is back so back to Zwack.  Completing my voyage southward rather than to the middle east during mid life left this blogger and bus rider to return to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to investigate the work in the “The Pictures Generation” more closely than during the opening. There I met fellow tour guide Zwack but spent much of the time listening to the audio guide organized by curator Douglas Eklund.  Though familiar with some of the artists there were many of them with whom I was not.

It is a dense exhibit if not only object wise but reason it is  the way it is  wise. It was definitely elucidating in seeing the way Mr. Salle evolved coming out of Cal Arts and what was his and what can be seen as having merged by him  in and with James Rosenquist.   The umbrella shading these artists from the sun can only be extended so wide as to make room to include everybody in  a moment or movement   This exhibiton’s premise that it was other images which than being so pervasive led artists or imagists to make images based on images or otherwise pop will eat itself.

The thing which I like about Michaels’ work was that it was not striving for any cliche sure it could be an album cover for the anthology of anthems of rock is dead or long live the death of everything but it is earnest.  The sculpture of his included here of toy solidiers encased in small blocks of cement predates Arman’s mummification of Cars in Beirut , Lebanon by several years .

Becasue of this exhibit though I know more about Cindy Sherman, Robert Longo, Jack Goldstein, and others.  However, I must say that the Louise Lawler, Sheree Levine , and  sometimes Richard Prince school of the joke is on you art amuses this person seldom anymore -it is  tired, it is not nice it is self aggrandizing and in the end while it may make for nice design it is boring.


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