Exit Another King

So with the tragic end of the emblematic figure Michael Jackson it brings back the summer of so long ago the Orwellian year which came to pass 1984 and the Jacksons’ “Victory Tour”.  That year I was off for the summer from attending  college and driving a suburban taxicab and my father who had been the fourth fastest mile in the Bronx had decided to take me to the Olympics in L.A (which turned out to be the fluorescent LA olympics orchestrated by Peter Uberoth par excellance).

The night before it was time to leave was one of the stops on the Victory tour at Giants’ Stadium (coming down now after a final Bruce Springsteen repirise at the end of this summer).  I remember the fireworks,  the wristband, the seat being on the field, acting like I was jet -set because I was going to the Olympics in the morning, but,  mostly,  I remember Michael crying on cue for “She’s Out of My Life” (thats what I remember it was so long ago).


(Michael Jackson Memorialized on the Marquee of the Apollo)



One Response to “Exit Another King”

  1. Mozell Hill Says:

    Great story.

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