Exit- Exit the King

Since the time that Prince Harry played polo on Govenors’Island I have been working much trying to take advantage of the busy summer season on the double decker buses.  In the meantime I saw the last of the four plays (excepting the revival of Noel Cowards’ Blithe Spirits with Rupert Everett, Angela Lansbury, and Christine Ebrsol) with the marquee names which I wished to view on Broadway this season before they closed.  The last in the quartet being the redo of Eugene Ionesco’s tragic farce “Exit the King” starring Geoffrey Rush and Susan Sarandon which has been stated to have been restaged at the end of the eight years of the Second Bush to have become President (s’) presidency.

Again I went with Steven Irolla (who so kindly waited on line at the tkts booth and was duly rewarded with a beer at the Pig & Whistle pub before the performance).  Indeed it was a heavy work despite the light touches being about Ionesco’s main character Berrenger’s last hours on Earth as a timed departure (an aspect that Sarandon as the old wife played up ) amidst his verdant loss of sensation and his feeling of place  in time and importance.

Rush was a foppish majesty really letting go for character.   The prodction suited him most kindly almost as per himself as a co-producer.  The play brought up strong feelings for this writer particulary when the author asks through the titular character who will be there for you when you crossover (to paraphrase) and this resounded as I was not with my own father when he went.

After the performance we went to a new restaurant/bar on 47th street across from the theater Glass House and I threw no stones.  The King has Exited long live “Exit the King” !


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