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A Midsummer’s Night Dream of the Clintons

July 23, 2009

Returning from Buenos Aires in a dream to a small town of vaccation respite such as by the seaside or in the mountains where locals abound and all of a sudden…… members of the press and onlookers are huddled around a barber shop……  It turns out that former President William Jefferson Clinton is inside the establishment getting a haircut with the now Secretary of State Hillary in tow watching.. People say not to go in and I am checking my hair to see if this is an oppurtune time to get it cut…..but it turns out that the secret service will not just let you in but then Chelsea exits walking with a cane and then word comes that that the Clintons en famille have all gone into the restaurant next door…..and God only knows how they got there perhaps using the back doors unseen by the dreamer….Then I go into the eatery via the front door then go to the rear of the counter and though not hungry I eat something  and sit at the far end  and across the way at a circular booth are the Clintons …. Hillary is giving a monologue consoling Bill that she is glad that they are together and worked through it and made it through the experience.  ….. She is most expressive  and has longer hair than we know her to wear….   they rise to leave and he looks older now and has a goatee looking like an aging hippy  and then I tell Hillary “great speech” and the whole restaurant breaks into applause.. Then I shake Bill’s hand and the Clintons leave the restaurant but soon return in sort of hippy-hillbilly gear and then Bill speaks and says “Whenever in Texas we have a ho-down and then the roof comes down (not literally as in party time) as he launches into a song doing the vocals on a number called “Mountain Moonshine”.

Getting Around to This Summer’s Exhibitions

July 6, 2009

After settling into summer the season which nevers seems as if it will be as long as it will turn out to be in the discovery of its’ true depths it was finally that this blogger set aside time to voyage to the various art exhibitions blockbuster and otherwise which he wished to see.

He started in this latest round of museum going with his first visit to the New- New museum of Contemporary Art (which as of this going is relatively new but not brand..) to see the ennial (tri or otherwise or section of their international survey) for the exhibition of artists of the age of thirty three or younger and catchingly named “Younger Than Jesus” (Madonna who already has a boyfriend named Jesus who is younger than his namesake by a decade and all of 23 may or may not be invited in or her presence allowed).

It was a noisy collection of works with loud instillation upon instillation and by the time he departed this blogger was practically running out the door.  Yes there was the girl sleeping in the bed with the artists materials being described as to paraphrase human female, sleeping pill, and bed.  Lets leave it there take two like these people must have had to in order sleep through the noise and read my blog in the morning……

But , later, I thought hey why not propose a new exhibition a new ennial for artists and viewers who are not  deaf  yet but who cannot quite take the rebounds of sound mashed together in inter-instillation chaos and are older than Jesus but are of less years than the most famous tour guide of them all or  in other words are  younger than Moses (at the time after he left Egypt  and was going around in a circle for forty years waiting for his entrance into the Promised Land which  in the end for him never came).

Next it was off to Washington DC to see an exhibition works of the works of the very same Spanish Still Life virtuoso from which I had turned around from on the voyage to just a couple of posts ago, Luis Melendez.

First stopping in New Jersey after working all day and trying to get over the urban air conditions I had just left  behind I finally stopped in Penn’s Grove (a town between the the turnoff after the last exit toll on the New jersey Turnpike and the Deleware Memorial Bridge) for the night (with a stop for dinner at at an Appleby’s which consisted of a Mexican Salad and a French onion soup).

Waking in the morning I headed straight for DC and once there popped into Armands’ Chicago Pizzeria on Capitol Hill for lunch (and the congressional staffers all look  so young because I guess they are).

Then when driving along the Mall are for a parking spot within walking distance of the National Gallery in spotting one in a moment it was gone when at a stop light this museum got caught behind a turning bus and a vehicle from another direction swarmed in and swiped it.

Aftera couple hours of driving around in a circle and lacking the change for the seven  minutes  a quarter meter finally this driver drove over to the parking lot beside the  Potomac Tidal Basin which in turn is across from the Jefferson memorial parked and walked over.

The paintings were light and delightful thoguh the room they were placed in  seemed rather dark. The thirty canvases were brought together with some real models of the period wares the painter employed in his works.  The largest suite of works as a sub group here were the works he did on commission (his only major royal one for a the Prince of Austrias) done of the edibles found in the new world so here we have cauliflower , chocolate, and other wonder such as watermelon. These works were in a special exhibition in I.M Pei’s timeless West Wing while in the East Wing was  The Art of Power : Royal  Armor and Portraits from Imperial Spain” which though I took in some of the Imperial Battle wear and the Velasquez and Reubens Portraits of Phillip the Second of Spain my visit was not in depth so this blogger must vow to  return to the John Russell Pope’s stately marble East Wing where this display temporarily resides.

Soon thereafter I made my way back over to my car parked beside the tidal basin and drove  north.  In White Marsh I stopped at the mall which being one I had never stopped at before called for browsing and so I did.  Here after getting some much needed quick cash this along the highway stopper acquired some  phone accessories and got a qi gong back massage folowed by dinner at P.F Changs (sauteed spinach in garlic and shrimp with candied almonds and honeydew).

Later feeling tired this traveler pulled over not to the side of the road but at a rest-stop on the New Jersey Turnpike.  When after resting he returned to NYC via the Holland tunnel he took one of three exits off the rounding curve out of the fluvial traffic corridor and headed for Brooklyn to see the Gustave Callibotte exhibition just before it closed.

Having waited almost to the end to see the work of this sometimes overlooed impressionist whose work often communicates presence and a transtemporality like time travel (the works are so alive).  As well his works of oarsmen on brooks and stream capturing that soft summer ligh though when the sun is at its hightest though dappled in the forrest and reflected in the water ah!

There was one particular Calliebotte painting “A Traffic Island Boulevard Haussmann“: which this writer had not seen before and was quite taken with.   This work like many of Callibottes reflects a sense of timelessness and ease as it is as much about the entrance and exit  and what as is beyond as it about the works spherical center it is about light moving across time perhaps and that the soul exists as it starts, stops, and moves on.