A Midsummer’s Night Dream of the Clintons

Returning from Buenos Aires in a dream to a small town of vaccation respite such as by the seaside or in the mountains where locals abound and all of a sudden…… members of the press and onlookers are huddled around a barber shop……  It turns out that former President William Jefferson Clinton is inside the establishment getting a haircut with the now Secretary of State Hillary in tow watching.. People say not to go in and I am checking my hair to see if this is an oppurtune time to get it cut…..but it turns out that the secret service will not just let you in but then Chelsea exits walking with a cane and then word comes that that the Clintons en famille have all gone into the restaurant next door…..and God only knows how they got there perhaps using the back doors unseen by the dreamer….Then I go into the eatery via the front door then go to the rear of the counter and though not hungry I eat something  and sit at the far end  and across the way at a circular booth are the Clintons …. Hillary is giving a monologue consoling Bill that she is glad that they are together and worked through it and made it through the experience.  ….. She is most expressive  and has longer hair than we know her to wear….   they rise to leave and he looks older now and has a goatee looking like an aging hippy  and then I tell Hillary “great speech” and the whole restaurant breaks into applause.. Then I shake Bill’s hand and the Clintons leave the restaurant but soon return in sort of hippy-hillbilly gear and then Bill speaks and says “Whenever in Texas we have a ho-down and then the roof comes down (not literally as in party time) as he launches into a song doing the vocals on a number called “Mountain Moonshine”.

One Response to “A Midsummer’s Night Dream of the Clintons”

  1. circtv Says:

    Hi Lee. Checking out your blog. Great story re the Clintons. Rich McGregor (aka The Other Rich Guy Running For Mayor) had a similar experience with El Presidente in Katz’s Deli on Houston. Also, check out the web site above, there you will find a video of the Michael Zwack Party at The Met.

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