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In the days Before Leaving the Country and Leaving the Country

August 22, 2009

So auspiciously before leaving the country once again (and not a moment too soon as ninety five degree farenheight days with 100 percent humidity descended upon us making it almost impossible for this blogger to breathe) for yoga  he visited the Sivinanda Ashram in upstate Woodburne, New York for a second time to do yoga while his freind Neil was (is) taking a permaculture  certification class .  His dinner included more than an ample helping of kashi.

Then after all the pre-requisite meditating, excercising  and eating had been done Neil and I drove over to Ellensville, New York in the Catskill Mountains from the yoga ranch to see what we could find.  Meanwhile, I had remarked upon the black convertible Corvette which when while I was entering the compound in my toyota was exiting on the road which leads in and out of the Ashram.

Then I noted while tangentilizing how it once would be unsual to see an expensive sports car with a vanity liscence place exiting such a place  but that was when yoga was not what it is today  as far as  the popular U.S concioussness. “Remember when”… I said in my monologue Rupert Holmes sang in his hit “Escape” , “if your not into yoga{“as a guideline for meeting in a song about a personal add with a twist}…..

Well instant karma was soon upon us and swift.  Coming  into town a few blocks down there is an old theater called Shadowland.  Then on the Shadowland marquee there on the billboard was the sign announcing “The Accomplice”  by Rupert Holmes.  And when I asked the woman in the ticket office if that wasn’t the same guy who wrote the Pina Colada song (often cited as one of the worst songs of all time)… sure it is- buthe has since  had a string of successes on the Great White Way  including “the Mystery of Edwin Drood” which kind of tones down his cornball classification of long ago.

In te meantime before the show started I had a couple of Maragaritas, chips, gaucamole with Neil as small planes flew into the local airport.  Meanwhile the ladies at a nearby table spilled their avacado nectar onto the sidewalk an it was soon replaced by the affable waiter who also acting as the establishment’s host.

Meanwhile our wait was now over and we walked across the street to the theater for act one of  “The Accomplice”.  As we came into the production we found out that one of the main players had almost walked into our car as we came in..  just the more reason for staying you see.

The play itself started out as a witty farce until it devolved into a series of staged devices into who was about to be killed by whom whichj in turn tried to render everybody( including the audince) so so really in on the kill that they are about to be a witness to it actually happening and thus an accomplice (I might try this on my bus).

But it turns out that the the theater itself which seemed to be moldy became a big time accomplice to my pre-existing asthma (and boy did I pay and stay awake up all throught the night and then out in the morning {with the initial  hope of going down to tthe Addison Ripley Gallery in Wdc to recent  pastels by Manon Cleary } driving over the bridge and drinking the first of upteen cokes I was coming up with it all like the human who becomes a “Prawn ” alien in the the movie District 9 which I would see later that night.

So after one more day oon the bus it was time to go to Dubai.  The day of my departure it was 100% humidity and 95 degrees  and so not be able to make it all the way to the Port Authority for the shuttle bus I forked over $70 dollars for a car service vehicle which I hailed down on the street.


I asked the driver for air conditioning which he turned on but when I asked for the radio the driver said his mother died (or I don’t know maybe he said motor) and so I akked waht about your motor-in-law?  So I just played Duran-Duran’s Rio on my I-Phone and then just as we were making it past the George Washington Bridge his car started to overheat.  “My car go hot” he said and he (we ) had to open the windows.

Soon traffic was backed up by a police pullover but this too was passed


(The Car Service Driver to the Airport)

and soon I was at Newark Airport.


Here I waited on line and was deposited at  a self-check in kiosk with no idea what to do since I had gotten there early specifically to get an exit row (which i did not gain but later did on the routing on Emirates air from Frankfurt to Dubai).

My flight did not leave for hours so I spent it charging my I-phone at the new Samsung phone trees and in Brookstone on the massgae chair.   .

Once on the flight the woman next to me was returning to Germany from visiting her brother who is in the German air Force in New Mexico where he was trianing at an air base there.  .  I saw Wolverine X-Men origins with Hugh Jackman and Liev Schrieber .  All the while I slept not a wink and spent the whole flight drinking black tea with lemon or more coca-cola.

Once over England and then continental Europe looking down I could see London and the Thames, the O2 arena, and London Bridge , then the white cliffs of Dover, coastal Belgium, Germany with some hills and mountains, and finally Frankfurt as we landed.

Once I got off the plane (and I had a sizable layover ) this blogger went stumbling into a Starbucks with his ten euro bill and ordered a venti one tea bag green one tea bag mint tea with lemon and honey and read the papers.  Eventually he walked over to the Emitrates Air club where though he was not able to talk himself into a sit down he was able to get the receptionist reservations check in lady to get him an exit row seat (and he was happy if only for a bit).

Thne I went over to the shopping area of the Frankfurt aiproprt and saw one of those airport day spas and decided to get a chair massage for $31 euros which was fine enough and admistered by an Asian woman (anything to get the breathing going on this long distance two part flight into the shopping mall sands of Arabia).  The lady then asked me if I would like an oxygen treatment (which I wanted to try out first) for eight euros and once she applied it I realized it was nothing but a nose tickle but she and the other day spa commanding officer this one a native blonde insisted since they had brewed it up I had to pay for it and I sat back and was slightly stimulated in the nostril passages and took their pictures for this blog so of this oxygen service you will beware


(Oxygen Bar back Massage lady )


(And Her Associates)

Out of July and into August

August 10, 2009

Winding throught the now humid days of summer since last I wrote after that bizzare dream starring the Clintons which was had after a day going around every which way on the roller coasters at Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania the highlights have been have been sparingly accrued.

The highlight of  highlights had to have been attending the Robert Wilson benefit for his project in Watermill. During the auction the famed maestro Phillip DePury trotted around and during his sale of a portrait of Ingrid Bergman (sold to the Countess Von Bernstein for 100,000 dollars or so) got her daughter Isabella Rossellini who just happened to be nearby to stand up during the proceedings (the fact that the Blue Velvet star soon ascended the stairs out of there afterwards could have been done due to the spotlight having been shown upon her perhaps in the wrong context).

Later after dessert had been served we were up in the silent auction area where looking at the bid sheet on a small Neo Rauch the last signatory was $9,000 by one Rufus Wainwright and I looked up  and said oh Rufus Wainright .

Earlier in the day we had attended a party at the Starn Twins studio in the old Talix foundry in Beacon, New York (where they had made Leonardo’s horse anew several times from the original design) and observed their Bambu project which had climbers executing there plans from computer generations for the giant structure.  Their work abounded  throughout the giant space.

The day’s tragectory taking us from Portchester, New York to Beacon to Water Mill on Long Island took us onto highways multiple times which the next day claimed twelve lives.  In every instance we escape danger how greatful we should be .

One Starn Twin on one side of the Studio

One Starn Twin on one side of the Studio

And the other Starn Twin on the side other than the other brother

And the other Starn Twin on the side other than the other brother