Out of July and into August

Winding throught the now humid days of summer since last I wrote after that bizzare dream starring the Clintons which was had after a day going around every which way on the roller coasters at Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania the highlights have been have been sparingly accrued.

The highlight of  highlights had to have been attending the Robert Wilson benefit for his project in Watermill. During the auction the famed maestro Phillip DePury trotted around and during his sale of a portrait of Ingrid Bergman (sold to the Countess Von Bernstein for 100,000 dollars or so) got her daughter Isabella Rossellini who just happened to be nearby to stand up during the proceedings (the fact that the Blue Velvet star soon ascended the stairs out of there afterwards could have been done due to the spotlight having been shown upon her perhaps in the wrong context).

Later after dessert had been served we were up in the silent auction area where looking at the bid sheet on a small Neo Rauch the last signatory was $9,000 by one Rufus Wainwright and I looked up  and said oh Rufus Wainright .

Earlier in the day we had attended a party at the Starn Twins studio in the old Talix foundry in Beacon, New York (where they had made Leonardo’s horse anew several times from the original design) and observed their Bambu project which had climbers executing there plans from computer generations for the giant structure.  Their work abounded  throughout the giant space.

The day’s tragectory taking us from Portchester, New York to Beacon to Water Mill on Long Island took us onto highways multiple times which the next day claimed twelve lives.  In every instance we escape danger how greatful we should be .

One Starn Twin on one side of the Studio

One Starn Twin on one side of the Studio

And the other Starn Twin on the side other than the other brother

And the other Starn Twin on the side other than the other brother

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3 Responses to “Out of July and into August”

  1. Joanne Morgan Says:

    Have only read bits & pieces of blog-will eventually read entirely. Wanted to let you know you are hysterical, though. Caught your NY Sightseeing Tour, Wed, 8/12/09. 1/2 hour with you as guide was worth the $44! My group wound up on 4 different buses (4 guides total), you were by far, the best!!! Even though some guy John, from the military, told us he was. You were jam packed with info about the city (and general knowledge), wit and enthusiasm, and still managed to consider the bus riders! I nearly fell out of my seat, rolled in the aisle. We had a blast with you. I played your Youtube for my husband. We loved that as well. Joanne (from Suffolk County)

  2. Steve Says:

    You rule, Lee!

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