Out of SF to NYC and then off to the East

The flight back on Continental was very simple.  A very nice Israeli-South African couple sat next to me and I watched almost the entire season of “Who wants to be a Super Hero?”, on direct T.V created and hosted by Stan Lee. I rooted for Hyperstrike and learned how to say Excelsior! (which is also the motto on the state flag of New York, means or translates from Latin as”ever higher”, and this could be used on my tours).

Once back in Nyc I went back to work on the bus briefly and for a moment thought of going to Belgium as I had recieved a kind invitation to a christening there as well as a stop in Paris.  I was just catching my breath and the thought of gallic food and the ticket I had already brought to Japan made it impossible for this writer to make that journey this time though he so wanted to go back to the land of chocolate, waffles, Trappist monk beers, the Grand Place, the atomium,  and what was sure to be a heartfelt celebration where generations of LeClerqs were to gather to welcome another into the world.  It was just that the timing was off and the person the poet could not have a foot in both hemispheres for in uniting  both spheres  to return to the place to go back out to return to the place but another oppurtunity will present itself I am sure.

In the week or so in between journeys was the armory art fair week with the POOL art fair  an art origianlly hailing from a hotel with a pool in Miami Beach and this transplanted fair now was happening at the Gershwin hotel on East 27th street in Manhattan and  Hillary Maslon

Work by Hillary Maslon

and Tyrome Tripoli

Work by Tyrome Tripoli

both friends exhibited were exhibiting.   Then happenstance occured abd while looking for Miss Maslon this blogger ran into and had time to talk to Val of the art duo Liz-n-Val

Liz of Liz-n-Val

(whose work was in the same room as Hillary).

Sometime later in the week and i now had a ticket to japan I decided to go to the main fair in town the one which had started the whole contemporary art fair craze several years back wqhen it was at the Grammercy Park hotel and founded by the late Colin DeLand and the late Pat Hearn as well as several other dealers including Matthew Marks.

I have been marching around this fair for years networking , writing, and trying to set myself up for life as a luxuriating wit whose pen has been put on retainer and sweating while never letting them see it.  This time I was running around for a red headed sadistic booklet publisher trying to write in the fatigued faux encyclopedic style this reprobate wishes so that perhaps my star would hang again in the heavens to be mirror vanity while trying to extol virtue perceived virtue and is not what is perceived a virtue.

My eye was wandering here is some of what I caught

A Self Portrait by Julian Schnabel (Believe it or not a really nice guy)

A work by Cecily Brown

Frank Stella hits a double

Satchmo by Nikki De st. Phalle (Satchmo by Nikki De St. Phalle)

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