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Back To San Fransisco Back To work Don’t Want to be an American Idio(M)

March 28, 2011

The Transamerica "Geometry in the Sunshine"

So after a blog intermission of fluff (Joan Rivers, Liza Minelli) and turning this forum into the worlds’ least visited paparazzi site, it is back to my travel-log.  So now after landing in San Fransisco on the way back from Japan I took a day or so to help out a friend with their art storage and in the intermittency had the opportunity to see the exhibition of work by Vonn Sumner Cummings at the Paul Thiebaud gallery near Fisherman’s wharf.

My hotel last time was the outstanding Larkspur  Union Square which this time was booked solid.  The desk manager at the aforementioned hotel right off Union Square sent me up to Nob Hill to the Vintage Court which while quite expensive offered complimentary wine tastings during happy hour.  I spent the first day taking the city bus out and out at to some god forsaken warehouse area to take care of packing crates and then returning wined and not necessarily dined almost eating at the Top of the Mark across from the Fairmount for wanting to save money this retired poet went to sleep.  Waking he got up early to go through the Stockton street tunnel which cuts through Nob Hill to take you through Chinatown to Fisherman’s Wharf and arriving to early this writer went for coffee and a local greasy spoon as he was given free refills.  He also took some pictures finally of the Transamerica building the Transamerica Building... the Pyramid and then on the way back had lunch in Chinatown.  Meanwhile he had been in town just before Vonn’s opening but needed to bust a move to make it back home to go to Japan and then come back here thanks to a layover allowed for a his ticket.

He had always been a fan of Vonn’s work since finding his paintings in “New American Paintings” at the Barnes and Noble in the west eighties on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and handing the article to his friend who was working for a collector to recommend and indeed the collector collected and eventually he was awarded one of the works he had bargained for on the People’s court with the people eating judge Marilyn Milian and would also pen an article on the young self portraitist  while ensconced in a  hotel room in Mestre during the 2003 Venice Biennale comparing the works favorably to gelato.  Unfortunately Paul Thiebaud the owner and son of famed west coast pop painter extraordinaire Wayne Thiebaud was in his last days  and eventually this writer would launch the dealer’s Wikipedia page.  But for the moment lets praise Vonn’s monochromatic work but as you will see he had in moments now gone poly.

Group Self-Portrait in Character in Polychrome as if Commedia dell'arte by Vonn Sumner Cummings at Paul Thiebaud

At some point after pointlessly conversing with the gallery person this traveler wandered wondering into the sunshine to the nearby italian area where they were filming some television pilot.  In a park he met a homeless woman who while quite funny said to him “off the top of my head go fuck yourself” but he liked her nevertheless.  Chinese senior citizens were doing tai chi all around in the abound and later he on the staggered path back to the Stockton Tunnel stopped to eat then got his bags and the airport shuttle which the very helpful desk receptionist helped him with at the vintage court and he got back on time to the airport where the American airlines person did not want to let him use the first class lounge but he went over there anyway only to meet a whole lot of Republicans whom he annoyed by criticizing the slew of attorney generals of states who had filed suit against Obama care.  One Adolfo suit wearing type of Arnold Scassi (met him once)  actually said that’s close enough and moved on her own to which another man said it was her problem.  It got worse on the flight the man sitting next to me in business class knocked over my portable screen while I was watching “The Invention of Lying” with Ricky Cervais and it stopped the time movie and this bewildered cinema in the sky watcher was forced to watch “Bright Star” about the ill-fated poet John Keats (I cried that’s right before I became a tour guide in traffic I used to be a sentient sensitive human being and an artist dare I say perhaps).   I told this odious passenger that if he didn’t like that the screen was taking up his space he didn’t have to knock it over though he had said sorry it seemed deliberate and he tried to get the stewardess to change his eat but there was nowhere for him to go in the high status are of the plane.  Not to mention the stewardess was extremely rude in her manner of food removal this couple of episode was atypical of a wonderful trip but now I was poised to arrive back in Manhattan and buy a ticket to one of the preview performances of Green Day’s “American Idiot”.

And about a year later now as I finish this entry and the show is about to close these were my thoughts on Facebook “As Green Day’s “American Idiot” closes on Broadway this blogger would like to take a moment to salute this band for taking back a song taken off the radio by reinventing the number as a sometimes self-performed Jukebox musical and in the process reinventing an art form” and of course here.

At some point now I went to see OVO the cirque de soleil insect themed production featuring the giant flirtatious lady bug and the grasshopper types leaping.  It was and has been said in the press that this was the best the inventor of the gourmet boutique animaless big top had produced in years and in my mind it was just almost as good or probably as good as Zed about which something was said in the post previous to this.  On this night I had gone to the tckts booth and got a half price ticket right ear the stage and wound up on the middle of a night out for I think a night for executives and clients of credit Lyonnais.  In the wait before the show this circus goer had a filet mignon Panini (he remembers that even now) and he thinks a glass of red wine and distinctly recall the lady bug having made a couple of winks at him.

Now in the next post I will repost the italian Shopping mall Poem which since the last posting of which has been elaborated on.  Thereafter I will do a recap of events of the last year attended and voyages made since it took me this long to catch up since the trips made previous were so detailed into areas new.

Joan Rivers Exiting The Priscilla Queen of the Desert Premiere at the Palace Theater on Broadway

March 21, 2011

New York has a whole lot of Rivers

The Hudson River

The East River

The Hutchinson River

The Bronx River

The Harlem River

and Joan Rivers

But she flows down to Atlantic City! Is only crossed by red carpet !  Has a tributary the Melissa Rivers!

And after a lifetime of comedy overflows her banks!  (Time to take time out from reading this to piss in your pants)

Joan Rivers Exiting the Priscilla Premiere at the Palace Blocked by Her Escort

Liza Minelli Takes the Ride of Fame Bus

March 8, 2011

One Wicked Shot Time Immemorial in Pre and Post Dorothy Oz

She Loves New York

Liza Minelli holding CIty Proclamation Making it Gray Line Day

Liza Smiles to the Crowd