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Will Smith Exiting His Dressing Room While Filming Men in Black lll

April 8, 2011

Will Smith Exiting His Men in Black lll Trailer While Filming in Hells Kitchen

Fast as They Come- Richard Prince at Salon 94

April 5, 2011

Fast they come as they cam, fast as they come,  as they continue to arrive, this part of the blog stream will move quicker than the those pervious before arriving here this virtual roll of volumes was way behind.  So we are past American Idiom and OVO and arrived on the Bowery to see t-shirt paintings by Richard Prince (of the Louis Vuiton sexy nurses with something to say bags) who was in the pictures Generation exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of art with our old friend Michael Zwack at the new Salon 94 space. smart as they were they found a space behind an orange Prince restaurant equipment sign

Richard Prince at Prince but not on Prince on the Bowery

to open these works on shirts on a sunny day with some alcohol served.

It was a raw space with some  gaping holes in the walls

Downtown Personality al Ghazali in Salon 94's new raw space

which were as if  punched out  by previously angry construction crews , but , there was beautiful shiny vintage MG parked outside.  Max Blagg arrived!Max Blagg arrives So did Jack Tilton!Jack Tilton arrives with the classic red MG in the backroundAs for the painting themselves they were of rock stars and album cover art on t-shirts.  Here is a Jimi Hendrix, judge for yourself.

Jimi Hendrix T-Shirt by Richard Prince

And one final look at beautiful red MG parked outside

Michael Korda and Dr. Henry and Nancy Kissinger at the Lawrence of Arabia Talk for the NYHS @ The Society for Ethical Culture NYC

April 5, 2011

Out of Focus it was a Hit or Missinger there Goes Dr. Kissinger

For Michael Korda the editor emeritus of Simon & Schuster’s new book “The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia” from Harper  on T.E Lawrence the author was joined by the 56th Secretary of State of the United States of America Dr. Henry Kissinger with venerable  New Yorker magazine writer Adam Gopnik moderating at the society of ethical culture auditorium on Central Park West at a New York Historical Society event (with The latter organization returning to their own building on CPW when construction is finished  there in November of 2011).

"The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia" Author, Michael Korda

Dr.Kissinger again

There was an introduction by the New York historical Society Chairwoman and then Korda came out solo and proceeded to read from the volume. When he finished Dr. Kissinger and Adam Gopnik charged onto the stage as the flushed faced last of the romantics continued to speak.  In one of the most interesting barbs of the hour-long program Gopnik  remarked (to paraphrase) that he felt like  an orchestra conductor working with two tympani.

Nancy Kissinger Arriving at her Seat

Though the talk was mainly about Lawrence (Kissinger grimaced during Korda’s mention of Lawrence’s violation at the hands of the Turks and was bemused during Gopnik’s aside about British Public Schools) Gopnik did get his gumption up and ask Dr. Kissinger about the current situation in Libya.  The good Doctor basically retorted that the events occurring in Libya are really peripheral and that the main theater of concern was in Saudi Arabia and what would happen in the Gulf and further that our mission there was basically humanitarian and not about regime change.

Nancy Kissinger Deux

Korda provided yet another fascinating aside in that he related that his uncle the famed film-maker Alexander Korda actually knew Lawrence and had purchased the film rights to his story in 1935 (the year before Lawrence’s death in a motorcycle accident).  Then he continued that the film did not get made at the time mostly because the British were unnerved by the possible Arab reaction to a movie showing a Westerner at the head of Arabian army.  Thereafter  the rights were purchased from his uncle by Sam Spiegel and this went onto to become David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia starring Peter o’Toole.

The Italian Shopping Mall Poem 2015 , The Megamall as the Mind of God

April 3, 2011

The Italian Shopping Mall Poem Part one: Hit the Ground Shopping

Hit the ground Shopping In that entrance back to

remembrance back to  Black scatter pattern stenciled in All of the unseen movements of in and out through the heart of black Legions marched trough petri dishes Though the same motion of the same line the multitudes unseen and reformatted All the time Sure I should not have said to “shut up” That was hurtful and if it was said to me as I said to you as it was said to me in my youth It would boomerang and did “On a holiday provided for by those in a family who are senior in both age and monetary wherewithal to those whom they have taken with the voyage where the paradox is as one allows for the enjoyment of the others one has provided for the provider may feel at the time that their earnings converted into the leisure time of others gained at their expense whilst the whole point of the journey to begin with was for all who took it to become relaxed” Such words come as feelings are remembered The bus trip is never taken to the Discount outlets and malls First told about in a dark bar never talked about Sectored off from this reality Return and shop Dark love in a disappearance Not far from the Piazza Della Signoria Dark love in a dark bar Still the boyish ones show up All devices up and at them All systems go Faces flash silver against black Off like quick silver photographs Dark lust in a dark bar The dark cages all around I come again And again and again and again Return off of the same hop? Part Two: the Hotel Shopping Mall Poem The hotel shopping mall poem balloons Once there was a balloon of a hotel named lunacy With a Venetian scene over the establishment’s Insignia crown- overhead Over to the left Is the mall once grid façaded Of dark green olive under white Though now by gating over-cast On an overcast day replete With horses; show jumping equestrians, bric-a-brac vendors Boy and girl scouts, sun-glassed bus drivers, cyber simulcasters, Local citizens, and baristas Once there was a pink hotel’s shopping mall poem balloon Overhead Traveling the via the buildings are scarred Some distressed garbage and recycling bunkers have suffered catastrophic damage And bands of overjoyed teenagers make noise on the bus Now a search on modes of motor transport And attendant sensation Colors lead the field in optical navigation Diamonds on markers, directionals, gates Segues of hues like in peppers or pimento on pizza Red- yellow –orange- red This poem would go anywhere to break the grid and has Then over to the left A proud male swan With a banding of night mask Surging forth Pushed forward under its own sail like a sea horse The young man wore the Gucci belt with double G’s To hold up his pants up against his lithe frame Red magenta flurry And an Andrea Mantegna seen in a hurry Up the steps with haberdashery And then one raspberry sorbet colored small house stands alone In the midst of a parking lot A sprawling tree blossoming pink and red morphs And extends above a cherry tomato lawnmower Behind which is the textural side of the raspberry structure sorbet And below all around comes a yellow traffic perimeter And behind that still a field of bright blue A bright blue field After all that we are back in the parking lot Bright pink neon illuminates the hotel de balloonacy Balloonacy d’hotel Gardens with large trees- open- welcoming in the summer months Are atop the hotel of a balloon The three pointed crown Is the insignia of the balloon for the hotel Free form further down An addition A new arcade mortared over the space besides some stores To present a pleasant angel for and during your passiegiata All of the window displays speak to me now Actors and actresses players step onto this stage Red from a traffic light colors the leaves on a tree On come the over the street lights As passes a black clad band of youths with dogs A young man previously on his cell phone paces within a small range while smoking Satellite dishes and other signal receiving devices Atop the balloon of a hotel- the hotel of a balloon Amidst the gardens A split level mini-mall in Sienna A top level leading to a street above And street-side lower to another street below A supermarket duplex is among others stores within Further into Sienna the Piazza Del Palio Inspirations the race is for such mega-mall the novel attractions As- Torre- The Trunk Show where an a animatronic elephant head whose trunk on a column Sprays high pressure water jets Lecondo- Unicorn on the Cob And the porcupina colada Where though a rotund man did needle the poet so often as to become il porcupino himself I go walking away down the avenue Out the from door of the motorbike store Away from the train-station And towards the hotel shopping mall poem In a leather racing suit Past distressed plastic garbage bunkers Having sustained catastrophic damage In An egg yolk explosion And torn away burned to the nowhere combustion In a leather motorbike racing-suit I go walking away yellow-black on fire Next to green Part Three; Milano; Torino, and the Olympiad “The Show Must Go Home” A Spaghetti Best Western The outlet mall outlets in the mall outlets on the wall in the mall outlets in the hall what is an outlet mall? endless space allotted to light sockets? a giant hole in the wall? In-Café television machines of indeterminate usage in the light of back and forth intermittent illumination otherwise know as slot machines THE COVER BAND WILL NOW ASSASINATE THE DOORS AND THEN MAKE ITS WAY FOR THE WINDOWS Here comes the downhill muggers Look at the Russian family all decked out in red and white nationalist gear Where are they from? They are from Powerade The Gatorade stand-in always found in the nearest commercial beverage locker Presidential- Press credentials Press Credentials- Presidential “The Show Must Go Home” I am off of the chocolate train trenino gratuito and back on the street got my pen and my notebook got no one to meet though the balloon was blown into farfalle and I am off the chocolate train trenino gratuito only to run into farfalle at a shogun’s palace Sheraton at the crossroads soon again Here it is again like walking through another dreamscape abandonded in replicate not totally; obstacled and chandeliered- Cowhide so many players on the chessboard obstacles after all its’ just a furniture store and not in Hong Kong In the plaza/piazza where street lights would be street lights weren’t that they were in the inner courtyard and that that dream or the dream will resume is never garunteed High on frequent flier miles alone in a Best Western hotel room he watched the Olympiad on Italian television Infernal McDonalds’ where it is not alright to put up your elbows and even in the slightest begin to doze but it is alright to smoke He watched the Olympics on television alone high on frequent flier miles in a Best Western hotel near the Duomo with a breakfast buffet on the roof Infernal McDonald’s back at the infernal McDonald’s a man in a black jacket with a golden gecko silk-screened onto back in line from the point of purchase remonstrating to his girlfriend over and over this man an Italian man causes a security gaurd of African origin in suit and a tie a golden stud earing in one ear and a shaved shiny brown scalp to come over to him this agent of fast food decorum enforcement says” tranquile” to him as has the announcing official at the starting gate of Sienna’s infamous palio to the pile-up of horses {the guy lowers his voice and lessens his performance to several smaller outbursts to the great embarassmento of his girlfreind who though never really revolts} Now when it is his turn to order the McDonalds employee at the register in orange and white is seamless and gets the previously loud mouth’s order right Never one not to take one more turn I sip water in a land of fire at the corner alla scala the flames are exploding in the interior of an interior off of the double decker have I not seen such a scene of circumnavigation ‘inside the circle unsquared or the triangle inside the circle unsquared or is it a scene from a Italian restaurant inside a scene from the italian shopping mall poem He cannot decide four corner turn burn salon de octagon “Persona non grata” the film plays at the end of the church cinema two large flowers to the side of the ticket takers booth not enclosed by glass petals of cherry vanilla stalks in water- bulbs removed trolleys course by mopeds race round corners from streets unseen Downtown Niketown Hannbal Lechter’s housewares A Spaghetti Best Western Drooping strands of poly resin poly chromatic sculpture atop a converted mini-palazzo a spaghetti Best–Western of course He watched the Olympics on television alone high on frequent flier miles in a best western hotel room near the duomo with a breakfast buffet on the roof after being directed to Florence by his son the adrenaline of being with gods in expensive ski wear tighly packed in and fans screaming nationalist cheers and slinging cowbells attached to their bodies by metal structures as if by train tracks manual flush port-a-johns the half pip a backup singer for Gladys Knight split down the middle the half pipe a snowboarding event manual flush port a-johns on the streets of Turin watching the Olympics in a best western high on frequent flier miles a frequent crier smiles A Spaghetti Best Western a best western topped by spaghetti a Spaghetti test pattern Rosentwist the long winds of pasta the circuitous routes through the alps the tunnels like corkscrews noodles sportscars flying through and sliders on the luge down and around the stay tuned to the stay tuned cease of operations Technicolor color shield above psaghetti in a would be Rosentwist minus the hair dryer the torque of the fork the four prongs of torqued fork motion forcing the torque from the fork into winds of linguini stabbing at tortellini watching the Olympics in a best western high on frequent flier miles a frequent crier smiles A Spaghetti Best Western a best western topped by spaghetti a Spaghetti test pattern a spaghetti test pattern leather and sauce I am walking back away from it under sections of the sky constellation segments segmenting stars and the lines between them here on the avenues leading up and into the piazzas heavenly bodies like streelight pearls towards a palazzo style flat iron decked out with loggia its paths crisscrossed by a trolley line I am walking back and away from it back and away form it here on the streets of Torino and then again on the streets of New York A Spaghetti Chest western the Venus de Milo’s torso rendered in Yves Klein blue with a Dalian chest of drawers built in brought out and inside plastic figurines playing out the title financial surrealists take the train cowboys on horseback shooting after a toy train with baseball pitchers atop financial surrealist in the passenger windows financial surrealists took the train and surmounting the colored beauties head an downturned mound of polyresinate spaghetti It’s a psghetti Chest Western and everbody is invited inside Spaghetti test pattern in a spaghetti breast western the chest drawers are open and everybody is invited in lobsters and leather –leather and sauce a new furry lobster found in Indonesia in the waters off Indonesia a furry langosto A spaghetti breast western the chest drawers are open the woman in purple she is in Yves Klein blue she has golden hair a wig and then black and white stripes ala Michael Keaton in “Beetlejuice” Metal toy partners saddle up to draw at high noon in this best spaghetti western painters who worship chroma come out of their coma packing pistols in this videodroma French kissters look on the surrealist reality group is right nearby like a sidearm the charterhouse of parmesan all the onlookers including this narrator and hanging around hanging out and hanging on the Last sufferer the last supper the last supperer who should we cast as the painter and as Christ and as pilot and mary magdelene in the shadows after we come down off our DaVinci cloud should it be like pop painters like English or Kostabi and the final meal should be placed in the infernal McDonald’s in Milano’s galleria what is on the table spread fury langosto and the venus demilo with spaghetti hair on the lobster phone inner perimeter café casa Armani trussardi alla scala while the orange city streetcar winds it way clockwise a few blocks away the blue shirted waitstaff serve juicy red cocktails and plates of hor d’oeurves as a video shower of fire fades into blue water and the next drink you should order is turquoise Trussardi alla scala inner perimeter casa Armani cafe the Last sufferer the last supper the last supperer who should we cast as the painter and as Christ and as pilot and mary magdelene in the shadows after we come down off our DaVinci cloud should it be like pop painters like English or Kostabi and the final meal should be placed in the infernal McDonald’s in Milano’s galleria what is on the table spread fury langosto and the venus demilo with spaghetti hair on the lobster phone inner perimeter casa Armani cafe Trussardi alla scala In a distinct neighborhood of Milan a few blocks from the main train station a small church a Japanese restaurant which serves sushi platters on boats black in the night a movie theater with an exterior of blue with colored pennants attached to the walls on the viale Tunisia an erotica store with a long legged clerk maybe she was the owner seen from afar a studded leather mask in the window Tiki lounge furniture outside a nightclub piled up and sometimes used by the homeless In this chest western the buildings of the ghost town have painted on carved out breast doors and at high noon through the dust bowls a moose walks by If in as in a spaghetti western is to have Italian food in Western New York or for an Italian to have Italian food in Western New York Desilu Desilu Desilu I love I love I love Moosie! the maid near the maid of the mist did not make up my bed before I made it to Niagara the Falls with water churning as if to have one make in their pants the maid of the mist one cannot resist Italians in Western New York dine in the Italian Fisherman near where the fishermen fish back flips by cartwheeling clowns at the closing ceremonies of the winter Olympics this is on Sunday and carnevale starts on Tuesday release the ducks the celebration was more tempered last year in your dreams as they switched to German things are bound to be more festive this time Late in the evening at the self-watering mammary gland near a Banca Intesa branch late in the evening at a self-watering terrazzo mammary gland across from the café in the Giardinii between brightly colored buildings the hue of Frutti Di Bosco gelato Mangia con telefono Mangia prosciutto con telefono una telefono torta con proscuitto Proscuitto finito! telefono! telefono! Oh! Sugar rock candy umbrella even The pina colada was a debutante once An orange downwards pointing submersible container on and in active use off of a giant white and blue tractor trailer carrying freighter smoke rings of Audi sailboats are drips of white in the sea such clean legs such clean flesh a smile still beckons a smile between generations yet awash in the dazzle of youth Oh! sugar rock candy Carmen Miranda in a tinged cream umbrella even the pina colada was a debutate once How far is the Dalmatian from the toast? A one man noise factory unwraps his food while blasting his personal listening device pushing and pursing his lips for a muscular chew in the sala di’aspetto where one sits while one waits for one’s train to pull onto its track when one sit or sits and reads when one has nothing other to do Mestre laundromat sunburst mural explosion broken window shattered glass in the night vacancy in the day overcrowded now we have waited to dine in the seafood restraurant across from the art movie cine where it is run by three hefty brothers and their mother and two of the others other then the mother are present tonight on the wall hangs a group photo and who do you think will bring you your risotto it will be one of the two brothers who are other- other than their mother is is down the block with the third right now at home brother while the poet has mixed grill with a group of seafood lovers Il Vero e Il Falso the real thing or a fake yes it a real Fernando Botero the guard finazia hosts this informative exhibit so you can tell the difference between a genuine Rolex and the fascimillie or the same for gucci Il vero e il falso and yes it is a real Botero where does the day go over to the aqvarium where hermaphrodite sealife is on view self -impregnaniting egg droppers and species which die after reproduzione the real or the fake one and yes it’s a real Botero tre colori a three color printing offered by a printer in Mestre tre colori a restaurant with three canopies red, green, and white on west 47th street in New York tre colori the three colors of the Italian flag the boot of Italy is iconic while the mass of China is not in a store in mall an optically active wall relief in the shape of the nation state and hermaphrodite models descend down into the sea laying eggs in the act of reproducition before tearing each other to death Now we turn to see the designer’s vision Now we turn to see the designer’s visions Now we turn to see the designer’s visions Valentino the actor’s funeral was a silent affair Valentino the courtier’s forty fifth anniversary celebration of his work in the design sphere was replete with a retrospective of the dresses he did including a a bevy of mannequins on a staircase without a balcony on display at the ara pacis in Rome and in party in Cinese at the Villa Borghese Sitting in a racing suit by dainese in the outlet mall in Italy if only for in the meantime imaginarily fashion discounts at store on the outskirts of major cities sometimes looking like fascimille villages done up for the red cross by the concentration camp supervising nazis Processed prosciutto prostituted prosecuted prosciutted The pink rosy swirl of a Venetian chocolate sphere unscrambled to present not a portrait but a sccene off of the vaporetto passenger station San Toma and towards the pensione here to stay all the way upstairs the meaning in the late evening remained to be disambiguated this poem could have stayed where as it were in Mestre where a useless upgrade brought the metal curtain down on that experience and led to a new suitcase without wheels and then one with- so it will be off to the chocaltiere in San Toma ata later date once again A dream about Isabella Rossellini who is sitting on a television sound stage talking and I approach her “I know your nephew Tommasso” I say – I used to work with him (as a tour guide) his email is but now he is in Italy he is your twin sister Ingrid’s son she is your twin sister he was hanging with me when she kicked him out all of this only part did I say and then I realize that she was inside of a tv screen all the time Lead us into temptation do lead us into temptation but not all of the time Pound’s Cantos Cants Pantos Cants Poundos print it on a Pound note “subtle innuendo’s follow must be something inside….” the mall poem Cockfosters young men with prominent phallic protusions in pantalone and pantalone di cavali parade and posture during the mall palio like roosters they abound in the surround in all that the cock-fosters in the piazza del palio here Bill Clinton, Willaim Jefferson Clinton sitting before a boardroom table and in back of him A large Canlaletto or Francesco Guardi Canvas or a reproduced and then blownup fascimille And he is pontificating Become an ambassador of the lifestyle afforded by the Italian Hotel Shopping Mall Poem… where there are cameo appearances and appearances by cameos A woman in purpling pink atop the white field of a sun dress has donned ornamental Bvglvari sunglasses and a necklace in the shape of a small lantern which is colored dark metallic pink with baubles set inside purple and burgundy red a deep purple rock atop a ring upon her finger and a gold and diamond bracelet clasp featuring lions or dragons upon her wrist gets on the train in Venezia Santa Lucia and departs (partenze) in Vincenza I did something in Venice I did something else It rings to Abba’s Mama Mia the downloadable ring-tone for the cell-phone into the whole song but not for long the woman opens up the flip-phone and says “Mama” with emphasis right after the last heard “Mama Mia” from the song now we realize it might only ring mama mia when mama is the caller and the caller id might read wiwth her phone number as on comes the song Engrosso Haydn concert in the Galleria the reflecticve disk overhead Mozart “That Fuller Guys” tetrahedron Robert Indiana’s “Nonending nonagon” upon the field of a Missoni silk sweater a polygonal as if hurled palio flags coming back round together into a shield at the breast plate and the abdomen of a fashionable man ov olives evolve love ottagano Bocce bowling for balls Take an object and project a plastic object bought not necessarily but perhaps in a set A Dainese racing leather clad motorcycle racer a bright night light hooked into an outlet is an object which projects A faded male model who writes and once lived in Milano A writer who once modeled and also writes and knows About how Versace’s circus colors in his clothing were influenced By his birhtplace in the south of Italy, Calabrese But also how the courtier was able to make it north To Venice and indigo The man’s eyes themselves purpling as the lights of the Christmas display in Manhattan’s Time Warner building overhang above the subterranean whole food supermarket eating are cast their sparkle downwards into the silver sheild worn by my cellphone The Spaghetti Museum of Fine Pasta the knife engaged with the fork the fork engaged with the knife in a pas de deux with the polyresinous noodles uprising corten steel tortellini and later Rosentwists Our brand new roof Gorgon is now open! no, Gabriella does not want to go shopping (with you (me)) in Italy This poem is not a consumate well-studied phony Though you can study well being a phony there is the real thing and there is the phoney which might leave you outside in the rain screaming forgery on course but what are you doing outside in the rain A Burnt orange and cream trimmed pair of white designer briefs Roccoco baroccoco like Versace with panels of dine painting on the field Of the the hips and the buttock thighs and upper groin al of which curve as then does the Fabric as the dream begins as the eyes go deep down into the paintings Shroudy with a hundred percent chance of meatballs in Torino today This poem is not a consumate well-studied phony Though you can study well being a phony there is the real thing and there is the phoney which might leave you outside in the rain screaming forgery on course but what are you doing outside in the rain pondering il vero e il falso il natura di Fraudolenti outside in the rain In this Italian Shoping Mall Poen The Maltese make the malteds in the Mall In the Maltese Ice Cream Parlor In the Maltese Gelateria And sometime outside in the rain Allure At the Olive Gorgon The fruit of the vine in the serpentine locks Of the bartender medusa When in Rome Visit a Shopping Mall Poem Progresso Giotto, Gelato it is not very pleasant To ask a Pisan for a piece of Pisa And it would only done by a Venetian who was blind Parade of Prada Defend Fendi The Guardia di Finanzia Must defend the house Must defend the House of Fendi This is the Olive Garden It is a simulated Italian experience A Virgin birth and then a sweet caress A sweet caress after a virgin birth Swaddled in loving arms After all it was the view of a boys naked behind Which brought one here to the once an empire of of harbors and statues ampetheaters, volcanos, and songs of love Now it is time to sit down for an aqua con gas At a nearby café There is still time for Italy Though gnochi, gnochi, gnonchi on heavens’ door Rigatoni, to fix a Broadway award Abondanza is a good Tony

A blonde Tuscan blood to fuck me good

A blonde Tuscan God to fuck me good there is still time Though right here in New York Right off of eigth street and right into O-T-T-O For rondos of pesci appetizers Pesci right off the rondo here the billetti you receive Is your ticket for dinner after your initial glass of vino The slip of papers states a city As once you never said bongiorno Having missed the opportunity to switch trains On the way from Venezia to Livorno Here past the foggia you draw Latina Though later you and the architect Johannes opt to forgo the cantina Otto,Right off of eigth street in through the revoving door Sassari Ferrari Pasquale Farfalle Musica Septembre La Rinascente Sassari is the second biggest city in Sardinia And its citizens are Sassarians Sassari are the citizenry And though some may have been born elsewhere Its citizens are Sassari or Sassarians so sorry’ Café Lugo Ristorante Il Porcupino One Fra Angelico Four Limoncellos ‘ One Annette Funicello There is a little Italy in all of us Don’t die a Nazi, Don’t die a gnostic, Dainese Lucretia she will Borgia you to death There is a little Nazi in all of us Sliza Liza Liza Minelli Napoleon was exiled to the island And given some Elba room There is a little Itlay in all of us The light on Mike Piazza the chicken marries the rosemary orso the orsi say Bianchi Jagger Bed, Bath &  Bianchi Welcome to the Italian Shopping mall poem home of the simulated Italian experience where the simulated Italian experience has its home Very InTriesteing Got to go for the Risotto Tutti Frutti Scutti Venutti keys go down the drain furioso, the eternal maternal refrain from gloats in the city of boats here to  there for we are again Sinking deeper into sinkholeswhich one can see by the street crews must and are being fixed now but there are alsoo infrastructural digs in the ground around lithe boys walk byeverybody’s phone conversation can be heard by everybody walking down the side of the canal The designer Anna at the Venetian is the four Suisons A child throws a ball so far over a door that he cannot get at it anymore then soon he is coming down the street with a high toy car fun-plex which he arms up into a wheelie and what do we have to say for the poodle Mike Tyson in  the Piazza amidst pigeons non-propiertory i n the outdoor aviary of San Marco a nibble, a gaggle a handful of what is edible handed to the ephemeral by the once remrakable is he this brute, this jester, this complicated figure taken aback? by tese birds who will not always come back in on homing in towards his shackbut yet he might be verily satisfied by the immedia cy of the interaction and that these birds shall be in perpetuity replaced by others and might just on keep coming right back The man in black against the concrete wall by Tado Ando in an old building the new annex of the palazzo Grassi housing the art collection of Francois Pinault the man in a black suit against concrete and inside a silver circle back agsainst concrete inside one of five silver circles or four and quarter from the bench where I sit the stone is perfect perfecto the square block  made of warthogs mashed together bisecting the round of the fifth then fittingly the black suited white shirted man is gone and another black suited guard moves through to place his back against the wall there is the hull of the black cast of a car the wood ceiling above running water the opening of a bottle soft shoe across the floor music stands with notebooks opened to gestures and my time in this city has just begun I lean forward into garlands of lights A whole range of hydrangeas Hydrangea hi stranger A whole long wind from time to time Its not all fine figures In a Piazzale all the way to Roma Repetto Gepetto Amaretto Forgetto About it Operetto Upsadaisy upsdie down again oopsedale Ospedale the upside down of upsadaisy oopsedale scores Scorze Martin Scorcese Insanity is to come back a second time and expect a different risotto The designer Anna at the Venetian is the Four Suisons which are spring, winter, fall and Suzanne Summers Vivaldi had asthma probably so Napoleon of course he was a Corsican A Corsican of action who could get no satisfaction and he tried and he tried when he was on top of his horse again this Corsican on a course of world domination causing Royal powers indignation and endless agrivation and he tried and he tried he was riding on his horse and starting all new wars but for all this action he could get no satisfaction and he tried and he tried this Corsican on a course of action who could get no satisfaction this Corsican on his horse again This Corsican of course he was Corsican The light on Mike Piazza the mushroom shroud of  Turin the light on Mike Piazza again Golden Lions The Lion d’or Leone d’oro Leos, Lions by the door at Bravo in the simulated piazza twin sisters of the zodiac are by to administer and bring you your meal at the mall but soon it will be off to the Campanile again A self -replicating multiverse inserteded in , extracted a  Self-fabricating  one introduced into At the Leopard having needed a new spot their phone number was yours for a momenta in a newspaper review eventually corrected is this the leopard they ask no its the tiger you say and then roar is this the leopard intellignece service style undercover is this the prey? you return Shop and Schiaperelli Gepetto Repetto Repetto Gepetto Pinocchio’s wood-ship was fashioned in Gepetto’s workshop Shopping malls in Torino Storino Storinos Gepetto Repetto is in the armed forces and from the N.A The Netherland Antilles Of which Aruba is or was a part and home of rooftop sunning iguanas Once mineral deposits unsolved murders because the bodies cannot be found needlefish all inclusive resorts divi-divi trees the big bosomed woman with the Dutch accent who tried to change my point of view a bevy of guard dogs a yellow, white, blue and red Island flag very expensive towels honey dipped lambchops and carnival crewes like champagne and balloons Stores from allover the world now open in this the colossal Italian Shopping Mall poem (late of 2011) and many scenes from it are playing at the Susan Scutti theater, the theater Susan Scutti- Teatro Susan Susan Scutti- Susan Scutti cinemas – to which you realize  after pulling back up sure enoughto get a cap left behind which is part of your stuff it is a multiplex and there is a sharp turnoff inside not a straightaway so it is not straight ahead and you have to tie your shoelaces which came undone on your hip-hop sneakers sometime before to regain the item which you successfully fetch Hasta la pasta vita baby Pepperoni Italian scallion baked ziti with a three mushroom garlic bed A semi submerged giant floating shopping mall capsized, yet to be right-sided off of the coast of Iosla Giglio Cavities blown into bodies and at first survivors picked out of wetsuited rubber jelly fish divers talk of cowardice am an too taken with a woman perhaps to clearly watch his steering as he shows off the coastline for her or to give a salute as he has before The semi submerged floating shopping mall, capsized , yet to be right-sided A capsized decanter of olive oil All aboard the Costa Concordia to take a vacation you can ill affordia Medusa variation of turned over water slides which bedeck today’s superliners or shoot through museums for those of outdoor funhouse persuasions its not hard plastic linguini or hard for plastic linguini shaken up attractions file photo distractions colorful detritus- never taken a cruise waiting for someone to invite us The Italian Shopping mall poem has now capsized is overturned and yet to be right-sided A Giglio Gigolo? Then again in Venezia the desert stone fortress version Circonavigatory, circumnavigation blessed by a small loving dog Ample sunlight -The Mormon healer who does bong hits and foot electrolysis In decorating she has chosen terra hues and brown with cordovan upholstery for her chairs she serves corned beef  from out of the pressure cooker to her guests and over is the the faith based healer who also does bong hits and says that faith based athletes who point in the air after touching their heart reference his work and that this amounts to nine million dollars in branding worth Venezia another walled-in gated Venetian Desert city in the Italian Shopping Mall Poem Overturned Yet to be Right-Sided Yes you owe me Misowni Missoni I miss my Missoni a lost swaeter must be recovered Missoni impossible A light on the piazza the light on the Chris Piazza for commedia della arte which Vonn Sumner Cummings is not necessarily not except in instances photographing the crisp light on the Piazza Mike Piazza happened earlier Familiarize yourself with the Famiglia An Oyster puts in a Clameo appearance Eataly Ataly Batali Abontonydanza Its a wet darkened trenchant tiramisu in the inoperable aftermath , the charred remains of many a famed city becomes the texture of externalized dreams waiting for the transverse of simulated rematerialization Aquamarina Correggio, the core of Reggio the core of Reggio Don’t make too Miuccia of Prada Its a Neopolitan shoecase Its a Neopolitan Shoe Its a Neopolitan shirt Of Neopolitan Bonaparte The “Imagine” mosaic is a gift of the city of Naples not Naples, Flordia (they take our senior citizens) Naples Italy The two most famous Neopolitans in New York City history the tenor Enrico Caruso and painter Francesco Clemente Th San Gennaro Festival celebrated in Little Italy is the feast of the patron saint of Naples Hats off to Naples Trailer for the remake of “Gore Vidal’s Caligula”… Trailer for the remake of my life- before I started writing Shopping Mall Poems I went all the way to Italy To use the facilities To make use of the facilities At the far end of Grand Central Olive Garden And the playboy playmate says that the people who work at olive garden tend to be good looking that is the people who work at the Olive Garden Tend to be hot Its high time for a mixed salad bacchanal but it’s not high time for a high time and for that we’d have to roll out the Bolla And in a similar shape a sculpture by Benjamino Bufano and perhaps on in the collection in vineyard of the winery of Robert Mondavi in the Napa Valley Boy would I  like to eat an Italian sub ABONTONTYDANZA Masculine beauty (Misssoni Impossible?) All I ever wanted to do was hang around in Piazzas and frequent espresso bars while oogling lithe boys with Gucci belts while they walk by in groups while dreaming of studs in armored Dainese racing leathers and dark almost skinned golden haired reddening beauties in Versace circus briefs I rememeber walking throught the streets of Torino throught the huge Olympic piazza with gelaterias in the arcades at its sides and the metal balconies of apartments on the nearby ways on avenues To go live Garden at the Olive Garden Perhaps after seeing Tru you went to Sardi’s Perhaps after receiving a search engine hit you Googled Francesco Trussardi and found out that he died in his Ferrari In the city of Bergamo In a manner after his father Nicola who died in a Mercedes though on the Tangenizale est in Milano after hitting a lampost Nothing like seeing a Pisan with a new piece of pisa For pies are pile up to make a Pisan Torre of many stories smaller and smaller as it goes higher and higher Such a treat one should acquire for a garden of architectural curiosities perhaps in China Modeligiani Missoni Possible A sweater is returned Tom Cruise is uncovered but it is Suri who is photographed in Missoni You can Cruise the Grand Canal or you can Cruise the Cruises in this or in the Arabian Shopping Mall in another of my Poems Life of paesano Ermengildo Zegna Supercalifraglisticemealidocious Armani Back to the Life of a Paesano An anchovy  , a piece of pepperoni  and an artichoke heart

 fall off of the dinner table and in scrambling towards a gastronomic resurgence these would be ingrediants try top congeal with or repel each other before the cook comes along it is the piece of pepperoni and heart of the artichoke no now the artichoke gets a hold of the anchovy and the piece of pepperoni is gone Walking through Miami Beach three black cats come along then looking across there is an Italian hanging not for a Sienese Cantrata as I first thought but of Remus and Romulus from the founding she wolf of Rome suckling and it is for the burnt orange pizzeria and Trattoria Sylvano’s KIA

Sandro Chia Cucchi Cucchi Coo Bottle of Red Bottle of White It all depends upon if your ass  is tight Scuola Grande del Carmini Scuola di Rocco Scuola di Rocko Scuola Rocks Versace Rocks Donatella too A real Missoni Starring in a Missoni Impossible Vittorio Vittori Missoni Missing off of the coast of Venezuala A plane crash? And some say to find him Is Missoni Impossible! Giovanni Rana At the base of the shoporama Across from the up and down escalators Pasta upon demand pasta Prepared for now to eat here or to take home in a presealed plastic package for later and for dessert there is panna cotta And also on the menu to go with your pasta is lobster but in the Palisades Mall no one but the cook is there so people just stand and stare He said that he fired the women and replaced them with machines He told them to talk with their mouths and not with their hands So here they need to show the American mall goer How busy a Rana Ristorante is in italia It has to go from the bag an into the pan Lets go to the video tube or lets head over to Chelsea to check out the Ristorrante Rana in that neighberhood Ooh la la Ooh la la la Ooh la Rana not Lady Gaga la la rana na from veronanana Giovanni Ranana A desperate Vespa A Vespa desperate for a parking space Pulls in right behind my car It could have gone in sideways perhaps but its driver chose straight So after two glasses of Chianti at the Rana pasta palace Afraid to touch the fancy scoter with my auto This blogger walks around and round the block Stopping at an Apple store in order to add recent entries to this poem It was right at the tail end of legal parking Had to snag it Though in the end it was easy enough to get out Not a Queen of Madagascar, Ranavalona But Giovanni Rana, a Pasta maker from Verona I’ve been seated in Times Square in a FIAT in a fleet of Fiats going nowhere Had an expresso Had a gelato didn’t stay for the movies Now I suppose had they been showing Fellini And well perhaps they were Qwerty werty Chia is also an ingrediant that goes into a diet pill Dr. Phil as well as a painter and a pet Pia Pia Fries Frieze freeze frozen in a freeze frame a still life is still time standing still The raven haired heir to the paper fortune Passionate as well can in the end be convinced that there is more to life -di più nella vita- than Gucci and Prada The famous television poetry program producing performance poet moves uptown Way past the upper West Side to a detached house in washington Heights (not too far from Manhattan Brigadoon) where the counter surfaces in the kitchen match the stone on a clock in tones as if one of those great tables which sampled all of the varieties of Italian marble in one top on a white field, with green trim Now I feel like I am at Mr. C on Pico boulevard in L.A overlooking on a hill overlooking Beverly Hills Oh, look at all the beautiful Murano glass chandeliers Shall we have some spumoni? Shall we go for a walk? Now this writer needs to do in words what Harry Cipriani did in creating the Carpaccio and the Bellini And no you cannot it or drink it all Capiche? Valentino tie insphoto A Valentino Tie in Valentino ties A Valentino tie thin A thin tie by the courtier Valentino A thin tie by the retired designer Valentino Light purple swirls with violet gray a design as if Florentine stencil paper A tie by the reknown Italian fashion designer known as Valentino Tado Ando Adamo Tadolini Enrico Tadolini Giovanni Tadolini Eugenia Tadolini Tortellini Brioche with flan Luciano was not a soprano Pavarotti was a tenor Luciano Soprani was a  fashion designer whose clothes or clothes by the house of whom have been worn by Rihanna and whose black and white looks like that of retro Versace Brefs there were no briefs In the case of Cunanan Everybody was already dead They don’t make the Italians in Pakistan like they used to anymore A golden ochre Ventian themed motel off a Southern California freeway Trying to keep up with the Italians while traveling down the avenue I am trailed and caught up to by a man on a skateboard Who reminds me that I am a Jew and that the names to research are Amedeo Modigliani Primo Levi Rita Levi-Montalcini and Lorenzo Da Ponte

Olive Garden this restaurant is grated  cheesy You have to go all the way to Tuscany to use the facilities Holy turning tornadoes of Torque Bernini versus Borromini The Megamall as the mind of God Who did do the baldacchino,%20St.%20Peters%20Basilica,%20Rome.jpg then? About to leave a Salvation Army thrift shop A lion d’or necktie catches my eye and I buy it on the fly Durable luggage give it TUMI Holy turning tornadoes of torque Borromini versus Bernini The Megamall as the mind of God Who did do the baldachin then? San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane Quattro Formaggi Pizza in la Piazza Quattro Formaggi The emotional violence of the Italians mixed in with the placidity of the Swiss Anna Piaggi Mario Biaggi Mario Biaggi Anna Piaggi Quattro Formaggi In a world of endless pastabilities Altastrada Try and take the high road When you can Rosanna Scamardella, the inspration for Gilda Radner’s character, Roseanne Rosannadanna and Rosanna Scotto are not the same person, though both are Italian American, have been local New York City anchor women Originate from the same Brooklyn neighberhood and are joined at the Ernie Anastos Here is the story of the family who moved from Naples, Italy to Los Angeles, California and are the realtives of the blonde toddlers Luigi and Antonio The Neapolitans were mostly fat women though the grandmother wasn’t too hefty, she it turned was Calabrese they had all moved to near the port of Los Angles they had two infants in the party, both blonde antonio 1 and Luigi 3, Antonio knocked a tooth out one of the women’s mouths the same woman said to another you think you are the only mother fn b – I had my own seat but five late arriving mexicans came and the driver evicted me and I was thrown in with the family counting all the tickets later on they changed Antonio’s diaper right on the bus and one of the women not the sharpest tool in that shed barfed after what one of the male victims said was bad Pasta mixed with sea sickness from the boat cruise I let Luigi sing on the microphone the next day Abruzzese who had transplanted themselves to Youngstown- the trip planner threw the tickets at my head at grotta Azzura because he said he felt that he was being rushed – later he demanded walking tours of wall street and the world trade center becuase the company copywritng on the internet garunteed it and when I called my boss to gratify him he said that I was embarassing him- nevertheless when they came back from the boat ride the skies opened up and we were only able to do the WTC, so he lectured me but I convinced him that I did all that I could– meanwhile in the end they did not go to the office to complain because they were in a rush to catch Brad Pitt at his big public appearance in times square for the opening of World War Z She was like the cherry on the top of a baba ricotta z but perhaps she was more like the cherry on top of a baba rum no she was more like the cherry on the top of a baba ricotta given to match the Louis Vuitton sunglass frames of a pastry bestowed upon bus pasenger from Minnesota taken care that technically it was the tour guide’s fault so here it is she endowed with this plus two canolis chocolate covered and plain in a totally disengenous act performed by the host to save later development in a strange set of circustances But the character in the novel Fergie Splitzer who wore a strapless Roman Red dress she was like the cherry on top of a baba ricotta The Porto Finale for James Galdofiini Occupy Paulie Walnuts Brad Pitti in World War Ziti Zombies and sauce Dead sticks Beetlejuice arises from earlier in the epic poem The Venus de Milo in Yves Klein blue Gun slingers in the Spaghetti Western Rivers run rosso Zombies, leather, Lobster and red sauce Beeteljuice back from his revue at Universal Studios Brad Pitt Achilles a chilis and Venus where the venue is de Milo and as the Italians are eclectics it is alright if the section is miscast and not air tight Leather, lobsters and sauce a furry langosto it is a wet darkened trenchant tiramisu and in the inoperable aftermath the charred remains of many a famed cuty becomes the texture of exteranlized dreams waiting for the tranverse of a simacularized rematerialization ceiling collapse All my rowdy friends are coming over to Ceasar’s Palace tonight! The Ceasars got a salad but all the kaiders got was a roll I walk the srteets of the ancient poem Salemme salami Salumi God of Carnaggio A Cake Boss submarine creation a confectionary nightmare for the Navy Where the bottom of the ocean of the mare is all a day glow and Poseidon is stake on to what appears to be a sea of colored cheese mixed in with bad pasta sauce a cakes cape of all buttery lard yard upon yard painted over in bright orange and green coral beds Though however the the vessel which lays upon is is stealth black sleek and once presented to brass is chowed right down Jim Napoli All alone in the almost darkness in the well of the well of the Roman church with an antique statue or meeting a priest or a friend on an off hour or at a less trafficked outpost of Catholicism Vintage retro new again Gianni Versace lace and leather wear–but-not-for-themselves-heres-donatella-versaces-attempt-to-get-men-to-wear-lingerie.jpg worn perhaps inappropriately by wedding guests; one man in armored wear including a band around his phallus…… A young man before the event is allowed to go into an insignia store of the brand and try out a mesh metal dress because he is in the company of a well known eccentric multi-millionairess The rules of attraction surrounding Mike tyson in the Piazza while the baseball catcher waits to gain entry into the Hall of Fame In a double decker hallucination I am trying to say Buona Sera to young Parmesan man in a family of Parmesans who is not totally listening to me while employing headphones to hear the tour in Italian and while sitting next to him I also talk Meatball Obsession, I must admit I have developed meatball Obsession- round and round past the meatballs which are round There are so many balls you can meat but also so many balls at which you can meat Make up some meatballs or meet at a meatball meet up What did one cornervore ask the other cornervore? Where do you meat? Or an inquiring person asked a carnivore couple, how did they come together? And they answered with, “Do you mean where did we meat?” There are a couple of carnivores on the corner heading towards their obsession with meatballs where they met It’s the corner store for the cornervores Though down the street bit its a hit Its obsessive and compulsive to reorder by why not flow with it Ciabatta Cheawbacca Cavali I wil lead the procession back to Meatball Obsession

Meatball Obsession Corner store for the Corner Vores 14 street and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, NYC

Meatball Obsession Corner store for the Corner Vores
14 street and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, NYC

Festa della Sensousity Festa della Sensory Input Festa della Sensitivity Festa della oh no Sensory Overload Meatball Obsession: Where the Carrion is the Carry out Carry it on out perhaps to the Piazza del Palio Where the whether is cloudy with a chance of meatball obsession Shroudy with a chance of meatball obsession again Rape of the same old women Cloudy with a chance of meet and greet balls again Rosanna is molto Scotto Crowdy with a chance of seeing cloudy with a chance of meatballs again PeppeRomi Grotto blotto Otto Giotto The Blue Otto Grotta Assura The Abruzzese Martin Scorcese There are people name Otto Giotto on Facebook enter a search term and take a look for the Otto Giotto’s in the Facebook Avanti Fioravanti The school of Mulberry street California here I come again If it is owned by DeNiro it is probably denear here You are so full of GiamBaloney De near here is that de near here Do we have a minion for a mangia? To go down to do a youtube last supper at Joanne Trattoria? Chiesa San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane As opposed to a victory Quattro De Blasio You know all that time at the Biennale that I was staring at Fischer’s version of Giambologna’s “Rape of the Sabine Women” which was melting but at the time I appeared it was not to o far gone and this viewer said wha Carrara Ferrara Coreggio Bobby Carnevale Carpaccio Caravaggio Come on Moldova and see me right now the girlfriend who distracted the captain of the doomed cruise liner costa Concordia will come right over and see the television audience Well here it is 2013, but, in 2011 I made another journey to la biennale and la Serenissima Landing on a rainy day in Spain to have café con leche and finger food in the airport, while admiring The boutique of the Venezuelan born New York habitué, Carolina Herrera

The Carolina Herrera boutique in the Madrid Airport

The Carolina Herrera boutique in the Madrid Airport

Not as layover long enough to connoisseur any specialty as to please the eyes with figures so sublime, but Venezia awaits! And so back to the ristorante of three brothers and the mother! And the a nice full butt in pink shorts photo Julian Schnabel braggadocio over at the Correr Yes Sir, he owns the white mark in painting or so he says, but it is all so colorful abotonydanaza Here we are again in the land of masks, churches and sensuality MASKS Stopping in to see all the sights so tight Don’t we have the ass as the day approaches night The walls are scarred

Ancient Texture

, shadows drench passageways and give birth to shapes
I try again in courtyard after courtyard, and on bridge after bridge
looking down into the water and up at the flowering hedges
Until finally rambling onto a launch
You asked for a scarf
I asked for a God
I chased them
Stared into a shop window
And it was Carnivale again
How many times can we cross the Rialto?
For how many beautiful people can we lust?
Wire in motion
a furious form
I am not going to hang upside down for a cheeseburger
I am not about,
am about to admit
that it is about hunger
this desire to form from
To take form and to from and form form
And the Rugby players off competing in Treviso appear
Ruby Stud in Venice
Pinocchio, dancing dolls and on the Rialto mighty Gods-
We learn quickly what is not ours and move on
Bisected pant suits, stone sculptures like dislocated safety pins
I am so ready to be executed that I pose for the shot
and acquire a Dainese helmet
Am I hanging on a replay?
Is that was happening to me now?
Italians are fascists who do not follow their own rules
There is not less than zero
@ café Nero
is that deNir here?
No it’s in Londonium
Where they recently discovered an Empirical Eagle
We walk the streets of the ancient poem
Causing me to get up close and personal with a column
Is it Trajan’s
I need to design a double decker gondola
on which to fondle you
Oopsedaisy oopsedale finale biennale sopedale
Shalomo il maestro di Fusionissimo
Madonna of the smart phone sevice
The lithe boy is your pieta
Dark heroine
Take a walk on the Childe Harold side
In the piazza Repubblica brine
In the watery encrustation of and sunshine
Wall of Armani
En colore e no colore
Studs and ragazze
Wifi is nowhere to be found
Ristorante loggia stazione
Pussies of the seven hills come out now and again
and purr,”Meow bene, meow bene”
Ass forward Nike theme arena
in Roma Temini
Multiple platform stadia
Penzione Spento
Never mind all the confusionissimo
In English it works better as convergence
in Italiano it is all the way gonzo Fusionissimo
perhaps then there will be an embassy of the moment renamed convergence
to the Grand expanse of Fusionissimo
or perhaps in the end there will only be Fussionissimo
Fusion that word is a cold water flat
that’s where that’s at
to rename it Fusionissimo
One does not need a semester of symposiums at Pratt
Gepetto Schettino Colombo Gambino
How about you all starring in a spaghetti chest western?Don’t mess with me
Though I won’t say that I face this world all alone
Jim Slapoli
Nike at the stazione treni
On shalloween Venice floods
Moods, mimes, muds
the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
is in Dosoduro
A scene from a dream
by Signac
And you have got to come back
Mustachioed canoli
Torso Orso torso
Tourists toruses Orso
Orzo Borgia Bruso
Borgia Bruso Corso
Roly poly Holy Vezzoli
rubber ducky baba ricotta
Il Forno station
Il fornocornerfication
Il fornocornerfornofication
Garbazzo paparazzo
Il forno for a staycation
I should hav gotten a pad near MAXXI
Goalie Vezzoli Italeat Eataly
Di Donna Mamajauna Zuppa di Joe Pesci
I need to us Di Gionna
@ Eataly, where you died and went to food
Giusseppe Veneziano Count Giovanni di Verrazano
Massimo Crapanzano
Valentino ties
Valentino tryouts
Valentino tie ups
Melting Lacoons of past boy loves
Entwined rape of the same old guise
Split level dining space
Between elevators,
Yellow lemon ochre faux
Wood paneling
A table, a chair
A plant, a loft space
To mania
A single art print
Perhaps of cypress trees
But with nobody there
The Enrico Arousal room
The Enrico Carousal room
The Enrico Carousel room
At motel six a very amusing desk receptionist
In the round
He who has been to Rome
Santino, casino
Goodfellas, bad failure
It’s a Ferrarar better thing that I do now
Then I have ever done before
here I am all Italianate
in a partially torn black lace Versace
risqué men’s lingerie one piece romantic under vestment
but for the night, alright alone the better to seduce you with
then I am meant to move bottles of water, cartons of
while sometimes supervised but eh ex tour bus company
now a walking tour tour guide
and actress chanteuse,
Lets see see how many I can move with the power of my powerful ass
Durazzo d’Orazio
Magic haired gelato
In il Commune di Noale
in the the palio the pageant for the palio the pageant for
standard bearers, flag wavers luscious boy loves in bi-colors tights
judges, patriarchs, drummers,
Lords and ladies
Ramparts ruins
The Gryphon had landed
Following a muscular Adonis
pulling a rollaway suitcase
down a tree lined avenue turning into
town, On the Corso
On the Corso Palladio
it is not easy to hear it
Ramparts and ruins
Ramparts and ruins
Giorno di Coca Cola gratuito
Love Italian style
There is nothing like following a muscular ass
Don’t ever underestimate what is behind a sizable behind
Stalkers, followers, flesh eaters
Escarpments, reconfiguration,
Balance beam walkers and the young couple in the center of the piazza
Seated on the pedestal of the statue of Palladio
Oh Young lovers with nothing better to do!
couple piazzaNIPPLE PICNCH
I am off stage to the side
A series of spatial replacements and time for another Campari
The tiered terraces of porticos and staircase summits, exits, intersections
Inside alcoves, facades within facades and hideaways
Giuseppe’s Pizza & Plastered
Theatricality aside inside
Green and white clean lines
clean line polished floors
to slip in and out- out and in
then up the stairs and then down some more
and over into another piazza
where restoration is well underway
At his bridge in which you sit watching other as voyeur as they voyage
upon what is perhaps their daily tour
And then they are no more
and then you end your tour
before you return once more
This poem may have begun lustily
La Dolce Vita on the Via Veneto
the movie begins lustily, the Great Beauty, la Grand Bellaza
A la Campari, a la Martini
and into the thumping Roman night -the Roman night thumps thumping
the dance train line jumps humping
There I was trailing ass again
la Serenissima, Glasstresses and synapses
waving goodby to a bloody mouther Berlusconi as Count Dracula
The Danielli, Metropole sunshine on a boys rear
A rainbow of spices at the pavillion of the Americas
Aromatic the Indonesian pavilion cinematic
Then at the Bahamas an upside down astronaut and frozen ice hermetically sealed
and more rears in the endless chambers and courtyards and courtyards and chambers of the Arsenale
and the Giardini overlooking the lagoon
Garnish at Ganesh in Venice
and a bleeding at the mouth Berlusconi
as Count Dracula, Bye ! Bye !Berlusconi
The nipple topping the center rise of the Villa Rotonda
Four corner fortissimo
Holy burning Ferraris
The Indian.
I mean the Italian
Tre colore
Rosso, bianco e verde
I walk down the streets of the ancient poem exclaiming “Hail Caesar” for Sid
But unlike Julius I have but one Gaul in mind
in other words if you want to sleep in Caesar’s Palace
you have to get out of bed with Caesar’s wife
Welcome to the Italian Shopping Mall Poem,
The home away from home for self-referential Italians who want to read about themselves in another tongue
The dying Gaul flies
A real Citrush,  frutti di bosco e pino
Sobretto the Chi Chi Valenti Valentino Valentino Rossi Sports Club
In the large display window of the famed toy store
At the far end of the Piazza Navona,
Al Sogno,
A multi headed menacing moving dragon figure
prompting many to become onlookers
Stopping to look in wonder and or joy
al sogno
Multiple multiples of multiples
Supernaturals of naturals
Culminating in a Cubist explosion from forms
It all  ends in the boy on fire
A sensuous volcanic volcano langostino vermilion sleeping bag down winter parka boy
of tender cheeks and beginner sideburns
The Roman Coliseum, colossally
For a flashback
Dial Dr. Timothy Lire
There was no future for futurism
For futurism there was no future
There was no future in Futurism
Umberto Bocce Uno
The Marchesa behind the Sombrero
Bacchus to the Future
Back ass to the Future
A boys ass to the future
And in the future a boys ass
A black ink twister in lycra, Emanuel Rieder

Another black in twister paired with Patrick Rastner in the two man luge both in black lycra is Emanuel’s brother, the slider Ludwig Rieder

They are both sliders and sliders in black lycra the brothers Rieder
Rieders; riders, sliders and gliders in black lycra the brothers Rieder
Riders, sliders and gliders trained as not to be colliders
Twisters in black ink the brothers Riede
The highest growing “Olive Garden” in the world
Situated in the artichoke heart of Times Square
Is to be renamed
“Grazie Mansion” of course
Meet and greet and tweet at sweet sweet Eataly!
You can eat with an average Joe or Joe Pesci at Pesce at Eataly,
Where the wait-staff is not always so meet and greet sweet at
Sweet sweet Eataly;
But the pesce is so sweet once you get to your seat
at sweet sweet Eataly so sweet!
“100 Percent Pure Crap”
Count Giovanni di Verrazano
Zucotti the product
of the marriage
Between Zucchini
and manicotti
il Forno it off for sometime
Like in a pop up storybook
Il Forno is a destination
For a Staycation
And Il Forno is a destination for those on vacation
Il Forno staycation
Il Forno Satyricon
Il Forno have a few glasses of  Chianti
and then stay over for some fornication
Bocca di Bacco
I have never made it to the
Bocca di Bucco
Bocca di Bacco
I have never made it to the
Bacco di Busso
Bacco do Bocca Bacco do Bocca

Bocca di Bacco

Bocca di Bacco

Stallion Sport City Peter Oreganato Grotesque Azzura A near Fusionmissimo The Costia encoded And hopefully the ship is not leaking waiters The Raft of the Lampedusa Don’t get bruschetta on your sweater Or rigatoni on your Missoni The whole farmani on your Armani From Farmani to the table Is your bruschetta with fame but don’t rig a tony I am cheating on myself at Giardini Olivato, Lunch at Da Nico On Mulberry Street in Little Italy Mozarella, red peppers and olives in the antipasti Tomato bruschetta pizza Shrimp in spaghetti Fruit platters Sugar covered fried dough also known as Zeppoli Marsala in Branford Branford marsala Chicken Narsala in Branford, Connecticut to be had at Lomonaco’s Perhaps you need some Pulzone

Il Fornification to a have a boy while he is away on vacation Cambio you have got to hit the ground shopping For the Gucci Fiat? Gucci Gucci goo You that’s who Have you checked your Pulzone Check your Pulzone Got to catch the eruption of Mount Vesuvius on Pompeii for view My attention is always drawn to the best looking young man in the room Looking backwards at the boot of Italy looking forward to the boot of Italy Composed of corks or rolls of quarters or lire or all all three The Boots of Italy

Italeat all of Eataly
A dragone in lycra
In Powder blue a luging beast
Then slimmed down sleek
Davino Da Nico
Davino Da Nico dineiro De Niro
Italians are stallions and on Columbus Day
There are battalions
Davino Da Nico DaSilvano
Th pink entrails of snails
The entrails of pink snails
Nothing like a Venetian sunrise
Seen from the glass pavillions of Marco Polo airport
Blooming out towards the lagoon
Like jugglers balls in voluminous glass cases
Early morning neon sentries
long check in lines and security
but studs are out in force
Most hot mango papaya  down mountain climbing Gods
Its a break of dawn expresso
well packaged physique viewing
golden wingspan day break
an Empire expanding excitement exultant
And in the Veneto you did what you did
and then so it was off to Madrid
Cardinal Angelo Sodano. Tony Soprano, Ristorante Da Silvano
Please slow the bus down now
I am to be a Gucci belt clad
 Missoni sweater donning
racing bicycle racing under-padded short slipped into
Shark diving obsessed executioner
 Hi on the air of past asthma inhalers
Looming above it all, Carberra’s
Torques and tondos of salumi and formaggio cremoso
in Vicenza a nipple twist
In Verona Kiss
The Calzone layer
Verde marzipan
After all people are interested
When it is all about Gods and Godesses
Where was I?   When she was seen
The woman in black , white and gold
Retro on the metro
With a little spin on Ertie
In the tropical part of this Italian Shopping Mall Poem
Lounging as brewing over  white grey clouds go black
It was in a an alcove within a cover of palms
Adjacent to a black man in a white hat in a blue jacket
with white pattern detail
and  a man in a salmon colored dress shirt
with a whit a white broadcloth collar
dining  on salmon, while the other man had pasta,
As the storm beckons
I head in first
And get a  corner table for three
at  a head where the seating winds around the long dark green grey couch
and in  comes and sits a  loud customer
raising his voice to speak every phrase
perhaps in conversing with elderly parents or friends
he is relentless
I want to blow a huge wind downstream
and shut down the verbose bib wearing shellfish eater
now next to me is a humourless man
with a shaved head , probably just post workout
all his ensemble ensemble is of the same color, black
he is a low body fat non-responsive expert fork handler
who asks for his bill  in the back and forth
before the one in which next I ask for mine
This has been Sylvano’s
Voices never would have carried outside
Then  on a second night
in a burnt tangerine m melon light
No  such distractions
As to what went  wrong and right
The Tuscan toucan has never been tot Tuscon
Don’t keep walking pasta the pesto
I know that you are on roll now,
But, slow down now for some ravioli
Aria areas arrears Aria Joey Arias
Please leave the aria
Anthony D. benedetto
You may have left your key in the hotel room
But he left his heart in San Francisco
But the he left his apartment on Central Park South
to go out on tour with Lady Gaga (aka Stephanie Germanotta)
However they they will beck to perform for three nights
at Radio City Music Hall in June
For your ilfornomation,
Proseccan proscuittotes will be prosecuted
Getting ready to set upon it Settepani
Venice where you are always within an easy reach of a Veneziano
Do you have Grotta Azzurance
Were you swept away by Da Beppe
Again you always want to be within easy reach of a Veneziano
Hey Paesano
A pizza pie on a raised silver serving platter
in the sidelong window
just down from and the corner of
where the walls juts inward and seperates
the glass look throughs
Drove like a demon towards Bricco
and stormed into Bello; Boca di Bacco, basso and Bricco
but not Bacon
Get to the back of Boca di Bacco
Get back to Basso
Get to the back of the Buso
and you might meet the late elementary school principal, Bruso
Don Corleone,Don Bruso, Rene Russo
Filet the lynx for the furrier Dennis Basso
Remember the late Connecticut Governor Ella Grasso
Go to get in that car and give it the gasso
No treble, no treble its all about that BASSO!
imPortofino, Importofinale
It will be, it is  going to be an important finale
imPortofino, Resotofino
Lobby rich wood heraldry and a theme of cavali
Seen form out of the corner of the eye of a gondololiere
Positioned stationary on the Grand Canal
balanced on the side of the vessel with his oar for steering
grasped in his hands
Off to the side a salumi e fromaggi cremoso cielo
A prosecco super nova burst in the piazza
at the festival fireworks before the church shadowed
the church built to celebrate the plague’s end, Il Redentore
   (“The Festival of Redentore in Venice, Palazzo Balbi on Canal”- J.F Willumsen)
Sausages and poppers
Verily we pass  Il Verdi by
We bypass Il Verdi
Gristoranrante for my mill, gristorante
Palazzo Duplicioustucale
The upon request hooded and partially masked
Florentine boy Master by cam, delivers orders
Now not to travel to the antique Venetian theater, Asolo
to witness a dramatized reading of the poems of Harold Pinter
to be delivered by a to be too soft spoken Julian Sands
What dreams may come;
after listening to trombones
and then sitting down to mangia calzones
I f you had just opted for the Stromboli
you would not be reading this poem about a Zamboni
this Zamboni poem
I thought that I would have been on top of spaghetti by now
But, I think that spaghetti is on top of me
Goose sausage thought that George Steinbrenner was on top of Rhighetti
I certainly would not have wanted Rhighetti allover me
Back to Buddy,
the cake boss’s
navy submarine
replete with a  day glow
Bottom of the sea coral reef underworld
A Russian painter
who paints Venetian scenes
in St. Augustine
Is it not bittersweet,
That a Billionaire who made his money in chocolate
Should die on Valentine’s Day?
I do not know
if one should close a café named Dante
Where on one be headed?
And not to stick around to say andante
Café Dante.
that’s where Dante became a De Blasio
And where the tour guide, Dante Mercadante was named twice\
Whistler in Venice
A whistler in Venice
It is time for the Roman crew
Crucifiers, oarsmen, galley slaves,
varsity rowers, catapulters, astronauts,
boys in tight singlets of purple and gold, red blood armor
the spectacle of anatomy beauty death
“Eatalian, closed for vacation”, gone
La Sapienza Sancho Panza
Satyrs, Sedarists, Sadists and satirists
Centaurs, Senators
Roman centaurs and United States Senators
What once was Pirate Property is now an al Frescove
Sebastiano del Piero di Cosimo de Medici
The Sissystine Chapel
It is confetti confetted con fettuccini
I am confessing confetted
Famous past pasta dishes
i must confess
Gregory Torso
the lamp is a doozy
a doozy of a lamp
Festivotive a Festovovo
La Stop and Shopienza
Don’t you think it is a little more than ironic;’
to be Tyronic
Stepping for the goose
An airborne pollen pizza
A cheesey Mount Vesuvius;
spewing olives, sausage, peppers and flaming pepperoni
A Pompeiian eruption at five o’clock in the morning
but hen one is better after attending Bikram Yoga
Pirelli Faneellis
live die and eat pizza, repeat!
Trattoria Piccolo mondo never on monday
Gentlemen star your Carrabara’s ;
color changes
sunlight blocked
Not La Cicciolina but La Nicoletta
A woman girl put upon the face of this Earth as if just to upset you
Cut and paste
Cut and paste tomato paste
Cut tomatoes cut paste cut tomatoes cut paste cut tomato paste
Cut cut tomatoes paste tomato paste cut tomato paste
paste tomatoes cut tomatoes
cut paste paste paste cut and paste tomatoes and tomato paste
Cut and paste tomato paste
Sting in Tuscany
Four maraschino cherries slid off off of the whip cream of a banana split
on a hit August day
Into a sea of Campari
A Cake Boss submarine creation a confectionary nightmare for the Navy Where the bottom of the ocean of the mare is all a day glow and Poseidon is staked upon to what appears to be a sea of colored cheese mixed in with bad pasta sauce a cakes cape of all buttery lard yard upon yard painted over in bright orange and green coral beds Though however the vessel which lays upon is is stealth black sleek and once presented to brass is chowed right down
Milan Expo the official World’s Fair of this poem
This poem sponsored in part

Barone Rossopomodoro

Scallopini Spaldonini
Molto grazie Giorgio Totsi
Museo Maxii and Bettino Craxi
Ground flour café
Donatella Versace glows in the dark like the repossessed Lamborghini  of of a Qatari Prince
 in London
Don’t a tell Donatella that she is in the Italian Shopping Mall Poen
I do not want to find a dead pigeon next to my body
The Lamborghini Avantador this poem glows in the dark like the Lamborghini Aventador
For the Poet is a Lamborgenius
Tom Orso of Corso
You are waiting in need of ride back from him
And he stops at a crack house to see Dominic as you wait outside trying to avoids addicts who are quick to light up
Stand clear of the Avantadors
Stand clear of the doors of the Avantador
Streaming balloons the colors of Italian food ingredients pepperoni zucchini fromaggi
Not funny florentine forensics are finding the fragments of fifteenth century statuary felled by Foreigners taking photos for their folios
Fettuccine al play doh 
Polenta of opportunities 
To continue to write the Italian Shoppings Mall Poem
There step plenty of opportunities out there 
Olive olive oh love! Olivegannno Duomo
This poem never Enzo
Ottagano Octagon the Never ending  Nonagon
In Milano, In  Milan!
Wladzlu Valentino Liberace
could not call his equally talented distant younger cousin
because when asked he could not nor could the guest
figure out how to use the flip phone in his possession
A long hallway leads into this part of the poem
and we sit down for some chianti
A group of Livornese has grouper Livornese
Not for the lazy amongst the Livornese
Who do not join the group for grouper Livornese
but perhaps later when the group regroups
the lazy Livornese regroup into the troop of regrouped Livornese
There will be a trattorial
until the pizza is completed
held at Planet Piazza
Th current mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro will not be using the Elton John
at least not anytime soon
The aroma of Roma Euroma Euroma2 you aroma and your aromadue tour aroma 2
But down below in Santina, A Ristorante brightly colored
Southern Italian with luminescent Murano glass chandeliers
and a Julian Schnabel seascape fashioned with his trademark broken crockery
Everybody in pastel at least the staff
Hot damn its so hot it makes a Ralph Lauren Polo Store want to retire man
Il Buono Vulcano
Il Vulcano Buono
You know that I just got to go
An atrium rounding ring of pasta steamed
Having been brought to a simmer
In catching the form of the mall’s center space
Where all the concerns are dedicated to foods and their composite ingredients
Represented by male models playing out the roles in a many a guise
And then thrown into the bowl at the base
Il Vulcano Buono
Il Buono Vulacano
you know that just got to go
Lots of Lavazza in the Lavazzatory
This poem never Enzo
It just stakes out new Italo-territory
Pasta Vita I keep going pasta and pasta it
Where does a Pope with a lower back ailment reside?
In the Sciattican
Keep on talking while the fork is forking
The North Fork and the South Fork
And Montauk,
But not only Mon talk we all talk, while the fork is torquing
And we talk into the forK at “Torque of the Fork”
And sliders eat sliders and there are no ghost riders
only Justin Imbibers – Imbibers Just in to enjoy a fancy Chianti
And perhaps a Spumoni, but, never, a rice-a-roni
Your Coach bag is a phony
Abondanza Tony Enzo Sperone this poem never Enzo
After Mont Blanc out
A Swiss Blanche out
A Swiss Blanchealanche the Colorado Avalanche
I could not get the word duct out of my head all day;
Duct tape- wild duck anatra Sinatra duck sauce wild duck
viaduct seductive reductive aqueduct give it up!
Nooks and crannies
Butts and fannies
so far no trannies
The long walk to San Marcho
Down jackets, corseted armor for men
Even in the “Infinite Nothing” there is something,
Every cloud has a silver Fellining
A secret garden where boys in down armor come to be ogled
and perhaps penetrated from behind
A secret giardini
A secret guarding a secret giardini
Ripe butt muffins
Slide up and into them
On my way to expo on my way to become an an exponent
People love to be layered down
People love to get layered down
Get down
Get on down
Are you down with it?
Are you down with that?
Get down on it!
My Crostini to bear
Grazie Music;
People saying graze to pre new wave retro romantic music, all day
Voila Nola LLLLOLA Irollllla
Ferrari Ferrarians and their behinds
make Shitzu
Primo Piano, secondo pino, terzo Piano, Quattro Piano, quinto Piano
Renzo Piano and the Grand Pianos…. Il Nuovo Museo Whitney e Il Buono Vulcano
Cancernissima the smoking lounge is
The other side of the volcano
Turkey at Eataly Turkey
Turkey at Eataly Istanbul
Welcome campers to Camp Campari!
Verrazano very zany – very zany Verrazano
Next time coming back i know where to stop
For he carried the full body flavor of life
That luscious bottle of Chianti Rosso
The stem and the torso
the voluptuous cylindrical rounds
And then the gorgon entered and ended the scene
and on came a dead rose
Jeff Koons in the Piazza della Insignifigance
Rigoletto rigatoni rig the lotto
In Venice punching back from behind the Signac
Very zany Verrazano its fungo to go atomico
Funghi a fun guy
Where does the day go
Fungo atomico
Cibo e vino
Hollywood e Vino
Frank Pepe
Phil Pepe
He’s a Pepe, He’s a Pepe
(Francis he’s a Pape)
Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepe too
 Frank Sinatra, Yogi Berra  and Walt Disney
All in one dream
Yogi Berra as Walt Disney
Grin and Berra it
You are not Berrad yet
Still Baroling for Euros,
Baroling for dollars,
But, no more to be Baroling for Lire
Barolover Beethoven tell Tchaikovsky the news
Vino at Fino
Ralph and Sophia Loren
A whole lot of Nola
There is a whole lot of Nola going down
Going down to Nola
And there is always Nola to go down to
Which one?
It is time to Brigandine out
That is Primavera is pasta until it is Primavera again
Baron Carlo Tomato
Vinny gets tossed for Drinking too much
At Grotta Azzura
and then he is back dining on Lobster Fra Diablo
While wearing a bib
The late Luciano Traviotti
Were you a Scalia Campari compatriot
A sliding Scalia
Pantheria Uno
Al Capone
Don Corleone
Velvet Carmines
A velvet carmine
In the Roman Temple a gastropub
all roads lead to the vomitorium
As we walk the streets of the anceint poem
Benito Il Benito Non Finito
So don’t be left behind
At the leaning tower of Pizza Mind
A Sliza of Pizza
Like Joe Giudice from the Real House Wives
and Anne Hathaway’s ex Rafaello Follieri
Get sent to prison and then get deported
and hey after all you win a free trip back to Italy
 It was not no too late to start tour guiding in Rome
So here where you are now explaining the seven hills which form the core of the Eternal City
but now in doing so you need to pause
Which leads you to apologize to a tourist
Who was not paying attention to the patter
But to a find possibly an antiquity
So it was never.all about you
And now you bring up barbarians
The vandals and the Visigoths
And the Latin names for Germany and Ireland
Allemania and Hibernia
BOOK 3-  Carnivoreveale
Marco Da Ros goes Rosso in the Piazza San Marco
Court Jesters and gelato
Marco Da Ros goes Rosso in the Piazza San Marco
Il Forno four corner Carnivorevale
Fornocornercarnivorevale in the high Vonn Sumner
And in the Piazza San Marco Marco Da Ros goes Rosso
And It all  ends in the boy on fire
A sensuous volcanic volcano langostino vermilion sleeping bag down winter parka boy
of tender cheeks and beginner sideburns
The Roman Coliseum, colossally
Venus cannot prevent Adonis from going hunting
For he is going off to hunt other Gods
For he is going out to meet his death
Adonis died hunting the wild boar
Felled by the beast, he should have turned its head around
like a wicked auto ride through Rome
To say Adonis was a God
is not to say Adonai Echad
Adonis was a mortal God
What do I know about beauty, I am a beast..
 Frutti di Bosco
Frutti di psycho
Frutti di Bosco al Fuoco
Psycho Gelato
Calling out the Vigili del Cuoco
to fight the flaming Frutti di Bosco
Il Civetta
e il Istrice
the crested Porcupino
due contrade
the Owl and the porcupine
start out the best of friends an engagement so special between a bird and a bristler
that a photographer has to be on hand to capture it
but though as the two lie together eventually the armored battery skinned small animal
releases in quills into the bird one or a few at a time and the détente is over
The English “Sock it to me” girl from laugh in dies
Her death is reported early
Not knowing if it is a hoax
Perhaps this is Carne-Vore
Perhaps when they throw the fired employee
into the Volcano Mall’s pit
it is all for the crater good
I am only in that part of this poem.
which I am in which is the only part where I can be
where a mall employee shoots to kill in a 4D arena
hit the head; heart, lung, stomach and liver
he practices in between to be ready should a real occasion arise
He squeezes his firm buttocks tightly to pull the trigger
keep your arms out in front of you when shooting
otherwise target practice can be dangerous
Who is the slave and who is the Mestre?
Marco da Ros
Frutti Rossi
Frutti di Bosco
Frutti di Psycho
Frutti Rossi
Barone Rosso
After it all went red
in the Piazza San Marco
Have to be adjusted into stance
for target practice
at the shooting gallery
inside Il Volacano Buono
oh you mean, Il Buono Volcano
designed by the Master Renzo Piano
Frutti Rossi
Martini and Rossi
Martin and Rowan
Aldo Rossi
Frutti di Bosco
Barone Rosso
Fruti di Psycho
It all went  red in the Piazza San Marco
Throw in extra Virgins in olive oil
virgins into the Volcano
were you on the menu at Expo?
Were you on the menu at Sexpo?
Throw i extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extra Virgins in Olive Oil
Book four
Il Rustico
Like a rustic Roman ruin it appeared or emerged out as it was half hidden in the verdant Roman Campagna  a foil for the eye but an invitation to its withins.
Including the new kitchen stadium which in other words the faux edible arena the masterpiece of all architecture ever created for culinary combat – the Raviolium whereby giant enveloping steel wavering but with creases settles  into straight the two interfacing upside down and downside up come together to seal the structure with the arena within packed in like the stuffed pastas ingredients would be when prepared for consumption perhaps today the San Fransisco spinach is playing the San Remo cheese
But this was only another pressed out creation in the mega mall novelist’s mind stamping out fantasies on the assembly line of verbal suggestion. For mental digestion who was going
to sit inside an arena inside a giant piece of public ravioli the superstructure for seating and entertainment and infer structure and other function within it confines now perhaps people would stride through an arcade made based directly on the strudel much thicker and open then any known noodle
But still it came him this basically double vertical and horizontal gym and soon of the Brendan Byrne become the continental become the izod and become the so in arena in New Jersey meadowlands sports complex it reminded him pressed together but the elongated an opened up inside ravioli extends directions as suited to go down and out for seating and up for height here we are now in the 3d printer in his mind roll drum drum roll Raviolium
“The Descent into Limbo” by Andrea Mantegna
Christ Descends into Limbo in the panel by Andrea Mantegna
Now held in Princeton, New Jersey
“Descent into Limbo” by Anish Kapoor
A man falls into the abyss, slips into the void
housed in a chamber like now anthropomorphic cabinets open
orange and black flashing then paint highly finished.. if Beetlejuice returns
and duels between furry lobsters langostino , lambrusco