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Sunflowers in South Orange New jersey Bikram Speaks Gold Statue Stands World Cup

May 17, 2011

Not much longer into the same spring (on May 10 , 2010) as the Richard Prince opening at the Salon 94 outpost on the Bowery, this blogger went to see the yogi Bikram Choudhury (usually just known as Bikram ) whose 26 hatha moves he had doing for six plus year speak at the Riverside church under the auspices of the new East Harlem Bikram Hot yoga center. ¬†Wearing a white hat and suit like on his lounge singer c.d’s Bikram amused the crowd to no end while being forthright but never phony.

Bikram Speaks @ the Riverside Church

Later he got a gold Times Square statue to pose

All that Glitters

Next I went to an exhibition at a French Restaurant in South Orange, New Jersey area dedicated to sunflowers curated by a woman named Madelaide a long time bff of my great friend Deborah Rabinsky and featuring among other Deborah’s husband Rick Hildebrandt’s blossoms.

Artist Rick Hidebrandt Enjoying a Glass of Wine at the Opening of a Group Show Featuring His Sunflowers

Deborah Rabinsky on a Sunny Day

Next was the world cup and the ESPN network had some fantastic posters placed on the side of the bus terminal known as the Port Authority.

ESPN French team Soccer World Cup Poster

ESPN 2010 Spanish Team Soccer World Cup Poster