Govenors Island 2- Prince Harry Plays Polo Again Ivanka Rides the Boat

So this lost to forever to repeat himself navigator of avenues thought himself so hip as to voyage to the Sentabale, Veuve Cliquot , Prince Harry Polo fete  once again having had so much fun last year.  But on that first day the weather was perfect but on this one though sunny and clear it was hot, humid and opressive.

He dressed the part and made his way to the shuttle this time alone.   He began snapping photos as he talked to what turned out to be the social editior of Paris Vogue (or so the person said) then in front of him was a beautiful couple and he took a few photos.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner on the way to the Polo Match on Govenor’s Island 2011

This social editor of Paris Vogue who sits before the Kushners in the picture said that Naomi Campbell was supposed to have come but decided to make off to Miami instead at the last moment (too bad and I was going to ask her badness “What do you get for your assistant for christmas? and then answer “a helmet” get slapped, sue,  make a couple of million and remove myself from atop the double decker bus).

When I arrived on the island again we boarded trolleys to take us through the press gauntlet to make it to the champagne and food and polo veiwing area.  On board the trolley someone was giving a slight tour and whenver she was wrong about a fact while she was facing the  others  aboard including I&J from the seat next to the driver I corrected her and took over.   When we got over to the site, exited and  approached the battalion of photographers were pointing their cameras directly at me, I asked why? (I did not know that I had arrived ) , oh yes I was standing next to Ivanka Trump (previously believe it or not I did not realize this).

This time I wore a Hermes Cravate sporting an orange field with unicorns and half moons and many people loved this piece of silken covered cloth ( you can see it here}.  It like the day was very hot.

Soon I ran into Demetria Daniels again and together we found a lawn spot.  We reposed with a couple of food and beverage managers from an Atlantic City hotel casino. The Prince at some point in the match fell off of his horse (that is while I was turned the other way and missed the debacle but heard the very audible oohs and aaahs and witnessed the besmirked aftermath).

Meanwhile at one point a bloated man in a sirsakir suit walked by me… he looked kind of familiar and scanning the  soceity pages it turned out to be the new Marlon Brando, Val Kilmer.(this made up for the time at Miami Art Basel when I had missed him and Anthony Haden-Guest was telling someone how the ex-Batman had remembered him)

By the time  this fancied up for the last time bad joke maker on the fly was completely winded and this started him on a course of summer asthma which was only abated when Demetria hosted a poetry reading for she and I in an Upper East side appartment she was sitting. Therein I met a Hungarian real estate broker who referred me to a Chinese herbal remedy for breathing which he said would come intot he lungs “like a cold cloud off of the Himalayas””
and so it did.  He sent me to TAO healing arts on Union Square west and  they sold me this   Use it- It works!!!!!!!!!!!!

And let it be said Ivanka never once asked anyone for a seat on the boat she and Jared were very happy to stand.


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