Car Changes, New Hotel, Happy Birthday

Jean-Louis Bourgeois Blowing out the Candles for Number Seventy

On the way back from Clermont  (the Livingston estate I presume), Neil and I stayed at the Days INN in Ridgefiled, Conneticut with a great indian restaurant Thali which is also right down route seven from the Little Pub in Wilton, Ct. In fact the whole hotel has a lot of colorful sub continental flourishes and flourishes ina wooded area on the way to the Danbury mall the mall in Danbury where later I would find and return a discarded Bellone hearing aid.

Now I began to switch Toyota Solaras leaving behind my good friend of 230,000 miles plus, a silver-gray predator drone  of 2002 for a 2004 white more conservative plush model with about almost 40 , the older one babysat in the meantime with some art world painter friends.

Next columnist, National Arts Club stalwart and tour guide late of the making Gary Shapiro took me to the seventieth birthday of foremost adobe expert and scion of artist Louise Bourgeois in a gorgeous West Village wraparound aartment suposedly purchased from Rupaul. (later I thought to write his wiki bio)

Now I said goodbye to my best friend my car as I got a new used white solara with just shy of 50,000 miles.  After I saved the first on from an old man salivating over its parts to be sold off like internal organs from a cadaver.  Eventually it went to a friend a still life painter mention earlier n this blog’s history and eventually to the friend it was going to go to first and it was driven almost all by this blogger all the way across the nation in late 2011 and left behind in California in the golden sun just shy of 250,000 miles.

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