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Target Fashion Show at the Standard Hotel in the Meat Packing District

January 31, 2012

Well the next event worth noting that I attended was the Target Fashion show at the Standard hotel in the Meat Packing District on the Island of Manhattan on August 18, 2010.  Well in the heart of summer I had seen somewhere that this fantastic Target event would be taking place so I asked fellow tour guide extrodinaire and cosmpolitan New Yorker Max Naegeli who is a denizen of the hood if he would like to join me for the spectacular where the corporate powerhouse who surely owns the color red in retail just as Julian Schnabel owns the the white mark in painting if he would be up for joining me and he decided in the affirmative.

The Standard meanwhile is owned by Andre Balasz the ex boyfriend of Uma Thurman (who also may or may not have dated Courtney Love at some point stand back 200 ft-actually I saw a free Courtney Love show at the Maritime hotel also in the hood a few years back the same night as missing Suzanne Vega at the Highline ballroom and seeing a line nearby and finding out that if you stood on it if all you needed was Love if you waited there you would get it).   Balasz is the owner of several hotels bordering on many including the Chateau Marmont (aka celebrity o.d headquarters on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood and the Standard in West Hollywood).

The latter of the two and namesake of the one currently discussed was the only one I had been to before (not that I was going inside on this night) and where I saw Nick Nolte in a room at the Scope art fair thought he was Gary Busey and missed my oppurtunity to make deep conversation with the Thomas Jefferson portrayer.

The famous nightclub atop the hotspot the hottest spot on the hottest spot is atop the spot which is always called hot the boom boom room (which it turns out blues musician John Lee Hooker once had a club called that way before) and for which in my verbal wanderings around and around in a squircle I pressed down this on my I-phone ……Baby boomers were going boom boom over rumors of the boom boom
So make room for the boom boom
and make room for the boom room
and for room to boom move over to the boom boom room
where there is room to boom and the room goes boom and boom goes the room and the room goes boom boom”…….

Well here on this night Target took over the windows all the south facing windows of this hotel interfacing with the highline only the second elevated railway in the world to be turned into a park  (the first being the platform plantee in Paris, France by the Bastille).  This hotel has become both a place of urban legend and reality because of the many things seen in its windows sometimes by tourists sometimes by voyeurs (I myself as  tour guide on the “night on the town” when visiting here and with adults would show off the scenario and one out of about every ten times a stripper would appear leading to a gratuity jackpot waterfall).  So here on this night target played upon this and introduced their new clothing collection via many models hired to dance in windows once darkness hit and lights flashed and music pumped and the colors went off in xylophones of chroma and and other patterns of illuminated light (Max said that this was worthy of Bangkok)…  In another instance I brought a service order there leaving a birthday party at the Fribourg townhouse where the butler’s golden orange Hermes hue uniform matched the drapes the beautiful international crowd was brought by double decker to a party at the aforementioned hotspot atop the hottest spot spot on off at the spot and I learned that this was the family of the man who had affair with the television anchor had broken up the marrriage of Paula Zahn and Richard Cohen and not those birds Pale Male and Lola leaving his roost on Mary Tyler Moore’s ledge  as sometimes is reported ..this must have been his ex-wife’s place .. The Conagra fortune what a story.  Threatened by the Nazis the Belgian Jews owning a grain company all got on a freighter and sailed for New York City where they are still today.

While I am between laptops for uploading I-phone photos a huge cache which have been lost here is a youtube video of the glamorous event.


The WDC Madame Tussaud’s and Edward Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetery

January 8, 2012

Next it was back to my old stomping grounds, The District of Columbia to see the Madame Tussaud’s which had opened there as well as Ted Kennedy’s grave next to his brothers Robert and Jack.  But before I got down there traveling South on 1-95 the New Jersey Turnpike I decided to turn off and in for the night.  Staying at the Quality Inn in Carney’s Point which is a sprawling old motel here parked was the being trucked around discover the disorder attraction tasking you into the heart of COPD, “The Journey to the Center of the Lung”.   Visualization is an important part of any process and I wished I could of as I from asthma right inot the border of COPD loved to have stayed and taken the ride but alas!@ it was off top Madame Tussaud’s in downtown DC to check it off the list of attractions which this blogger has not seen.

The figures were a mix of Presidents, other political figures and other sports and entertainment giants , as expected (top heavy onthe Prez bunch).  For likenesses the Ronald Reagan was a du (too tyoung too comical once its off its off to expensive to try again ) but , the George W. Bush was right on.  barack and Michelle who must have  been somewhat new were poised and seen comfortable with each other as well as their guests.

Moving over Madonna sucked as she sat on a purple couch in a black suit in a semi obscene pose Johnny Depp was a good like ness but look disheveld and with a hangover.  Biggie Smalls was killa in a fresh white suit and hat as if raised right there from the dead  Kudos to a well posed shirtless Tupac Shakur (if you were missing either of them).  Now Marion Bary the several time notorious ex mayor the  district (who Ihave met on several occassions) was smiling and had a high degreeof versimilitude.

This was a one day visit and as coming back from Dubai I raced off to the Ted Kennedy wake (after all I do my take on his But I still Love New York Speech from the 1980 democratic convention where he ultimately fialed to rest the nomination from incumbent jimmy Carter).

So I went out to Arlington to see the late Senator’s grave near Jack and Bobby and jacqueline’s he had been such a hero of mine growing up the only Kennedy brother I ever got to witness or remember witnessing.  After this I looked after finding the gravesite of his great frien Sernator Robert Byrd the longtime majority leader and found tyhat it was ad ifferent private cemetery in Arlington, and I headed back north.

King Tut

January 8, 2012

So later in that summer of 2010 (as it all gets hazy now as the writing is now so far behind) this writer saw the king Tut (Tutankhamen …see I knew we had something in common actually Khamen is inside something a series of coffins not to mention the wrappings) exhibition at the new discovery center in the former printing press area of the old New York Times headquarters (the Journal’s second of three in the Times Square midtown area).  This exhibition was remarkable in that this time it do not visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art (its venue last time around during the reign of Thomas Hoving which virtually invented the term blockbuster exhibition) but found it precincts in the aforementioned venue associated with National Geographic. This time the famous gold inlaid covering for the boy King did not travel from the museum of Egyptology in Cairo but the chariot upon which he may  have died did as well as I believe his grandmother (or what is left of her).

The most amazing thing here was the video of how they took the remains the mummy of the young ruler out to test his DNA to basically establish conclusively the line of the Amarna Pharaonic dynasts and that Akhenaten the very famous monotheist was in fact Tutankhamen’s father.  What also marked this exhibit was that certain items in the gift shop’s proceeds were labeled as going to the then Egyptian First Lady Suzanne Mubarak’s so named Children’s Museum  and of course  it would not be that long later that her husband the President would be toppled.

So in 2011 of Hosni Mubarak was the second to go in a line of Arab leaders to fall or widen their perspective so as to not fall from power.   Being a tour guide and visiting a tomb (Grant’s of course) I added this to my repertoire…. The interior sarcophogi of Ulysses s. and Julia Dent Grant are based upon that of Napoleon Bonaparte at Les Invalides in Paris who  we will all know was not interred in one piece may he rest in pieces as opposed to  Groucho Marks’ joke “Who’s buried in Grants’ Tomb?’ …, nobody he’s (they are ) entombed, as opposed to Pharaoh who was entombed with a little help form his friends “born in Arizona, moved to Babylonia”… got a place in Time Square, King Tut, …..that was last year so were the Mubaraks, so was Qaddafi (Ghaddafi, Khaddaffi what have you) Syria is a Assad sad situation

King Tut Did Big Anubisness

(to the tune of Elton John’s Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word),…Oh he done one gone, oh Kim Jong was Ill (done as a rap).

Though missing the extravaganza at the which coincided with my Bar Mitzvah year (the Steve Martin tune was always played to throngs of wild children at such events) , in Cairo several years later I saw the  effigy of the boy king in the midst of dysentery, bus accidents, lotus blossoms and a tired out polar bear at the Cairo zoo plopped down under a waterfall.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

cut and paste in haste from here to see a slideshow Anubis’s entry into New York –