Fashion’s Night Out 2010

Leave it to Anna Wintour “the Devil that Wears Prada” (eventually the Devil that wore Prada in wikispeak) to come up with this big self congratulatory industry promo open store mega party.  This was my first one of what would be at least a two year tenure as a hop on hop off bus narrator escort for the partiers the masses and the just curious who can or could play the tourist without paying the price.  Strangely coinciding with September of 11th and the towers of remembrance being up in the sky the event had them cheering and shopping while others stopped so as not to ever forget.  Early in the veining where we the other tour guides including former Union local President and Fashion plate Karen Fleming Punk Rock style guru Ron Whitacker and others and I got on our respective grand wagons of advertising commerce and tourism at the steps before Lincoln Center one of the first fashions victims to be seen and met by moi was Bill CUnningham’s New york star and former Nepalese diplomat and the guy the call the crazy suit guy form the movie about the social and fashion photographer  Shall Upadhya. When I met him he was wearing a balck suit with matching cap decorated with designs in yellow paint in which he can be seen here ….

Shail Upadhya and Karen Bass at Hamptons Magazine's Annual Clambake Hosted at the Montauk Yacht Club Resort and Marina

(Shall Upadhya in another Colorful outfit on another day)

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