Pup Fiction: Maury Povich and His Dog Birdy

So yesterday I was waiting at the famed Dakota apartment building for a group from Ontario to step on and be their guide.  The A and C trains had been weird lately and so I decided to take the A from 207 to 59 and then catch the 1 tain uptown and walk over, but I just missed that train as I arrived at its Columbus circle platform after subway lines.  The overhead sign said that the next train would be in twenty minutes and that would leave me late for my 8:15 am date.  So I got out and walked along CPW to the Dakota.  I was going to stop for a bagel and butter and coffee but with the multiple blocks  I did not.

So soon I was leaning against the thick black rail before the empty moat of the  Dakota watching dogs being walked by their owners into the park.  A few minutes passed and a dog was in a frenzy making its way by itself several dog owners pulled their pooches out of its path. It looked to be an Irish Setter (but this blogger can not be entirely sure).  Soon one of the uniformed Dakota doorman recognized the canine which was obviously running home and wrangled it in making it stay, apprehended.  Then soon out of the park followed a man in a blue and white jacket bespectacled who turned out to be Maury Povich.

Maury leaned down to lecture the dog and take the dog toy the dog had poached from some other dog and then made off like a speeding carriage horse broken free form the cab.

Maury Povich at the Dakota lecturing his dog Birdy and taking away a rubber toy he does not know the origins of

A few moments later a smiling Maury walked his dog back into the park and the group took so long in getting to meet me that I was still there when Maury emerged again from the park still talking to his canine saying “you broke out of your collar” as if expecting a response.  Great stuff!

p.s I always list Maury and ex Connie Chung as former residents of the Dakota to tourists upon passing.. Obviously he is still there so in part I have been wrong.


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