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The Road to Sushi – The Road to Sashimi – Back to the Beijinning

February 27, 2014

imageThe Road to Sushi Excellent ice racers wedge into a roll wrapped in salmons skeins sheathing the body ; The road to Sushi is rocky For Rocky the musical. The path to Broadway was a jungle The road to sushi is rocky The road to Sushi is smooth – So smooth Salmon giant salmon Sliders on color burst fire Orange and blue Blue and orange As if the hues wavering In the heart of the flame Russian Snowligarchs Sensitive Skeins Ski humping After all we all wear sensitive skeins Zipped up fish Black tailed gold fish Burl Ives freeze dried pink eye Flying butt-tresses flying butts and tresses freeze dried sardine can suspended animation Logan’s run the luge run sushi sochi sanki Sanka Not only is There a Pussy riot People have always rioted for pussy But today pussy is the riot And if you don’t riot you are a bunch of pussies well send everybody into the exhibition named pussy and sunsets at the Marion Boesky gallery- blue sky watch out now here come the Cossacks and Don’t to be Adamant as he will be whipping Marguerite Hot flesh as fighting lightning fish A rose flew down out over the mountain Lock , Stoch and moguls Lithe humans who can fly Morgenstern is very afraid to hit the ground the wrong way again Devo did not whip the unknown Pussy Rioter Which is not in anyway unlike Shia La Roast Beef seeking out horseradish, it is what comes up Multiple koi pursuant to multiple koi Pursue pursue pursue it….. Are any Biathletes Bi athletes? Thank you very much to Dutch who with ice and the house of orange are as if cream cheese and lox with black caviar salmon as such have to be distinguished before the Olympic flame is extinguished Get in the Komar and Melamood i will be on seventh avenue watching the Kremlin hemline We will be serving cultural soup Sean White Gracie Gold Shirley Temple Black All you can eat sushi All you can see Sochi The Blue Man loop Concrete for chutes Iced over Objects matter people Speedily course through systems Bobsleds load like web pages Buttery Swedes luge can of soda Given a villa in the Italian Alps Coming posterior to seed skaters The practiced musculature so well placed just behind Now you seaweed Potato Latvians Sushi sliders Putin got everybody together fed then a five course mea and then when the world was satiated excuse us for few moments while got out and kill a few people we will be back shortly And the gold medal in dictatorship goes to Vladimir Putin Will Thomas be Bach well Thomas will be Bach but he will not necessarily be back Whipping the pussy riot in a sushi riot with eel was the Cossack the unarmed unknown weaponless pussy rioter sea snake flagellated which is altogether as unfathomable as a New York City police officer shooting dead an unarmed African American teenager in the street Is this poem like Sushi Baron Cohen Become anyone invade anything I think not Pay a price Self sacrifice The Road to Sushi remember to zip up your fish whether you ingest a pound of whitefish or flesh I play table tenacity Sparky Anderson has nothing on the Big Red Machine We had a program  now how about a pogrom? An Austrian birthday cake a winters wonderland supreme ode to a ski jumper Raw tuna raw tuna tartar Lilliputian appetizers round the oval Lilliputian hors d ‘ouerves While the Road to Sochi may have been paved I am on the road to sushi Still And the way to PyeongChang The Road to Sashimi Skin fish flubber rubber fat wrapping The mirrored athlete layers divides They pop into my mind And the plop into my mouth Pyeongchang sex predation press accreditation Clean cuts of speed skater sashimi Clean cut skater sashimi Speed skating sashimi The battle between wrapped sushi desserts Its a green teaser Once in the Union of Suhsi Sushi-list Republics are you on the sushi list or the sashimi agenda? White herring speedskater boy fish Boy sushi sex circus flavor in the extreme at the winter Olympics sex packaging handcuffed bound In lycra collared chastitied male athletes A peach neon zipped down skein unveiling a lithe God sweat glistening Nordic an Aryan sex God! What becomes of the man becoming sushi ? Wrapped and packed in around the middle or the whole skein and or embellished Zip down sushi for each other The road to smoochi kissing slider lips or tooshie A black ink twister in lycra, Emanuel Rieder Papaya mango boy like pieces of fruit slightly rough, brushing up against the tongue Sledded and bedded and embedded, You know where this is headed

Then Sushi of another sort  The stainless steel blades From luge ice slicers are made Can again render sashimi When onto the cutting board The fresh raw fish is laid Its time to roll out of sushi Oysters jumping for joysters From New York harbor up to The Cloisters Rusty torque Trying to turn the fork around on plates of corroded Pastafarian ellipses The giant Shalom, the icy flume The State of Israel’s pennant’s field

Russians all dressed up in Russian dressing –

Third Georgia Expo- Georgia Third Expo

Ziga Birus the Ziga Virus

==The Road to Sashimi==

We are definitely on the road to sashimi now

And you never know what food might come down the chute

Clean cuts of thick sometimes soft sometimes tough fish

the blade straight through new pieces of athletic brilliance

the sashimi elite perfect form god Greek Gods Gods from all nations goddesses

the strong the elite the mindful the purposeful the best the most stalwart loving amazing God creatures occupy this space I only dream for but I continue to perfect myself getting stronger and better more wired in and this includes form forms 

The roughest person Rufus Persson comes around the track

That is if it all does not all come Kim Jong Undone

Its not a VietGuam flying in the wingsuit to mate in lycra

or skydive right into it 39883_116886568363070_2326765_n.jpg

Miniaturized nuclear warhead tipped ICBMS

Nuclear warheads and death, giant missles staming hot buns on the Korean Peninsula staming hot buns kim chi and bacon steaming hot buns

Who kmow what is going to come down around the mountain

LIndsay Vonn Voyage

Here comes the skeleton crew
Up against North Korean snuff

Skeleton-less Sashimi skeletons
Axel Jungk’s Junk
Haley’s comment

Ski humping

South Korean Boy Band suicide

Cold Ice lycra fish
Fucked by a thermonuclear blast

The other side of the bitter coin
Banned were anonymous other side of the border transactions

The road to fish delicious fish Fischnaller

Fennel on sashimi – Fennel on ice.

Though not on the Olympic team not on either or twice

“Opening Ceremony”

Opening Ceremonies

It’s all about contrition and proportion

Tonga Harding

I Tonga

The Luge is the upside of up

While the Skeleton is  backside of down

And the Upside of down

Deep pristine white radish Craciun Flavius racing brave in front of us

The tightly packaged contestants who inside of that  tight wrapping freed from warping only in turns foreshortening

So what this picto-poem needs is a good big strong great never ending endless North Korean military parade screen-shot-2017-04-15-at-143057.png (1232×616)

           Kim Yo
TjyEdXWJ_400x400.jpeg (400×400)
          Yo Kim
Not_Kim_Yo-jong_3152624b.jpg (620×433)
          Yo head
hqdefault.jpg (480×360)
          kim chi
maxresdefault.jpg (1920×1080)
0502-kimye-teaser-810x960.jpg (810×960)
1392767353_kanye_west_wall_40.jpg (405×405)
         lil Kim
Lil_Kim_Mercedes_Benz_Fashion_Week_2012_(modified).jpg (1089×1416)
        little wayne
cf012139c3b8681b46a66bae70558a8a336ab231 (1000×1239)
        lil peep
ce73db980d3f8bde697296fa25e43323 (650×488)
        kim jon Unplug them all

attachment.php (600×450)

Kim Yo  Yo Yo Kim

Kim Yo Yo Yo Yo Kim

Very Asian variations

The green of the green sushi goes blue

The blue of the blue sushi becomes bluer

The pence is killing me

Nothing like a Beat Feuz

But Feuz is hard to beat

The Quad Squad

Bring on the Johnny Weirdness

Is Sean raising the White flag?

Yung Sun Bin freshly packed rosy fish glistening gleaming  tightly wrapped a muscular fully flush ripe pink

A triple Axel

See the source image

Weirather Pop goes the Wenzel
Not her dad but her Uncle Andreas
Yuzuru and Winnie a true Poohfessional
Related image
Downhill lifestyle
Gay Biathletes hunting caribooty
White radish horse radish garlic
the cranium flavius the flavor of the flavius
flavor flavius
==Part Three: Back to the Beijinning==
Back to the Beijinning, back to a sense of winning
When anything is possible and everthing is edible
And a quote from Prince Philip is inevitable
Back to the Beijinning , back on your backs sliders
The Ripple effect
Dead meat
blades of ass
in candy colored lycra
ready to down another piece of salmon
tall sleek orange fish ready to be downed in Udon soup

Skin tight for tbe Olympic fortnight
Yellow blue black jacketed Kazahkis
Blue yellow blackzhakis yellow blue black Khazablackis from Yellow blue black blackkzakistan

next stop Innsbruck Innsbutt butting in at the inn where you were inn for for butt butting in in Innsbruck

Photo + Styling Oliver Rauh für Almliebe

Roman Repilov squat Russian replicant can stretched into a skein of lycra

pushing his way onto a speedway straight into glory with turns and corkscrews

up in the mountains achoo schools perfectly fitted for the sled aren’t you

stopped from getting the Olympic Gold prize by Gleirscher he still shed no tears Sir!!


Corkscrewish Repilov love Repilov replicated will bring his rounded squat bck to Placid again

Time to ReKindl this poem30629954_1836201476446110_3679998751683903488_o Putins it there26240741_879768755514688_7335882582510352333_o Egger Reinhard on14725738_1295863997111315_2341287901679771739_n.jpg

He is German fire moving in air like a dolphin in the sky above water and back onto the sled again23550145_963456700473181_8253131968227516563_o

Have gone into overtime

Its ovaltime round the oval and round and roubd the oval timr

Oval teams and round the oval teens

Jonas Bull Muller and Tuck in whilebgoing West
They all dress alike in sk8ns which are tight
Axel Jungk open the red door
Sixteen axels and my poem has more

Butternut squash male ski butt
Bust a buttered nut
better butter a squash nut
But all to better squash male butts and then butter their nut busty that busted butt now

Craciun flavor us with your sealed in juices of natural manliness

Another Ziga virus and now in Belarus

Virgin prophylactic

Dsmiunt at Catamount into Catamite sealed tigbt in lycra emblazoned brighy and at the end of the tunnel sunlight

Armin Frauscher Butt in sled

Clusters of indoor sky diving young men come together in flignt in patterns as ornate as decorstive layers of s Rococo Austrian cathedral so bedecked in tbeir airborne gear

Sushi painting of locked in slider pizza

Luge spin paintings

Gods of The Hammer ThrowMårten_Eskil_Winge_-_Tor's_Fight_with_the_Giants_-_Google_Art_ProjectThen go round image_handlerand round Anders_Eriksson_DLand round Spec Towns Invitational Track Meet

and round. Ghazaly 2Sushi Bagel

Going around the corner with the torquing forker; going around corners with torquing forkers in side cars on skeketin on luge crafts bobsled s and snowmobiles