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Hard Spock Cafe

February 28, 2015

Hard Spock Cafe

Lets all return to base return to base

No Tribbles



The Message is the Massage

February 21, 2015

Under the Sombrero again

South of the border where fat people pull over on the way to florida is the genesis of my most visited blog post ever, written after a stop in 2008 for an emergency massage.

At that point this blogger thought that he would be some tag laying down proper noun multiplying latter day Richard Burton the explorer or Lord Byron cataloguing exotic lands but the internet is an avalanche and in order to garner any traffic he found that there had to be some gimmick like north of south or south of North or as it goes a wordplay deconstruction of the geography of the locale of South of the Border

But of course the message was the massage as it is a kind of publicly secretive one—

The message is the massage