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Blah! Blah! Blah! If you can’t take a joke you can get the bleep out of this blog book number two Mr.Brainwash Pops Up

August 3, 2015

Nothing like showing up at a Brainwash convention

or a Brainwash convention shows up for you

Pops upimage image image image image image image image image image image

You drop in

You stop in for shock value to shock nobody you know

or thought that you needed to know

I exit through the rift in my mind shop

But not able to contain the contagion

Cannot be stopped from going back in

Amid surplus nostalgia and all its attendant chazzarai

A remembrance of hype built upon glitz

Whose foundation was association,

But lost in what is magnificently horrendous

I am left looking my vintage silver with soda fizz holes Nike running shoes

Shoes athletic shoes sneakers are a pair oh where oh where has my other shoe dropped?

Neo- Robert Rauchenberg

Anything can be invented
but not everything can be prevented

Mr. brain slash
Mr. brain mash
Being an easy target has become such an easy target
A Mushroom cloud was an anti Iran having nukes Rally in front of a theme park restaurant
Take the bomb and multiple trips to the salad bar away from everybody

Mr. brainwash I was waiting for you and upon slipping in to spiral down into the desert vortex and at that the painted towns film festival I exited through the rift in my mind even though I had already exited through the gift shop at the maid of the mist But now was entering through the vortex hello Mr. brainwash

Hello Mr. Brain slash
Mr. Brain mash
Hello Mr. Another orgy of CASH!!!!!!!!

The importance of not being earnest
Orange is the new black but for Brainwash pink is everything

Bad is the new Good but good bad is good
Very good
bad good is very good very bad is great!

Brainwashing does it take more then the naked eye to see that it is all money laundering forget the Campbell’s soup from the Warhol mortuary Banksy bring out the tide

Mr Brainwash is a pop up bonus in the slot machine dream of life

Mr. Brainwash
Mr. Rain dance
Mr. Pain in the pain pants

Andy Warhol is in the dream signing autographs and whenever asked for his John Hancock on an item he does not want to scrawl upon he says that is so bi-polar but you left the television on and fell asleep so deep into it you brain picks up on a talk show and not only every so often Andy picks up on the line but probably every time it is said