South of The Border I get some marbles back

I had waited forever to eat there at the Sombrero restaurant at the South of the Border; the salad bar of which never seemed to be in operation when I happened in, but, this week escaping from the blizzard… surprise.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see the ample selection from different foods groups and the almost no competition to consume them.  Until the marbles people showed up but at that point I was just sucking down my final coca cola
Since this is a restaurant which serves quasi Mexican fare one of the offerings of the buffet is chips which can of course be co-joined by salsa. Also they had authentic balsamic vinegar from Modena.
Here the blue chesse dressing was in a container slot bucket right next to what becomes borscht.  So here were beats and culture and ergo Anthony Bourdain is not the only one to have discovered such possibilities in exploring and talking about food while on the road
Moreover soon reveling verbally about the marvels of  salad bar to the waiter the wife in a couple who had just been seated a few booths away offered that’s why they come here.
When I ventured over she gave me four marbles of the small round variety and notified of just who they were in the marble business including her husband being a judge in the national marble shoot off.   She offered that she also made tie dye furniture.  They were headed south to various flea markets and fairs where they would be offering their wares and were presently staying in their camper currently located in the South of the Border trailer park.
The fact that they were in the marbles trade allowed me the context to tell them one of my tour guide jokes ..”that’s the Carlyle Hotel home to George clooney and Amal Alboudin ..
Amal Alboudin is currently in Greece helping the Greeks to get their marbles back I wish she would come here and help me get mine back too
Then it was demonstration time.. that is while talking about blogging about this place and praising it charms to these diners caught up in time and admist for the abundance of small  chatkas such as cart wheels and donkey sculptures, I went over to the ledge of wall which held a maraca, picked it up, and shook
And all the way back down to Florida and up I still have the marbles I have not lost one…

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