It’s an Optical Illusion

Its an optical illusion which is all about confusion

It is when you think you see a slant the sky scape when it only the scene in the street ahead of you

When, the interlocking winding chromatically alternating construction traffic barrier separates the drive down ramp of the pay to stay parking lot from the entry foyer to the multi winged lobby of the city center vintage motor lodge but while directing one in a detour from elsewhere leaving a space to step right in the se place where you are supposed to come back around to and on the glass wall window behind a voluminous thin rise of Halloween germane faux cobwebs

Olivia Mann a Libyan man
So goes the mixer which seems to be blocking the street as if having to be gotten around after there having been a long wait to cross the intersection the orange and white creamsicle vehicle which seemed to be pulled in backwards suddenly charges forward and as the thin part of its fattened oblong conical shaped upper carriage apparatus is at the forefront with containers drum to rear it became an optical which was about confusion in the act of vacating towards temporary semi-seclusion to eventually arrive at a totally unexpected conclusion

A shaving scab or a vegetables from am Indian lunch buffet smear?
Darting fluorescent policemen are only road signs
A pewter scale model statue of liberty wheat pasted with all sorts if announcements on varying states of repair is a silver street lamp
Elephantine snuffelufagus Muppet
Is white woman with blonde dreads

There is giant Santa Claus jack in the box windbreaker floating out over a square lot encompassing tent lording over all of this – salmon scarf squiggle cello

A Calvary regiment charging forward is a grand opening line of pennants strung along end to end above a drive up restaurants parking lot
An uptown going large screen tv screen gone orange is a bicycle messenger pedaling hard with a parcel carrying bag

Mariachi band umbrella walking
Big nose optical jigsaw puzzle

A collision of optical illusions collides

A dark hued suv a kayak and a chair hoisted atop its roof
A duo of individual objects like horns fastened to the summit of the ride now straight ahead of you and going over a slight hill on to the interstate with black rubber marks on the road in front during a blazing sun’s daily demise

Blue sure did Apple store workers who it is a red bowling ball
I am walking into texting I am an accident
Not waiting to happen I am here

A dried leaf blowing across the roadway is a squirrel contorting dim sighted sensing vehicles oncoming
A pole is a fast boat or a speed plane racing up river
Silver fish swimming in a verdigris billboard
A metal sigh is a man pissing on the side of the highway
A stone blockade jaggedly fissured is a couch
Forearm pool cue butt rump

Dead bird door stopper, highway exit turn of pike complex not there


An illuminated cruise ship dinner boat siding rimmed like neon tooth paste

sea foam green going up river on a counter flow waterway

is suddenly turned around and is the pier it always was

Big open pool of video

Interior of a city bus


A giant head of lettuce bushel of broccoli a humungous brain like textural vegetable collapse and goes to sleep  an hard stone bench in Times Square the incredible Hulk

out from the elevator carrying one out of the subway a man comes at you holding a flood light outstretched while walking three dogs on very on long leashes

On an Broadway theater area Times Square walking tour the host has an oil pencil black paint strip running down his face but it is the shadow of his face bracketed head fitting microphone device the thin line fattening so deep painted in there

a thin shadow bulging curvilinear drooping around painted on upon grease paint oil stick

Construction or a movie shoot?

The silver faced subway rider

Momentarily also had metallic hair

Not blackface pancake


Hound’s-tooth reflections upon the lids of Baby Grands


Opossums, wracked Asphalt chunks partially smashed into gravel bits

(.Opossums are not all they are cracked up to be)

Shreds of skeletons plastic in the trees
A bicycle crossing the street in a swift borne diagonal
Guitar up against the rider’s seated forward form

A masked American wrestler in the backseat of a yellow New York City taxicab

Table lamps in an oblong obtuse corporate kiosk structure
as if to lounge read rest a library a hotel lobby
but they are slate s for display in the ever changing crystal rhomboid as if sculptural architectural foundation museum wonder
off into dream to thought to stay, explore

Hat arm woman heavy drooping flesh
Man stimaxj overhang what t-shirt
Woman in front man behund

Side view mirror shoulder panel Bombard landscape

Fat guy behind me
Wall mural

Green leaves yellowing strung together chimed 8nto a free standing pedestal straddling air dinosaur

Young man playing a video gam on a phone at a very large computer phone store the Fifth avenue flagship leaning up again the display table rocking as he gets into what is on the phone and the hairbun-manbun he wears is the security guard behind him in the distance looking into his own phone leaning against the bannister at the bottom of a flight of stairs

You cannot make these hallucinations uo

shaved head Mohawk pink balloon
Bush tree Bush motorcycle





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