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Jeff Koons and Louis Vuiton with Donatellanyone Versace Present: The Italian Shopping Mall Poem Remapped

May 14, 2016

Its a Verdi Verdi Good time to start this remapping

of the previous poem

Its time for remapping

Not only  the remapping of Venice with business cards the byproduct of commerce

as included in the Venice Biennale and presented by one Johannes Knoops

But the reamapping of the Italian Shopping Mall Poem

in or not in its entirety

and its “Donatella Versace in Between Faces”

I don’t even  know where to begin

remapping this poem, Do I begin where it began?

At the time of the Palio-

wandering around

in full lust-

Shadows encountered  from other continents

Would by now disappear

Remember in the end all that was is ephemera

Sicilian complexion

Sicilian Complexions

Sicilian complexity

So that was the first thing that was going to happen

Blood orange and volcanoes

That you had the Via Guliiani in Firenze

All mista up

And would eventually wind up across

from the Capella Medici at the Trattoria Il Porcupino

Remember in the end all that was is ephemera

I do not have Olive Garden revolving door insurance

The designer John Galliano

So his mentor Oscar De La Renta

Gave him one last shot

So it is good to cap off your evening

with Galliano just one last shot

Keep proscuitting for the stars

and ordering scarlattes

Where are you staying the ham hotel?

Where the proscuittocution rests

Its a tonno fun

A Tonnno Funno

One man with an exhibition will travel

Its an alternate to Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus”

not in La Serenissima, but the most serene Serena is on hand

On line at this special event, where it all comes together for;

Paparazzi, handlers and tennis stars become mega media personalities

Therein a talking lawn jockey of the polished scalp

convinces Venus to pose for some pictures with this poet

and thus the birth of Venus in the dreaming zenith

is nascent; a virgin spark – no appearance of the penis

this was the first dream  appearance in the

Re-Mapped Italian Shopping Mall Poem’s

Poet’s dreams- cream dream

keep on dreaming of the most serene Venus

Franklin Delano Roosevelt had polio

I have palio and

Little Chit Chataly

Going down the drain and going drown drain like a Venetian Ratto only to come back up again

Orgies and massacres

I am going to dance across time on the sun-deck of knowledge
and overlook the Flat Byron Building
to walk on water over Rose petal ice cream
or the saffron flume of unexplained fabrics
stretched over lakes
and to the thunderous accolades behind glittering skies

People take indulgence and apologize in advance of bumping into you
Sorry very sorry very very very sorry Giorgio Vasari
In Venezia the Palazzo Tedeschi is being converted into a Bennetton superstore
with the executing architect being one Rem Koolhass
Is this appropriate? Well Yes indeed it is

I see all the Dolce, now tell me where is the Gabanna
behind the shimmering rhinestones of ersatz heavens
oh shucks the tour guide Tom Orso walks on to the set of this poem as well and here is George Clooney, nobody. many people know it but he is part of the tour guide fraternity as well but we cannot get to him enough time to talk to him in this dream he walks onto the scene and off of it so swiftly dapper in dress for the fiery summer, downplaying it off

Bacchus to the drawing board
Bacchus to the future
bacchus for anything
on, because we have a little idea
Please won’t you bacchus
Back into ass
don’t back into asses
Milan fashion tweak

I am Confusionissimo

This poem is too big not to fail
Troppo Grande per non failiere
not unlike Chris Christie

Do you want to know where it went and what it is now?
It is play actors transforming into Transformers transforming into trucks

I am a pasta bow hunter

Virgin vegan tutti frutti

Michael Musto


This poem just garozzo and garozzo

1don’t be lazy, don you Dainese

The more the Salumeria

This poem just goes Milan and on

With the dynamism of a transformer

Beluga is expensive caviar

Bulega is the beautiful golden long haired

Moto GP racer in the full armor of racing leathers

and supped up bikes but no cigars

He’ a favorite of Valentino Rossi

Marco is in the poolo

I am in Italy witnessing zeniths

while pickers on television are searching out motouzzi

Janine Cirincione, Steve Cannon planter her name in my head

and so here she is , welcome to the rabehood

That’s an oreganono

We are out of Azzura we just Grotta go

We went this stanza is not dedicated to Tony Danza

Cha cha cha

Café Aroma

puff down jackets take on lives of their own

sealing in the heat from the body inside

then like a motioned puppet moving in tandem

with the wearer, the ultimate portable blissful

collapsible cocoons

Porto la porta Sapporo

Suharto Sukarno Nagano

Porto pronto presto prego

Portchester Winnebago, support Il Volo

After Princess Leia

Hans had not choice but to go Solo

Lego my prego

Leonardo Carpaccio

Una Notita magica
Comedia e tragica
Sotto Voce Santa Croce and Piero Barone’s ass
Strawberry Risotto and Il Volo
not at Il Duomo

Steak Fiorentina and Placido Domingo

Happy Valentino Day!

When Lady GAGA  is smooched by Madonna all of the glass windows in all of the Gondola’s  in all of the cable cars allover il Mondo explode

I did not get to go solo

to see IL Volo

and to drink Barolo

and only now write of my woes

after coming across the facebook photos

of the Leather God Polo Polo Pluto

not to be confused with the Poet Su Polo

or the overlord of the Underworld or the Disney Dog

Simply put Pluto

Its Instant Parma

Festivo Restivo the Restivo the people

School of Rock by Giambattista Tiepolo

Rocco Scuola di Rocco Ciccione

to what school does Rocco go?

Rocco Ciccione is spirited, is a spirited boy

Rocco DiSpirito, Limoncello…Barolo

Rocco’s Tacos

Tosca Tossed Toscana

Vino Torino Milano expo cibo

Cheesequake the rest stop on the Garden State Parkway

where the Earth opens  with a rift of fromaggi

and out with the Pizza crust  arises  Steve Irolla

that  grand gourmand

Free Ganni tranni Gianni

Luciano Soprani

Giagantaform focaccia, dinosaur lasagna

On a tour of New York City

with people from Great Britain and large outposts of the Commonwealth

as well as some Paesans

an Anglo going through lower Manhattan

arriving at a specific ethnic neighborhood

exclaims “Little Italy”

“what do you mean Little Italy?”

says one of the paesans in making an obscene gesture

…”what do you mean Little Italy, we have big Italy”…

Again I have rigatoni, I have rigatoni from Orsos at a street food fair,

I Would rig a Tony but that would be racketeering or even worse bondage

Emporio Armani

the Armenian Empire opens up

Are you attending the Lonzo Ball?

The Armani Empire begins its erstwhile takover of this poem

Titian and Da Vinci amongst others Prostituted Proscuittituted whored out to Louis Vuiton by Jeff Koons by Jeff Koons to Louis Vuiton via via via

Louis-Vuitton-Collaboration-Jeff-Koons.png (1024×1024)

Jeff-Koons.jpg (1000×750)

Fungo di Explosione nucleare its the most pleasurable way to go boom

Jose Rafael Moneo did the new wing of the Prado – Prada did the new wing of the Prada store

Tiziano, tits and Verrazano

Gladiola gladiator Masseria Mass in the area

To and focaccia a fusilli utility a fusiliti

Thank you for using the Fusilities

Florentine sub-machine walked into a land mime

going fluorescent, going green

This is a Verdi Verdi good time to start the remapping of the remapping of this poem

My car, Susan Lucci Carlucci’s Susan Scuzzi Motoguzzi A whole Grotta love Joe Bologna Hard Salami

We go here we go past and past and pasta everything

Hot Italian Heroes

Up rhe escalator at The Olive Garden

An elderly lady with a cane goes

Stopping at the summit just above the moving incline device, the joing tne line to be seated so close to the landing of other to almost cause a pile up a topple ovee a tumbling human lean8ng tower of Pisa


Marco Bi Polo

Marea of the heart and the lungs

Tutti con fusi

Totally confusing

Total confusion

What would you like with your fusion


Excuse me I have to use the facilities

Don’t be silly haphazard or willy nilly

With your long term memories of

Mili Vanili 

This poem is a permanent autonomous zone

Pipilotti exhibits in the  ppp Palazxo

Pillow penny exhibits in the pup Palazzo pandering Toopy politi it’s potentially a wrist risk arrest but not to Rick’s arrest a rest is needed after after pandering to pull the pity potentially you will not pull out fastened to the Palazzo pill a Pity exhibits in the Palazzo pandering to bility is potentially a risk you risking arrest but not to risk arrest the rest is needed after pandering to the lady potentially you and I’ll pull out fastened to the Palazzo pull up pretty exhibits in the Palazzo pandering to Billy it potentially risky whisky rest but not to risk arrest is needed after pandering to the lady potentially you and I pull out fastened to the Palazzo pull up pretty exhibits in the Palazzo pandering to Billy and potentially risky whisky pandering to the lady potentially you and I pull out fastened to the potentially potentially potentially risky whisky

Pilopotti Rist at the Palazzo Pitti

Barbarossa Alessio is more,

More Alessio Barbarossa

More of Alessio

More Alessio

Parrots will not eat monochromatic
Yellow lasagna

Lasagna Without tomato lasagna without tomato paste post haste wont taste don’t make waste make taste house of lasagna that is the place

What are you Fontina of?
time to step and meat the meaty meaty meatballs

Double decker bus capers
Lobster double decker fra diablo
Mulberry and broome Enrico Caruso room
Grotta Azzura has gotta get their lasagna a picture of their lasagna wrapped around all four sides of the bus
meat their meaty meatball wrapped around the bus
Broccoli rabe, Broccoli Rabbai

Assault and Batali
Spit out of the chew
Chewed out at the chew
Chewed out of tbe chew
No sequel to the chew no chew chew
Allegations would have come later
And he would have been out at the chew chew, chewed out by producers in Jimmy Choos
Chewed out at tbe chew chew by the chics in Choo shoes achoo

Paesano Fasano mo Rocco mo Rocco mo Rocco25394629_1491793470875183_3333886212382851849_o

scallopini Penal Penalties paid in scallops scallopini

While the author of this poem would like most to think of himself becoming like Italy
He is in truth much more like Greece waiting in vain to get his marbles back

And like Morrissey once quipped the purpose in the end is so that “Caligula would have blushed”

Gucci with Dapper Dan.

Gucci Donald J. Trump

Nutty nutty Nutellans are going nutty nuts for nutty nutella

nutty nutty Donutella Donutellans are going Donutty for Donutella Donuts dunked in Nutella you got shemale you got doppelganger Donatellas saying Donatellanyone

Nutty Nutty nuttiness nutty nutty nuts Donatella Nutella Donatella Donatelltellanyone

If Donna Brazile married Teller from Penn and Teller she’d be Donna Teller and if then she divorced Teller and married Donatella well she would be Donna Teller-versace married to Donatella Versace not really instead she would be Donna Brazile Teller-Versace or just Donna Brazile



Dave Righetti 

You have to take the Bolzano by the horny horniness

John Salvatore Mundi

The assassination. Of Donutella Versace

The assassination of nutella donuts

The indigestion of Donutella Versace

The nutty nutty nuttiness of Donutella donuts or calzones filled with Nutella going for Broccolino. Going to Broccolino going to say say Donutela Dunking donuts Donutella nutty nuttuness- nutty nutty nutty Donutella nutty nuttiness

Cicchetti Dave Righetti Spaghetti Palazzo Tedeschi

Pasta La Vista Baby

Rounds and rounds of pigment in the red cirques of Cy Twombly

as if applied for the rounds on the out-folding wheels of dough

spun by pizza technicians tomato sauces applied blood red chromatic Whirls in drawings in paintings spinning transfixing mesmerizing

Make the most of Moschino

Bonanno Pisano Tiziano Verazzano Cinzano oreganato pizzacato 

Call this poem by its name and check back to see what that is

Di Blah Blah Blasio

Bodega Veneta

Giuseppe Zanotti Gian Carlo Menotti Luciano Pavoratti Bugatti Zucotti Manicotti

Righetti throws cichetti right into spaghetti

Bonnano Pisano Rocco Fassano Verazzano Positano Vince Ferragamo

The Last Zuppa

Canova and see me some time

Naples nipples Nippoli

The cast of Jersey shore returns to MTV  reassured by the presence of Mike the Situation Sorrentino JWow  DJ. Pauly D and Snooki Polizzi meanwhile your Nyc tour guide is talking about the first American Saint Mother Frances Cabrimi

The biggest NRA supporters might have been the Corrleones

For a while who lived on Staten Island was one Giuseppe Garibaldi

Emerson Fittipaldi

The Florentian artist and artist biographer,

Giorgio Vasari author of the Lives of the Artists

Misattributed the design of the Leaning of tower of Pisa

to Bonnano Pisano

and in turn the American gangster Joe Bonanno

seeking to link himself to a prestigious lineage

claimed descent from the architect

exclaiming even the tower was crooked

get your story straight

Savonarola tried to turn the Florentians away from the Vanities

I tried to turn the heads of some four or so Florentians atop the

Double Decker bus towards the Federal Reserve Bank of New York building

based on the Palazzo Vecchio


The late wrestler Bruno Sammartino has a son the wrestler David Sammartino though while they are from the same Sammartinos, they are not the same Sammartino, Al Martino

Cicchetti, Dave Righetti, Spaghetti, Lawrence Ferlinghetti a Spaghetti Beat Western

Dolce and garbanzo

The tower of Pisa, the Pisa tower is a leaning experience

FInancial authorities may put a iien on your home

But when the tower of Pisa is your home

there is already a lean in your home

Gala Galliano John Galliano Galileo the Sea of Galilee

The Lean8ng Tower of Pisa scared straight

Bow tie and a cello, Sandro Kiosk, the leaning tower of kiosk

Escarpaccio Francis Ford Coppola

Multiple Lincoln Mercurys in Lyons

You are staying at the home of the famed director outside of Milano

Where once in the city you climb up a blown up white puff upholstery hill bean bag vinyl with strands of fabric cloth hanging from it lugubrios soft   structure as if  in an art instillation at a Venice biennale  but here a piece of public art …then to get to the ledge atop the piece to muscle your way up  and push up and out of the adventure play challenge obstacle

Handed Italian cheesecake by a tour guide with the name if a major Italian city while asking for a fight down in the ground with a smaller guy who is the pleasures by the intense abdomen action and says thanks but then has to leave when he begins to bleed when the going gets rough and and is soon out of sight

Ermenidildo Zegna

The salad is still Caprese after all these years

“Escargot my es car go.. swiftly 160 da do run run da do run run” Not only does my s car go our bus about to escarole around the corner…. you want your car to go for escarole you got to go to a pharmacy for Italian wedding soup with favia beans and endive along with a side of pasta

Locanda is the new location

The new location is Locanda

And if not perhaps Wakanda?

The two boys from contrade Porcupino

A memento of Peter M. Brant in Sorrento

Going going gondola

Peter M. Brant mischeivious at Mt. Vesuvius

Sorrento momento Asia Argento

Brussellini Mussolini muscles Brussels

Rigoletto rig a lotto a lot of rigging

Rigattoni rig a lottery ride a pony right into truffles drowned in macaroni

Ready to be put out to pasta

Well Ill put out at pasta

Lucky this is not not a steakhouse

Or you would be pasta your prime

Tomato D’Amato Da Tommaso Demi Lovato Demi Dovato Amoroso Verde and Bianco ….Amorosa Lovato Alfonse D-Amato nobody got no Mr. Roboto Alfionse DAmato Charles A Gargano Ray Rosato

Succio a good boy

Susan Scutti Ricardo Mutti tutti frutti Susan Lucci Gucci Pucci Stanley Tucci


More calories – Cal Mare

Venus had to face Serena but first she had to face the Mercury

Oh now to drop.Funfetti allover this poem

L’Arte Del Mulatti

Now to retire to repose in hanging out witb the publically displayed in highly critical secrecy at the gallery of  neo-realist photographs at tbe Times Square Olive Garden

I dream my life is a Ferrari SUV and drive– confident robust virile elegant evev when backing up out of the gss station– then I am at the invention of blowing soap bubbles for euphoria though this is historically inaccurate but the supercalfragilisticexmealdocious plays in tbe amusement park ready for the next invention

Italian Versace Cheetah girls

Black Italian Versace Cheetah girls

Black Italian Versace Cheetah girls in black leather

Songs for papadrelle

Going past the exhibition of works by the great neo-classical Venetian scullptor on tbe double-decker bus its Canova and over and canova again

The great Florentian rennaissance artist was brought to France by Francis the first along with Cellini and del Sarto and died at amboise only to he brought back as daVinci 99 cents pizza again

Dante, andante, undaunted Dante Mercadante smokey gnocchi
Venice flooding the waters lapping the facades of San Marco wasting away the bases of columns like corroding toe nsils soaking it all in then crumbling or slowly being eaten away at sponging it all in to earn the consistancy of marzipan
And in 1831 the roof of yhe North Carolina state House crashed to to floor knockiing the Anotonio Canova statue of ageorge Washingtin into blocks, shards, and splinters alliver Canoba allover the floor

Dolce and Campagna
Bellini Bernini Fellini
Sentimental Sorrento pentimento
Decadence and remembrance in the shadow of
On the bay in sight of the volcano
A Brant…

Calamari resort hotels
Where everything is always very fishy

Mi chiamo squingilli

French Montana Argentine born Italian Fontana Il duccio Lucio Thomas Puccio Mercucio panatone Panatonix   you don’t go to The Tomato Garden you go to the Olive Garden, you don’t go to The Onion Garden you go to the Olive Garden, Cipolla, Ricola, cicchetti, orrichiette

The firing range at Il Buono Volcano is in range of  the fires of the volcano Vessuvius

A mad Italian goes off like anatomic bomb
Can have sex with retail with my eyes
Photographs at Il Giardini d’ Olivita
New Mealisimo – The real dealisimo?

La Cena… Uomo e Cibo: con Aldo Montano The weather is Da Claudio with a chance of spicy meatballs
Cloudy with a chance of meet and greet balls… Shroudy with a chance of shitballs

No Sardi chasm
No Grotta Azzura
No Da Claudio
This is the Olive Garden
Saladfetti- breadstcks and prosecco
Felice Nuovo Anno!

Ragus for papadrelle
Steve Cuozzo he’s a Bozo
Primi piatti
Tre Colori
Quattro formaggi
Cinque piano

Aquaman he does not need to get Agrippa he got Agrippa
Fall of the Freddie Roman Empire
Used to be that there were Lhasa Apsoites
long ago China met Italy
and ever since they have met over and over again
Like when the toy dogs met the layered pasta mound the extracted street section and dove into it and swam around in pools of tomato sauce and then became Lasagna Apsos and later found themselves in the Dog House of Lasagna

Tiramisu Biramisu Mt. Vesuvius Biramisuvius
The Ferrari bondage s and m world’s fastest roller coaster contration coroorate braning woosh swoosh helmeted visor body positioning
Do it all again testa rossa firmula rossa out in the palms over abu dhabi experience

Funfetti a fun fete with confetti but necessarily spaghetti but not a rainy day want to go to Spaghetti with a gangsta named Drago not with the Siennese
Originated familglia Cighi is supposedly fronting for the Albanian moberatti that is you believe the youtube conspiracy informatti

Villa of the mystery boxes
Funfetti orrechiette
thought MY life was a Ferrari SUV…

Brangelico… Not to say what you have received form the studied of the Siss Italian baroque architect’s work is Borromeaningless but comparatively perhaps Borromenial …They discovered the mosaic of the poster boy of self-love in the ancient resort city overrun by Vesuvius on Valentine’s Day 2019 AD.. It was quite the Pompeii off..

Vulpine serpentine spaghetti time
the spaghetti the Spaghetti Center the spaghetti collection Spago Richard Meier rather than Renzo Piano

Serpentine the Spaghetti collection spaghetti and O’s

Brangleico Veneziano Tiziano tits and Verrazzano
On the driver’s side of the Moving van the Heavens open up;13403984_1405566326136465_5699283397991176316_o.jpg

Neapolitan young man with a voluminous head of golden red hair a tourist in New York riding the double-decker tourist bus
in a silver grey green jacket and under it an orange sweatshirt hoodie sporting eyeglasses with black frames and smiling often

Back in the Piazza San Marco Clint Eastwood is starring is a fistful of Sand Dollars 53734553_10161755693940195_3664487498769235968_oremember lobsters drawn and heavy spaghetti a fistful of Euros used to be a fistful of Lire used to be Beetlejuice and the Venus De Milol lobster sauce;

it was high noon for coming soon a drag queen from underneath the thermonuclear hairdryer was at Florian singing her tune Skinned alive chickens were at the butcher playing Elvis at what was termed a museum  this was before  the Fire at La Fenice  this is what tbere was this is wat there is all that is was and  all that is -is  ephemera