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Variations upon a theme

July 19, 2018


Variations upon a theme by Big e Smalls

“Escargot my es car go.. swiftly 160 da do run run da do run run” Not only does my s car go our bus about to escarole around the corner…. you want your car to go for escarole you got to go to a pharmacy for Italian wedding soup with favia beans and endive along with a side of pasta


Heavenly Bodies Oceans 8

July 16, 2018


Heavenly Bodies (The Catholic Imagination)  at the Metropolitan Museum and Oceans 8

Part 1.

Heavenly Bodies:  “Bikram Yoga” in Manhattan changed its name to “Bode” and there are certainly Heavenly Bodies there planted firmly on to the floor and then off it in so many breathtaking poses and here again unexpectedly were to be bodies labeled heavenly as in wrapped in clothing inspired by the the religion by which Western time is counted back as in also what lays in the skies above at night and in the initial salvo of what all the rich, famous. and beautiful wear to the exhibition’s  grand opening affair

The costume institute gala has become a super bowl of sorts even an Olympics of fashion presence, and almost everybody and anybody with cash, mystique and perhaps a great need for a makeover has gotten involved…. This year it was the Catholic Church.

That combined with the Oceans 8 premiere at Lincoln Center seemed as if huge dual explosions of glam and glitz in the midst of a cultural oblivion; all falling under the suzerainty of the high Priestess of chic; the arm waving, sock puppet  on the wall shadow studying, Dame Anna Wintour.

Who sold out what to whom as Papal vestments were brought in and out from Rome and Cardinal Dolan was introduced to among others as he made his way into the party, Huma Abedin… Obviously the prelate did not buy into the Donald Trump dictate delivered at the 2016 election year edition of the famed Al Smith dinner that “we all know Hilary hates Catholics”. Katie Perry arrived as an angel her wings from afar looking like the back end of a rare specialty car with an illegally wide brim

Meanwhile members of Cardi B. (who was dressed like the Queen of Hearts’)’s posse toppled over an autograph seeker around 2 in the morning outside The Mark and stomped on their head for good stead.  All from the group surrounding an entertainer who makes Nikki Minaj look like the Queen Mother. Oh brother!

Meanwhile Madonna spoofed herself spoofing Catholicism by getting the tacit approval of the church she once mocked for spoofing herself spoofing Catholicism; in other words she was the centerpiece of the gala’s entertainment – (how this writer remembers reading the morning paper in Venice with the headline “Lady Gaga a Roma Cattolici in Revolta” and deciding in the midst of an inappropriately appropriated rerun to stay put).

Then outside the museum during the festivities a conservative Catholic group “American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property” in their own regalia protested the exhibit and the mega fundraising party held to the enable the museum to benefit from it ( which was not the last time this writer would run into someone positing that this combination of a big party, pop stars, haute couture/costumes  mixed in witn exhibitions of Papal vestments and jewels is a denigration).


The exnibition’s curator, Andrew Bolton who took over from the retired Hawaiian, Harold Koda centered the main fashion part of the tripartite effort around the Ecclesiastical fashion show scene from Federico Fellini’s Roma (1972 – which is played in a constant loop on a large screen television) and placed it in the Metropolitan’s medieval and mosaic galleries.(  In this moment the effort seemed whimsical and pertinent,. then it went on to be with the costumes quirky placements within the galleries overcrowded with historical objects ridiculous.   However in the Cloisters selections and papal vestment and jewels displays in the Anna Winter Costume Institute with subtle well placed tonalities and contexts in these galleries in both the outlays of sacred Papal vestments and the marriage of contemporary Catholic inspired fashions with sacred objects within the abounds of a museum’ s recreations of religious settings the effort reigns majestic.


Then came the Oceans 8 premiere and the film itself wrapped up in the irony of Rhianna portraying a thief helping to rip- off the same gala she had just served a chairwoman of… They lined up megastar women to play the jewel thieves in the female run sequel to the all male megawattage franchise from before with a little sprinkling of male actors and personalities Elliot Gould in aq reprise and James Corden here came the stars, one by one Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson (in lightning flashing within day glow green fringey Prada taking the sunbeams afternoon and doing sunburst symphonies with them)

Anne Hathaway Cate Blanchett all greeted the crowd if care only for a moment… Rhianna arrived last and went right into the tent well after the start of the event. In between fashion biggies showed; Wintour’s  Vogue understudy Hamish Bowles Valentino Graviani and super model Gigi Hadid among others….IMG_20180607_072136_145.jpg

(Sandra Bullock at the Oceans 8 Premiere at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center)IMG_20180607_072751_517.jpg

(Sarah Paulson radiant aglow i  day glow Prada as the day goes the day glows at tbe Oceans’ 8 premiere at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center)

Lee Klein


Well above above my byline there that was the summary in the form of what was supoosed to be an internet lifestyle magazine article about of a couple of very spectacular events as to how I was able to see them via piecing together a broad array of angles to bring together a wide angle picture of huge geo- political fashion religious mergers for the sake of infotainment. Therein a moving dressed up amusement park of many attractions which needs a redux here.

So dear readers I will dive back in to  delve deeper beyond the surface to go from gala to film to publc reception of more spectacles gobbled up by the very limited attention span of the media and public caused by a landfill information overslide off the top of the garbage heap .

Meanwhile out on the street while the actual red carpet was roped off in tbe environ around the Metropolitan Museum another fashion show ensued with nuns nymphs and otbers along with guests wandering in.IMG_20180717_122559_436.jpg

(Cardinal under escort smiles at the blogger)