Marshmallow Fudge Judge Judy Don’t Have 5o Cent

if Ella Fitzgerald married Darth Vader she would have been Ella Vader

if Nike married Dunkin Donuts it would be Just Donut Do It

if Billie Jean King married King Kong she would be Billie Jean King Kong and he would be King Kong King

if Judge Judy Married Aaron Judge she would be Judge Judy Judge, is that a proper relationship? Who’s to Judge? Judy?

if Representative Marcia Fudge married Aaron Judge not only would she be Fudge Judge and he judge Fudge but Judge would be Fudged and Fudge would be Judged

If 50 Cent married don’t have 50 Cent they would have a quarter each
Or together they would have 50 cent now if they could double that they could buy a piece of 99 Cent Pizza real estate

And if the DJ Marshmellow married the Representative Fudge
She would be Fudge Marshmallow and he would be Marshmallow Fudge
would you rather have a Fudge Marshmallow or some Marshmallow Fudge


it would be “Just Donut Do It!”
if Bruno Mars married Lindsay Lohan
She’d be Lindsay Alohan
If Megan Rapinoe married John McEnroe
She’d be Megan McEnroe or he’d be John Rapinoe


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