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A Removable Feast

January 10, 2019

Naked restaurant to clothes;
though there are some salad dressings

Golden Corralities
they have some nerve building so many palaces- up and down I-95
Knocking down parts-of neighberhoods and squeezing them in
Turning up drivig up the hill hera the burnt out hull the remains charred
The grounds gone to mud
“I am glad you showed that to me”
A father says that to me I am glad they knocked that down. They built too many palaces” .. *why?” The son asks… “I don’t like the way that they treated me the father answers

“Clothes for a Summer Hotel”?

There are no more categories available the money and land for the people only three of a kind Dr. Zachary Smith from “Lost in Space”
It’s all part of a conspiracy to give Tom Brady a proper Christmas

Beaches on the shores of a Danish

Panorama Diorama

January 4, 2019

In the front window of the auction house gallery Street-side facing forward into oncoming traffic both pedestrian and vehicular stood the sculpture,

A sculptural group interlocked that is centered by the body with the circular head atop it standing all upon a stage set-back on a floor whose front line is a diagonal
Standing almost only as if so as the figures in Velasquez’s painting Las Meninas

The panoramic round within the structured space within the four square of the urban grid passed by on the bus once and again
Head on almost head on and then gone
The black metal multiple form object
In the white cube shifted at the bottom of the green grey in memory mostly grey skyscraper; the movie inside the panorama’s interior diorama is what is to be found out now..

I am Lost at sea on a stationary ride in an amusement park

Having chosen a seemingly eternal internal exile administered by another concern entirely; getting to see the inside of a garage externalized out into the field of culture

Its the redimesionalization of the up close and seen over and over and over again

Forget the whole picture this is the picture whole

Flat surfaces give way to boogie boogie points of ultra focus

Sunglasses dropped from atop a double bus absolutely demolished under huge rubber tires moving forward in the shadow of an obelisk
Mountings of cracked painted frames behind the window panes of an international clothing company’s chain storefront window on a straightaway along lower Broadway

The rightside up of upside down

Because rightside up is the new upside down —downside up and roundside round pizza by upside on the rightside there is no downside the statue of Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden is on the left-  you think I left something out the zodiac on tne ceiling of Grand Central Terminal is upside down and backwards which is the new rightside up20190521_170310.jpg



Sideways trampolining electric  charriots of cheese and off a dalmation’s  nose up around it on point upside right downside up

Spin action non stop motion turn around raft in the shallow ocean meal service

aqua and specific bliss refreshed turn the corner inside of a terrific wish


Following the movements of the jigsaw puzzle of elapsing time

in the stop action moments of entry

in through the green-roof  surprise

which is the pedestrian plaza above the museum and  leads downward into the ruins which are side by Side with the functioning river fortress wall of the great underbelly of


as the base creation the support for the superstructure of the complex…

as what become the eternal remnants of the baptisms of fire breathes the same basement

airs as the stronger barriers of reinforced concrete holding back the water now

and it all then once again becomes the the fall apart cubist design on the side of a bus wrapper an advertisement for Longchamps the cardboard fragmented picture turn around rubiks cube into the  bitstream ocean

focus on facets now
In this self creating poem in this self creating town
At twilight in the sunburst’a fathoming of violetmarune relaxation

The red stars beneath the lips on a minion costume on a play actor in Times Square
The skewed circles on yogurt white blocks in the rectangle expanse overhang in the front window of the sit down or to go Greek eatery — sometimes one cannot tell if it is open or closed

And the tilted head in repose upon the sidewalk stones
upright going vertical – wishing it to be down going horizontal to come around as
it covering the greatest amount of shoreline the surface can expanse
turning heads right round right round
as we head around the head headed back to Central Park south by way of ellipsing Grand Army Plaza


Half-circling the spindle leading back on and off the West Side Highway at its Southern end; whipping around as pigeons scatter

A giant orange part of the skin ripped off to reveal the fruit plsced down atop the top slab of the Jingha buiding to crown
? A downturned orange round ?
A sunset rests
A boy in a hospital looks out a window and see a fire on a roof perhaps saving many lives which might otherwise have been lost
– snuffed out

The glass and concrete stacked levels are the hand propelled pinwheel boxes

Grid and squiggles
The Joker giggles

And then after the eruption of a fiery volcano at Five Napkin Burger
You are in Maison Pickle

Burberry Fububeemeey Burbarians we are coming up on the next stop on 5be hop on hop off knick off your
As a Rubik’s cube is taken back through spider verse by the noir spiderperson cokirizing a black and white reality
and so the square turns

“Playing with Fire” Jon makes in Cena in emergency yellow

Pinpoints of pivot within an eternal circle circling
Circle after circle, circles come apart in the broadscape of rectangles
Ovals encapsulating ellipses
Down the shuffleboard of converge

Red light green light one two three
Blue Moon!

Behind a wall in a corner on the landing before a staircase as sitters for a group portrait assemble and adjust into place on the steps all overlooking the grand cross street as traffic travels forward or makes a right, while, across on the chrome cased videoscreen facing the subjects within the crowd the sharp right angles of the colorful cell phone ads is of hard edge colors into pastels and the disc shuffleboard sequence occurs again and with gaps for other commercials repeats over and over and over endlessly until the media buy ceases

Now painted over vanilla diamonds. Bulging out. Of facades, picture of shotgun shacks, and a town centerpiece clock tower cupola

Flip phones flipping phones diagonal sections of the checkerboard folded over corners accordion out and then square dance right back in like a flower opening in the morning and then back for the evening

The grid and circles and circles within the grid
Columbus the only round formed becsuse of Broadway crossing the avenues
While Duke and Frederick
Serve as Northern bookends for Central Park
On many occasion we go past the projects on Amsterdam Avenue driving down the hill looking at Robert Moses’ takes on Le Cobusier’s super blocks past a parcel dug out going down with the recessed fortresses the negative space bordered by a cement and wood bulwark while towers have fencing with steel squares of burgundy like colored blocks of chroma from abstract paintings isms and down below are pools put in on angles like trapezoids and rhombuses drained of water before winter and there and on the barrier made of metal links attached is an aluminum circle articulated into a polychrome beachball

Venti e Venti
Pinwheels of exodus
Hot tubs whirlpool baths from stage adaptations of Ovid’s Metamorphosis
Bagels and lox zeroes added for new figures in salaries
May you have to hire a new accountant
Circles and circles
I am going in a circle
I don’t think you know where you are going
i know by where I am going I am going in a circle
Exes Axes and Exodus
Exes Axes and Exoduses
An Axedus
corner turning bent lines
Blades of thick steel
wielded by executioners employed by Henry the Eigth
led not only to
two Lord Chancellors getting the axe
Sir Thomas More the author of Utopia when he got the axe there was no More no more and Sir Thomas Cromwell and
not only did the chancellors get the axe the exes also go the axe but they weren’t exes until they were axed lest the exes get back together and form an axis and ax the axer who axed the exes who weren’t exes until they were axed
(and if you want to hear that allover again all you have to do is axe)
not only did the chancellors and the exs get the axe
but Henry also got two former speakers of Parliament in one day so not only were they form er speakers they were former speakers and they went from formally speaking to formerly speaking which all leads us here from axedus in as you come with us on this bus past the Jewish theological seminary where the carved frieze reads in a passage from the old testament and the bush was not consumed after making a left straight down into present day Harlem to talk about another X, MALCOLM X
X marks the spot as just as Grant’s tomb Marx marks the spot … exodus who did it the Irish the Jews the Palestinians Haitians Puerto Ricans Central Americans Moses and company Leon Uris filmmakers white Zimbabweans Syrians and who knows who else down the length of this poem

A left turn no stopsikas
Nonsensics nonstopika axes with8n the grid
Right round turning swastikas

The Columbus Circle of Life
The orbit of skitzoid pigeons
Then going northward in the mind
But later south on the bus
The sliced purple onion in the round named for the famed isle in tne triangle now placed atop lox and cream cheese or underneath it on tbe cut in half bagel and sandwhiched

The Marquees of theaters coming forward

Chut luge water slide coming through Tunes square on the bus turning off seventh abuse onto forty second in taking a left onto the south side; cruise ship monster tunnel w
Under Billboard ad spilling out onto seventh coursing the corner in a scene which is in a warmer clime

Simulacra spectacular or a spectacular simulacra
then onto the next chapter
Panels almost all connected pieces of different block grids puzzled jigsawed
in; such as the first building ever supposedly to have its facades designed by a computer program in mocha
or downtown on a a would be chess or checker board mural.. cannot remember where the connections are the fade in and and out and then seemingly almost the picture comes together complete

Upside down and backwards all over again
this time in sleep round the skateboard ramp flipped sideways
are having come around the luge twisted or into a breakdance move
turned verso and still in stop motion

I can see the chute from the coil in the wind while up above the clock-face where the craft goes left off of it

S curve your enthusiasm
Christmas all year in the round

Entrances and doorways
within revolving doors
V V V and V
and then a stone inlaid edifice
pyramids layered but separated as to their own shapes