A Removable Feast

Naked restaurant to clothes;
though there are some salad dressings

Golden Corralities
they have some nerve building so many palaces- up and down I-95
Knocking down parts-of neighberhoods and squeezing them in
Turning up drivig up the hill hera the burnt out hull the remains charred
The grounds gone to mud
“I am glad you showed that to me”
A father says that to me I am glad they knocked that down. They built too many palaces” .. *why?” The son asks… “I don’t like the way that they treated me the father answers

“Clothes for a Summer Hotel”?

There are no more categories available the money and land for the people only three of a kind Dr. Zachary Smith from “Lost in Space”
It’s all part of a conspiracy to give Tom Brady a proper Christmas

Beaches on the shores of a Danish

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