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Obscene Retail (in excruciating detail starring Crazy Rich Asians and others)

February 19, 2019

Here it comes obscene retail in obscene mob scene detail
a wannabe wafting wannabe dream drifting through mellifluous floating brick and mortar realms through and back through to a cyber otherworldly shmorgesbord ..

obscene retail starring crazy rich asians, fetishists high on being packed into Moncler, lovers mothers brothers and others

Cannot find Lagerfeld at the beach he is out of reach the kind of guy
to do a private island in Dubai..

On the brutalist bunkers top floor basketball court to test drive soccer boots here all red with price sticker constructs hanging off the sides for goal stinging striker kicks from Latin American teen boy tour groups hitting direct shots at video targets and moving up levels its high time for retro pinball pared down to just the basic bumpers and it takes a while to get hold of the body English to rack up the stacks of points going around on the odometer to only five figures and then…

I am in a fine art gallery to see works by a friend none of which I see though it might be a two person exhibit … I walk into a room where behind it is another room

Where though trying to avoid her I cannot I get called into it by the head gallerist perhaps and probably the owner and I advance and she motions that I only should come forward so far and asking where his works are she says she will show me and brings us to a big tank contraption and I say oh cyrogenic-suspension and she laughs but climbing in it ieads to a zip line elevator where you hang on by the top of a wine glass and fly down through a  multi-story department store past endless rows of empty cosmetic counters and I tell the lady this the best thing I have seen all day .. upon landing  i say you probably do not want to take that all the  time or some people might not want to take that all the time and then suddenly I am in conversation with an African American impresario inventor who is giving me a job in this crazy mall and tells .me the ride I just rode is his invention and just  about everything here is his all of it his work and that if I work for him would I mind having to listen to all he has acheived I say no I do as such all the time and he takes me to where I will be working in an arcade boardwalk indoor fun center individual game area and i see some familiar faces including Dora Espinosa who keeps saying hello Lee while I am trying to complete my interview and Norman Douglas and I say i I know some of  the people who work in this mall we all live nearby in the same area




Take a zip

zip down the zipper

zip down the zippers

Take a zip and then take a sip

Wait in line to zip down the to zip down the line

and then line up to sip sippity dooh dah sippity ey

my oh my what a chianti day

take the zip to the sip and then zip down the zippers

after the sippers have taken enough sip they will zip down the zippers

sipper in down zippers in down

down down down go the the sippers

the sippers in down heavy down down for the count but not down in out

in heavy down down down down well packed into  zip

and at the count of three sip

The line sip wine

the line to zip line


zip into the sip

and slip into the blip

The devil is in here detailing it all in excruciating detail….


The poem has had Kaws for pause as people have gotten their pawa all over their kaws

in Uniqlo’s many stores… not long enough for it to  register in the minds of passengers on


wedgewood or sky blue mens long wool coat with embroidery like sugar cookies crotcheted on a?ling elegant vobrantbstatement for the sleek Asian young man … Versace ? Gucci?

















February 3, 2019

Other Dessert Cities




Green Tijiauna Ice Cream

Ho Chi Mint City

Across the Goji Dessert
goji cheescakeZurich in calories



Pondicherry’s jubilee