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No gates to the Campo Italian Shopping Mall Poem 2020

March 9, 2019


If there is Donnatellanyone Versace here

then there must also be Karl Lagerfeld

There are no gates to the Campo

Lady Gaga sings you a whole concert broken up into

Separate segments for many of her songs;

and at the end lays a shroud upon you

perhaps she is an angel sent from heaven

Perhaps she is the Holy Mother

Today Stephanie Germanotta is shroudy

with a great chance of breaking out into song

Laghetto spaghetto Gepetto Repetto.. I repeat

Ten Years of Italy, Hundreds of Years of Italy

“Little Italy”.. “what do you mean Little Italy”… “Big Italy”


Parmesan doggy

Parmesan poppys

Parmesan puppies

Farmer johns Poppa John’s paesans parmesan

Lake Como Uomo Homo

Some thought Columbus was going in a straight line but he knew he was going around in a circle and now he is one named Columbus

Walking with a friend in a dream and  arriving a celebrity party and only I want to go in.. it is some of the cast of One Day at a Time, Un Giorno alla Volta, including the late Bonnie Franklin and Valerie Flirtinelli waiting for Eddie Van Halen is he departed no he is alive but will not be arriving and soon your car is overheating and you feeling great thirst.. so you will not be attending the opening of posters including works by Damian Hirst…

Zibettto Gepetto Olive and pimento Dr. Demento Naples and Sorrento Trento Spaghetto pronto prego presto

Valentino Rosey

Everyrhing is coming up Rossif1d61062e32be64cbcfc73ff9ff6d9ef.jpg

Broccoli Rabbai with Spicy Sausage

The broccoli Rabbai is serving up mussels- Ravioli Cinese Villa Borghese Martin Scorcese Turinese Tony Luchese I drive you crazy

DeNiro Ground Zero

Renzo Paesano

Manzoni, rice-a-roni, a can of Manzoni, canzoni

canali cannotouriszazone Canaletto cantalupo e prosciutto

Manzoni Ronzoni Canzoni Frazione Santina Cantina

Romulus and Remus

Serena and Venus

Panzerotti Pavoratti

Dolce comes out of the Gabanna

Mrs. Vantouso drank Ouzo

and thus was a persona non grappa

Matt La Spada Extra Virgin Virgin olive oil

Piazza Lavazza Viale Biennale

You don’t want to be the butt of jokes in the Arsenale


Everything I have ever written has joined the cacophony

of noise my very generous donation to the global collection of utterance

of the Grand Universal Library of blah! blah! blah!

San Dona sandollar Da Corte jester

Italy makes a lot of men

I shot down ciao

Italy makes a lot of menus

Prossimo Fermata Matt La Spata

Ciabatta Chewbaca Possagno Milano

Verazzano Bonnano Pisano shine on you crazy paesan

you got cauhgt in the crossfire of runaway pizza

In Italy they make men out of Earth and fire and water and clay amd mozarella and tomatoes they make menus out of paper and some just get posted free of any ingrediants on the internet

Da Beppo Da Burpo Da Beppi DeBussey The Pussy “Now are you ready for the crack”?


Rice a ruini

Palazzo delle Post-it

Paparazzi Doorman

Diving as the chosen sacrifice in mesh metal Neptunic the aqueous beast comes thrashing into the cage rattling the armored sushi inside

driving along the highway on an interstate such as I-95 and Trans-American trucking company’s monster comes along out of its passing lane and into yours’ on the passenger side obliterating the side-view mirror like a skeet target shot upon

having mostly missed the automobile the tail end swiping appearing as if a steel bridge span then moving off into the distance with the arch in its form with the gradient in the road

In Venice a huge luxury boat pleasure mall afloat directionless after its crew having lost control having come in off the Giudecca Canal from the sea wedging itself in lopsided between the shore or the filled in shore who can be sure as tourists as if cast for a mega-  tweet scamper and evacuate.. and now  this was it just a minute ago Banksy was here in La Serenissima making light of this all

Dolce in The Campagna


Fattoria Dell’Arte

The Peter Paul Reubens sundae

Peach orange cream vanilla

And you used to be able to get the Reuben sandwich down the street at the Carnegie Deli but that closed but it’s open at various casino hotels and sometimes it’s brought back to life as a pop up by the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

fattoria Delle’Arte I made it up and it existed

I hit pay dirt

So it’s off to the Fattorium

Borgia gorgeous

Bolle Ballet Buffet Cesare

Lucrezia Borgia rises into the fresco as if into heaven assumed

in a nightmare of her father Rodrigo

As a gull flies high into becoming part of a mosaic on the upper reaches of San Marco



Milano Palazzo Fresco Tiepolo
Chicken ParmaGianniVersace and the Garlic Broads
Lucrezia, Juan, and Cesare Borgia suffered from a Popiod addiction
Tiepolo through the tulips
The leather God Polo Pluto
the perhaps Venetain by birth explorer Marco Polo

Posterior Delle Arte
I knew some people named Messaline who had changed their name from Mussolini after Mussolini had made a mess
Lamb Jambo Jamboree Louis Vuiton shopping spree Rambo Jambo dunno jumbo Jamboree
Hamas pizza Liza slice of pizza what lies ahead more lies ahead ahead of the next Sliza pizza


Zibetto Gepetto
The Borgias kept going back and Sforza
Liza Mint Jelly
Straight through the heart of latte;
into cappucino

Milano expository
Were the Borgias more gorgeous than the Sforzas?
When Cesare Borgia got entangled with Catarina Sforza,
he was not looking over a Forli Clover

I’ll have of a Madonna of the Rocks

Why should you.never go to an a la ca
Arte with an Italian. Because they are always switching sides

Here comes a passage to pasta
keep your eye on the Balla

Like as if propelled by a scirocco into Broccolino
Micheletto, Gepetto, Zibetto, Laghetto
Savonarola Steve Irolla















The Border Wall Shopping Mall Poem

March 2, 2019

Inspired by among others Ron English

Tic tac taco tic tac tackiness tic tac tamale tic tac time to do your tic tac taxes to pay for tic tac tomorow welcome to the north of the border south of the border chazzerai horder drug importer cocaine snorter ron english ron spanish roger waters meso american worlds longest fence running federal agent gunning shopping mall poem

It was a sexy taco such a sexy taco

Jlo Klo Kahlo Frida immigrants wall done wall not done make sure whats done to a wall is well done filet mignon stun gun when you come undone in a pun which is no fun

This poem is just looking to end in Ill take Speedy Gonzalez to block

And now welcome to the Taco Hellfire Club.. I am going to Hades with Sexy Tacos…

Nothing left Toloache Latrec
Gringo Bingo Gazingo
There is a message behind the massage behind the sombrero

Who do I seat on Mexican Squares ,in the Mexican Squares? Avocado Abagado Silverado El Dorado

This wall is going to take a whole lot of money, a whole lot of Guacamoney

Tacko Fall and hit the floor..

Not Tacko Bell but Tacko at the Buzzer!!!!

Peso much Guacamoney,

A whole lot of guacamoney


The Border Wall Shopping Mall poem is hiring Now!!!

Ron English is spoken here!!!!

Taco Bells are ringing in my head!!!




A massage behind some burro

Well under ordinary circumstances that’s just a kick in the face


The message is that

there is some burro,

in a sombrero pulling a wheel-barrow

Getting a massage behind a bigger sombrero

Green Tijauna Ice Cream

Is this Nacho first visit to this blog post?

is this not your first visit to this poem?


Nacho day?…. Nacho Day?

November 6th is Nachos Day

Aztec corn smut Human Sacrifice Porn

Teresa Margolies Mexican goalies

soccer goalies hockey goalies


goalies mas goalies more goalies

its going to take a whole lot of guacomoney

Sometimes life is one big Queso mark as to why everything iOS so cheesy and
made up of so many Frida kahlories

Did Toros, those tourists