The Orchid on Viale Tunisia in Milan

It has been a long long time since this writer has written up a massage or a place of massage.  Therein as he is the one and only author of the infamous post “The Massage Behind the Sombrero” ( a story mostly placed firmly between southern North Carolina and northern South Carolina; he has tried follow it up over the years with newer posts such as the message is the massage ( and so forth.  Now though he realizes that a spot he found in 2006 while commuting from Milan to Torino to attend the Winter Olympics in Torino or perhaps two or three years later on a subsequent stopover is worthy of sequel status (though his first massage there occurred he thinks before he ever got his one and only in Hamer).20190512_203734 (2)

(The orchid on Viale Tunisia in Milano)

Having been to Bangkok twice he knows how deep the Thai’s go and each time it is a long no noise session and well priced and boy does the tension  leave the body (which is especially great before a long intercontinental airline flight).  You get oiled up and the masseuse might use their legs to kick your back which then cracks,  They might put like a pine or eucalyptus oil on you which has a healing medicinal feel. You might pair up the massage with a visit to the all you can eat Japanese sushi place next door or the excellent Italian pizzeria and restaurant around the corner, Casati 19 on Via Buenos Aires (had one of my favorite meals ever in life there: salome e crostini followed by Risotto Frutti di Mare and then a pear partially covered in chocolate icing in a sea of custard or vanilla pudding exactly which of the two I do forget).20190512_204311 (3).jpg  The whole neighborhood has an exciting unique  feel, one new entrant being a Sicilian place called Gattopardo (Italian for Ocelot).20190512_204641


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