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Richter in the Sky with Diamonds: Reich Richter Part At The Shed by Lee Michael Klein by Lee Klein

July 28, 2019

“Reich Richter Part” at “The Shed”, Hudson Yards

On view thru June 6 within the shifting shapes of the new Hudson Yards architecturally telescoping multi-genre venue on wheels “The shed”, is a two part two composer collaboration with the German artist Gerhard Richter, the new interdiciplinary work “Reich, Richter Part”.

In the first section in an initial ad hoc chamber the simulacra meister who has blurred so many moments of a burning exiatance has hung long paintings which read like tapestries as elongated geometric pattetns ensue in legnthy form. The musical partnering to the canvases is by the Estonian compiser Avro Part. Therein suddenly what seemed to be audience members begin circling and singing hallelujah. The chorus is all around you ala a flash mob and arises so unxepectedly and welcomingly that it further spurs one on to orbit with those performing and those gathered and examine the works and in the meantime join an intimate immediate miniature kinetic universe

Soon the audience is prompted to move to the next chamber where facing the musical ensemble on fold out chairs the assemblef soon realize it is time to turn atound towards the screen. As the screen shot is at first a static Richter which next begins to morph still within a grid but then lo and behold the arist unwinds his well known compositional structure and so commences a series of pictorial variations which can indeeed induce hallucinations. Much of the amazing techicolor dreamcoat palette’s rosarch like imagedery invokes Bhuddist and Hindu art amongst much else. This writer and his co-concet goer, architect Fanyu Lin, surmised that this was the artist embracing the God force towards the end of his physical life. Finally the picture upon the screen returns to the linear Richter format we know so well. All along Steve Reich”s musical phraeseology lifts you aloft on this jouney and you are gone.

Richter in The Sky with Diamonds.

Lee Klein
April, 2019