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Day Two Dubai

August 14, 2008

So while at the Jumeirah beach hotel I booked a desert safari which did not leave until four o’clock the next day.  Now that it was the next day I spent it watching the olympics going to the rooftop pool here(whose water was hot) having a couple of beers, and sitting in the Taj Palace lobby waiting for the driver.

It was about an hour into the  desert after a stop to pick up five more people the first two a couple out of the the endless stream of middle aged and older couples from Austrailia (these form Brisbane) and three Japanese (meanwhile our driver Ishmael was born in Dubai of to Bangaledeshi parents- and now I know after my father died why it is that Ishmael would lead me into the desert but what I didn’t then when I wrote the first part of this parantheticalized hyphenated sentance was that a later occurence blogged about in Milan I would run into Ishamel in a different format again).

When we reached the desert we met up with 28 other S.U.V’s which formed a sort of a road rally and later when we moved through the dunes it all looked very much like a high budget vehicle televsion commercial (or a vehicle vehicle).

We stopped several times for photo oppurtunities and refreshments and several land cruisers and such were momentarily stuck and had to be rescued.  Meanwile Ishmael was a real dune navigating Demon though once we had a steep drop and felt like we would turnover (he said this is why I tell you to wear your seatbelts- no shit).

We saw one lizard (it seemed to be blue, orange, and grey and I still cannot identify the correct species on the internet but I am workling on it after I develop the film it should come to me through reference checks) and next to it was like a albino pure white and seemingly just a skeleton but like an exact fascimille (freaky).

Then after another stop for water and soft drinks it was off to the camel farm.  Here people posed with a falcon and saw camels come running in from the desert at meal time.  In addition a one day old camel was seen nursing form its’ mother.

Then it was onto camp for dinner, belly dancing and among other attractions camel rides.  The sand paintings were for sale , the dinner was a buffet, the belly dancer was on for what like seemed forever , and though  spirited took more encores than say Barry Manilow.  Soon after the limbo interactive segment it was back intot he car for a tire air refill and off to the city to drop off the Austrailians , the Japanese, and finally me.

Once back I spent all night up blogging and drinking Arabian coffee.  The next morning I took the hotel shuttle bus to the airport but the driver stopped twice (once to drop off another hotel employee at another hotel and once to get gas) and then there was traffic by the airport and all of a sudden I did not have that much time.

Back to London for an interminable stay at the airport loungue which featured a bust of Issac Newton and endless free beverages to watch bits of the olympics.  Then an unmemorable flight back to Nyc to find that my luggage was delayed in transit (eventually I got it back).

Then it was back to work on the double decker where I decided to torture tourists with my Tales of Dubai and find out if anybody realy believed that this narrator had just been there.