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October 5, 2011


Clermont Interior

Not that long after the second Prince Harry Govenor’s Island Polo Match with my asthma flying like a proverbial polo ball my friend Neil returned from whence he was lost in the southwest and we ventured together upstate towards the twilight zone town of Hudson replete with antique dealers and misplaced uber artists.  Of course as part of the pitifully impossible quest to know everything historic in relation to being a tour guide in NYC  the sep had to eventually be made at the estate of the first chancellor of the state of New York and the man who as such administered the oath of office to the first president of the united States George Washington. I would have visited it earlier of course had known of its exact  existence.  A lovely place on the river here replaced an earlier Livingston manor and generations of Livingston to occupy it a dowager who donated it and one of the guides informed that the Bushes and many other were Livingstons she presumed.