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Day Two Venice

September 14, 2008

Day two in Venice started out quietly Steve Meeks and his wife Manuela came by the appartment where I was staying and I joined them for a visit to the Academia which was across the street.  That morning I was quite lucid and I got a good look at he Bellinis, Titians, Giorgiones, and Carpaccios etceteras ( and especially loved reliving in my head the time I got fifty dollars from the cash girl on the Mark Kostabi public access game show “Name that Painting” where he said fifty dollars for who can tell me where Giorgione’s painting the Tempest (La Tempesta) is and I said the Academia and got the cash after which onetime BBC child star turned art critic Adrian Danatt said that I  had heard it from somebody in the Kostabi version of the peanut gallery and Kostabi by remote satellite ordered the cash girl to give this person fifty dollars too).

After the museum the three of us went around the corner for Crostini and then I returned to the apartment where I ran into the bridegroom.   We went for a walk and on we ran into a boat which would be taking part in the forthcoming once a year Venice regatta taking place that coming Sunday.

I wanted to stay for the regatta but that would not be possible .  After this I saw he exhibition “COMING OF AGE. American Art, 1850s to 1950s ” at the palazzo Peggy Guggenheim solo as the groom had to attend to other business.  The exhibit is a survey of art from the Phillips Academy the only prepatory school in the united States with a museum worthy collection.

The wall text on Alfred Maurer hit me as he had committed suiide after his father’s death and then across was a work by Patrick Henry Bruce and he committed suicide as well.

So much for suicide there were works by George Inness, Frederick Edwin Church, Thomas Eakins, John Singer Seargent (A Venetian favorite), Gerge Bellows , a late John Marin, Stuart Davis, Georgia O’Keefe, and ending with Frank Stella (and a whole other stellar cast). It was well worth the afternoon visit.

Then I went back to the appartment again and found the groom and surveyed some local galleries and he chose a restaurant for dinner.

The part of the dinner I will blog was the part alluded to in the first post for this Venetian sojourn with the discussion of the cheese poodle .  And so with my waking in the morning and making it over to the train with a stop to see the new Santiago Calvatrava bridge this visit to Venice was over and it was off to Milan.