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Dubai Day One Part One

August 14, 2008

In Dubai for the first time.  Got a hotel close to the airport for a hundred dollars a night which has a swimming pool and Iranian, Fillipino, and Arabian nightclubs (none of which I have visited yet).  I got in and  slept for like an hour had breakfest and cabbed it over to the Mall of the Emirates (on the way seeing the almost completed Burj Dubai the forthcoming worlds’ tallest building which is already the worlds’s tallest structure and is a tall thing elegant sleek thing). 

At the mall of the Emirates I immediatley spied the ski slope and mulled having coffee first.  After passing on the beverage I signed up to learn to ski ( past forty and this was my first time and inside in the Persian Gulf).  There were five of us: a US reservist living in Bahrain, a couple form Manchester England, and a lady from Texas plus our teacher Machmoud).

It started with getting the skis on and off and then walking, then walking sideways up the hill and then going down. By the time it ended the women had given up the reservist had left to catch a flight back to Bahrain, and only I and the man from Manchester were left still standing.  Don’t get me wrong I fell several times and getting me back up was an epic event (one time i even knocked over the lady from the Lone Star State who made excuses for being winded and giving up saying she “made aliving sitting down and I said ” its ok when you get back just take up yoga” and once during a second class at nyc Bikram I knocked over a whole row of hot yogis).

Coffee is everywhere at the Mall of the Emirates they have two starbucks, a Cafe Havanna. a Seattle Coffee company, an art cafe (with Warhol, Haring, and Lichtenstein rip-offs  plus a rather pleasing cubist mural) as well as countless others.  There is even now a Thierry Mugler fragrance called “Pure Coffee” which comes in his trademark curved matted bottle this time metallic brown with a gold etoile. I doused myself heartily in “Pure Coffee”.

I was impressd the men in the long robes and the ladies in the burkhas pushing strollers together.  The cliques of vieled women venturing into Emporio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana (there must not be a name designer store on planet Earth which is not presently or planning to be in Dubai to take part in this present and future cash dispersment circus while according to internet sources there are currently $390 billion dollars of construction projects underway in the UAE* {which includes seven emirates though Dubai is by far and away the major spender).

Lets face it the Dubai Mall kicks Chinese Malls asses.

The forthcoming bigggest mall in the world is the under construction Mall of Dubai while the current largest on in Dogguan China was set to close in July.